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The Polished Concrete Guide | Policrete 

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials that can be used for various construction applications. While concrete is sturdy, it does require the right maintenance to look its best. polished concrete floors act as a durable, smooth, and beautiful flooring option. This is partly because of the aesthetic appeal that it has but also because of the benefits that come with polished concrete floors.

It comes in so many colors that you can create the appearance of stone, marble and slate without the cost or maintenance. There are many options available that can fit any budget. When it comes to concrete flooring, the most popular choice is epoxy coating, specifically epoxy polished concrete. Concrete is a popular material that is used for a lot of applications, from ground flooring to driveways. Find out what makes polished concrete so popular by reading our blog and learning about the following.

Are you ready to begin that next venture?

High-end Polished Concrete offers a vast selection in timeless floor options suitable for commercial and residential spaces. We take pride in providing the highest quality of service and quality to make sure you are completely satisfied with the polished concrete flooring you have chosen.

Select from visually stunning and low-maintenance polished concrete flooring choices in Melbourne. Our experienced flooring experts will make sure that the job is thorough efficient, effective, and finished with the highest standard. We specialize with polishing concrete and are proud of our dedication to excellence and work to create the highest quality flooring possible.

Polished concrete flooring can create an incredible visual impact and you cannot deny it when it comes to selecting the best flooring for your business or home. Look at our work and gain a greater comprehension about the options for concrete floors that we offer to you.

What exactly is Polished concrete?

Polished Concrete is a concrete flooring that is chemically treated and crushed to create smooth, shiny surfaces with increasingly finer diamonds. Polished concrete has become an appealing option for commercial, residential industrial and industrial areas in recent times because it is easy to clean and maintain in addition to being cost-effective in comparison to other flooring alternatives.

Although some homeowners might choose to polish their floors themselves but most of these tasks should be done by professionals with the right equipment and experience to ensure you meet the goals you want to achieve. In this article we will discuss several types of concrete flooring as well as the process for getting polished concrete flooring along with the advantages and disadvantages of polished concrete, as well as the diverse types of polished concrete commercial flooring options.

Policrete has the expertise and equipment to offer a variety of concrete polishing Melbourne services.  

We also provide grinding and seal services, as and floor removal of any kind. We are proud to offer various professional and efficient services for commercial and residential properties. With cost-effective and quality results to be considered, we will give that you will get the perfect result throughout the day.

The concrete flooring experts can handle small-scale home jobs to commercial large-scale projects, focusing on quality work and quick finalizations. We are equipped with the most advanced equipment and tools needed to deliver top-quality results for our clients. Contact one of our knowledgeable staff today to discuss what we can do to help you achieve your concrete polishing ideas come to life.

There are endless options in the present time when it comes down to making new polished concrete mixes. They range from making use of standard grey cement and the basic aggregates all up to mixing gray and white cement with color pigments, and employing a wide range of top-quality aggregates found throughout Victoria. Policrete’s powerful blend of original and striking looks, made by combining the durability of concrete, and the uniqueness of Australian stone, provides the perfect choice for modern but classic driveways, pathways as well as outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Polished Concrete looks clean and Stays Clean

In addition to its visual attractiveness, Polished Concrete is extremely easy to maintain and keeps neat. Simply dust it off and clean it with warm water, and it is appearing as beautiful as it did the day it was polished. With our wide range of concrete mixes that are polished and many aggregates, we can allow our customers’ imaginations to fly. In addition, it retains its unparalleled strength and durability for which Polished concrete is highly sought-after It is also able to be created into designs and shapes that are impossible to achieve using any other material.


Policrete has a team of highly trained professionals provides the highest quality of workmanship, along with personalized service. We combine this with the very latest in concrete technology and equipment, to ensure that all projects are completed efficiently, on time, and to the highest standard. Policrete is expert in pouring and polishing concrete in Australia. We work with concrete flooring companies to create and repair concrete floors in their homes and businesses. We have been involved in several projects and would like to bring you some interesting stories about our work.

Policrete has a knowledgeable sales team are more than willing to walk you through our collection as well as discuss ideas you have with us. With our unparalleled depth of expertise in the creation of custom concrete mixes with polished finishes we are sure to provide an ideal idea for you next venture. Not just for flooring purposes Concrete polished is also employed to build amazing barbecue benchtops and fireplaces basins, and much more!


Can concrete be polished? 

Any solid concrete floor regardless of whether it is old or new can be polished. There are a few instances where it is not possible, such as with floors that are brand new, no special mix design is needed to get satisfactory results. Warehouse and retail facilities who are planning for polishing their flooring following the installation could specify floors that are as smooth as is possible to minimize the polishing steps needed.

What kind of concrete is used to polish? 

The complete aggregate flooring finish requires grinding deep to create the strongest concrete polished flooring.

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