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Home Improvement

The Magical Effect of Paint to Spruce Up Your Home!

There are some million ways to spruce up your home! But we say painting is still the major transformer. It makes the uneven surfaces perfect, provides a smooth texture to the walls and the magic of colours can be just the mood changer! Basically, if you are too bored of your casual looking home but don’t want to shop or prep for the entire home décor upheaval, just go for painting the place. The best shades, the distinctly unique patterns, and the classy finish is the biggest game-changer.

Transform Your Home Magically With Paints!

Yes, the above lines are true and a nice coat of paint is all you need to intensify the beauty of your home. But remember, this finishing and magic is totally dependent on the expertise of the interior painters in Auckland, Hire Kowhai Painters for a perfect paint job in your home. Their years of experience and unmatched expertise yield unparalleled results. And to know how you can transform your space magically with paints, read on:

  • Start with your Entryway — Your entrance should actually be the trailer of how awesome your house is going to be from inside. Invest sometime to think about the spectacular shade that will glorify your door! Drop the boring brown, black and whites and opt for bright and glossy finishes of yellow, red or purples. Let this shade bring a huge smile on your face as you enter your home each time. Pro tip – Get the borders stencilled in smart geometrics with contrasting colours to stun your guests.
  • Create a Unique Catchy Accent Wall —The accent wall in a solid colour is passé. Make it more magnetic by adding patterns, textures, or designs to make the wall look dramatic. Stencils, stripes, or simple geometrical patterns — the choice is yours, but the joy of seeing this wall daily will be shared by all.
  • Let the Ceilings Speak — Who said that the ceilings should only be plain white or beige? They can be as versatile as your walls and can also be designed to make its presence felt. Try borders in dark hues of blue, red, grey, or green and make the centre look vibrant with blushed palettes.
  • Contrast the Kitchen — Ok, so you even want the kitchen to change its attire? No issues! Just opt for contrasting shades of paint rather than picking up a single one to adorn your cabinet doors and kitchen walls – see how your kitchen comes alive!
  • Make your Exteriors and Interiors Seamless — Why to treat the exteriors as an outsider? Let the deck or patio gleam with a nice coat of paint, the roof look like new with a refreshing layer of colour, and the colours on the exterior walls complement your overall décor theme.

So, did we even turn a leaf over? No, we didn’t. Nothing but the paint. But still you will see that your entire house seems to be a new magical space! So, are you still questioning the power of a good paint job in your home?

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