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The Importance of Life Science Translation

The Need To Convey Accurate Medical Information

Life science translation services are of utmost importance. Considering the prevalent predicament of the world, the need to convey accurate medical information across borders is becoming crucial. Hence, professionals pertaining to manufacturing, biology, research, and translation have to come together and work to make the world a better place. 

Growth Of Life Sciences Industry

Changes in technology have enabled the growth of the life sciences industry. This growth was a consequence of international research and the inculcation of artificial intelligence in different disciplines of life sciences.

Moreover, the development taking place in medical translation has given rise to more medical translation services. This has improved the standard.

This article will provide information to aspirants looking to offer their translation services in their field of life sciences. 

History of Life Science Industry

History shows that the field of life sciences has witnessed incredible scientific development. Initially, there was a time when there was no significant development in this field. It was treat as one particular domain. There were no sub categories like there are now. 

The Future of Life Science

There are two domains where the future of life sciences look very promising;

  1. Medical Technology
  2. Bio-Pharmacology 

Incorporation Of Artificial Intelligence

In these domains, the incorporation of artificial intelligence will change the course of disease treatment. Inventions will enable new methods to treat a disease. And specifically, the ones that were previously thought to be incurable. These new methods will make treatment more effective and scalable. 

Finding Ways To Prevent Diseases

Once the cycle of inventions and methodology initiates, it will change the direction of medical treatment. All the medical firms and research centers will divert their attention towards finding ways to prevent diseases.   

Diminishing Costs And Time Taken On Research

The life sciences sector is being developed. Ultimately, it will decrease costs. And the turnaround time for research will diminish as well.  The fact that data algorithms will enable medical companies to integrate information from all around the world on a single platform, will decrease the hit and trial errors. The massive network will promote the development of the following instruments;

  • New and effective medicines that can provide instant reliefs
  • Medical issues will be identified by new medical devices. This will be done before people actually experience the symptoms. 
  • Softwares for integrating medical information that would be analyzed automatically by the operating systems. 

Stem Cell Therapy Is The Future

Moreover, the advancement made in stem cell therapy and genetic engineering can cure diseases like:

  • Polio
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis
  • Various other skin infections

Types of Medical Translation

Following are the most common types of medical translation;

  1. Document Translation

Some of the documents that form part of medical translation include;

  • Medical research files and documents
  • Documents required by airports security if a patient is traveling for operation purposes to another state
  • Vaccination information required by states from tourists 

1. La belling Translation

Labeling is basically done on pharmaceutical products. They have to be precise and accurate. If even an iota of error or mistake is made, it can destroy the reputation of the pharmaceutical company and can cause severe legal issues. 

2. Technical Translation

There is no denying the fact that medical professionals are in a constant process of learning new developments being made in their respective industries. 

Hence, the information needs to be translate for these professionals in their respective languages. This main includes course books and research material. Hence, they are associate with technical translation.  

The Significance of Life Science Translation 

The purpose of this article is to explain the significance of medical translations. And how medical translation services are contributing to the life sciences sector. So let us discuss that.

New Services 

The world is interconnected.  The magnitude of the interdependence of world communities has led to the establishment of state-of-the-art services. These mainly include;

  • Telemedicine allows professionals to give medical care to people all around the world.  
  • Medical experts can also monitor the condition of their patients remotely.
  • Virtual clinical trials

Restructuring Healthcare System

What these new advances will do is they will diminish treatment complications for patients. The world’s healthcare system will be restructure.  And more importantly, all the relevant stakeholders will, including the patients and the officials, benefit as well.

Bridging Knowledge Gap

The translation aspect will bridge the knowledge gap between the advanced countries, that have an amazing medical portfolio, and the third world countries that are unable to progress their medical industry due to lack of knowledge, funds, resources, and technology. 

Right Man For The Right Job

Life science translation services acquire those professionals that are not only experts in their fields, but also possess sound translation experience. Because expertise in a particular area does not guarantee that the professionals will be able to transfer that information or data in a foreign language. One needs professional translators with sound experience and knowledge of the language preferences of the target audience. 

Consequences of Mistranslation

Mistranslations can lead to severe consequences. 

These consequences may include;

  • Loss of time
  • Loss of money and other human resources
  • Patients lives

Let us give you an example of what consequences might a mistranslation lead to;

Practical Example 

In Germany, a hospital had to perform knee surgeries twice because the medical documents were mistranslate. And this was not a one-time incident. There were forty-eight other instances when knee surgeries had to be perform several times because of the discrepancies in the original medical documents and the translated ones.  

Zero Tolerance

Such mistakes can lead to a person being not able to walk again. Therefore, mistranslations cannot be tolerate. It is better to review every case and assume what might be interpreted by the target audience. So, you will significantly reduce the chances of errors and severe consequences.

The Right Choice

In the case of Germany, if the professionals had taken the assistance of life sciences translation services, the results would have been different. And the story of those 48 failed knee surgeries would have been different. 

Only Localization Firms Can Do The Job

Only localization firms have the human resources time and money to translate difficult medical information for the market. It’s important to understand that every market is different. Hence, the process of translation cannot be the same for everyone. 

In this scenario, localization agencies can acquire those professionals with relevant industry knowledge and languages experience of that target audience. They will help the agencies to accurately translate the data into the languages of their choice. 

Dependency of Pharmaceutical Industry

The importance and dependency of the pharmaceutical industry on chemical translation services are crucial, especially if they are planning to expand their business offering to other markets. The international market will require translation of labels and medical information such as important information about ingredients, usage, and legal issues. Translators and experts can do this.

Hospitals do not have the time and luxury to do this by themselves. And pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, do not have the resources to perform medical translations. Hence, taking assistance from medical translation services is the only option left. 


Professional life science translation services are the future leaders of medical translations. 

They will provide the most accurate and specific translations, equipped with efficient machine translation software that can translate huge amounts of technical information within a few minutes. 

Hence, if you are looking to expand your medical research or want labeling in a foreign language, life science translation services are a one-stop solution for you.  Read more

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