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The Lakers win the LA showdown, LeBron James said, “I just wanted to go aggressive”

The game difference between Lakers and Clippers is 6.5

On July 30, when the NBA resumed, the Lakers won the “LA Showdown” against the Clippers with 103-101, with Lebron James making the final shot with 12.8 seconds remaining.

LeBron contributed to the team’s victory by recording 16 points and 11 rebounds and 7 assists. In the fourth quarter remaining 28 seconds, Clippers’ Paul George scored a three-pointer and was able to catch up, but LeBron drove a shot from the middle in an unstable position as he had a possession. Although the shot missed, he rebounded and sunk the final shot.

“I just wanted to go aggressive. I thought I had been fouled by Marcus Morris, but the whistle didn’t ring. I was told when I was a kid, “Because the whistle didn’t ring, keep playing.” I was able to make a shot,” LeBron recalled of his last big play.

Anthony Davis, who was in danger of participating due to eye injury, showed a play that did not feel the influence of injury at all, recording 34 points and 6 rebounds. In a post-match interview, he said about the match in “Bubble”, “It was no different from the usual match. Both teams fought hard and I think it will be more fun if you get used to it. It’s decent as the first match.”

In the defeated Clippers, George scored 30 points and Kawai Leonard scored 28 points. He was leading 11 points in the middle of the third quarter, but then he was taken over by the Lakers onslaught. “There were too many mistakes to strangle himself,” Clippers commander Dock Rivers lamented that he had scored 29 goals from the turnover.

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The Lakers and Clippers regular season record is now 2 wins and 2 losses. However, with this victory, the Lakers widened the game gap with the Clippers to 6.5 and made a step toward the West Conference No.1 seed acquisition.

Vogel, George and LeBron change their position and collide

Also note the relationship between the two head coaches and the superstars who have created the contrasting team. The Lakers commander Frank Vogel has raised the once-ace George-based Pacers into a strong force with hard defense and teamwork. However, in the playoffs, even in close-fighting situations, the team’s offense was thoroughly practiced rather than George’s individual skill, and as a result, he lost to LeBron for three consecutive seasons.

On the other hand, Dog Reverse, who leads the Clippers, has the experience of defeating LeBron in the playoffs during the Celtics era, but since coming to the Clippers, while finishing the season with good results, a team focusing on individual skills As if to show the limits of the playoffs, we have not advanced to the conference finals. You will change your ace and challenge your team tactical rivals.

From Vogel’s point of view, he will aim to win with a team tactic that puts Lebron, which was a wall that could not be overcome, in the ace. George, who was unable to bring the Pacers to victory as the ace of his team tactics, is going to defeat the team with his head coach and rivals who fought together under the reverse of individual skill.

The fact that superstars have repeatedly transferred makes it important for the individual ability to shine even in different tactics, and it is becoming more common for each to change their position and compete against each other. How far can the two teams in Los Angeles, who have not been competing in the playoffs, win with contrasting tactics, and which will win if they win the conference final? The challenge for both sides to win the NBA begins with the clash with LA rivals.

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