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The Process behind Making a Custom Design for Digital Letterhead Printing

A letterhead design can make or break your design game and improve the communication barriers between your clients and peers. However, finding the perfect design or deciding on what should go in your template is a hard job do. Hence, working with a digital letterhead printing company can help you understand this.

Deciding on a single design is hard since establishing your brand’s identity can take time. That is why this blog post is going to help you craft the perfect letterhead for your business in Singapore. 

You will find out how to find the design that suits you, what your ideal template should look like, and what steps you should take to customize your letterhead. 

So, without further delay let’s get started. 

The Process behind Making a Custom Design for Digital Letterhead Printing 

Before we get into the process and the dos and don’ts of creating your letterhead, let’s first understand how a letterhead can help you. The top digital letterhead printing techniques are great to implement a custom design for your letterhead. 

What is a Letterhead?

A letterhead displays the idea or motto of your brand or business through a printing design on paper. For the most part, letterheads are only used for printed letters. The best offset printing company in Singapore can help you make the perfect letterhead design and print in bulk for you. 

However, in some cases, businesses can only use these letterheads for conveying important messages. 

For example, you can send regular emails to your clients, but only send in physical letterheads to close a deal when the work has been delivered. That means letterheads are mostly used for higher official communications only and prints are a result of digital letterhead printing.  

Your letterhead should include some elements such as:

  • Your business name
  • The address of the company
  • Your official email address
  • Any contact details
  • The motto of the brand or business along with the logo
  • A minimal background design

The main idea is to put the essence of your brand at the front. The essence here refers to the services or products that you offer in your business. Placing that part in the center increases your chances of better branding. 

Since now we know what a letterhead should look like, let’s take a closer peek at every step and discuss all the possible elements that you should include in your design. 

Focus on Branding

The first step you should take before finalizing your design is to decide on a logo, brand colors, and fonts. All of these collectively are known as branding. You might have seen different brands use this idea. It helps to set you apart from your competitors and establish a name for your brand. 

The best offset printing company in Singapore uses this element very seriously. It is important to establish a recognition of your brand through letterheads, which is why working with an experienced digital letterhead printing company is vital.

You can also use online tools to draft the perfect logo for you. Hiring a logo designer can also prove to be beneficial for you. Once you have the branding part aside, you can focus on the other parts of your letterhead design.  

Letterhead Styling

You can look at other letterhead designs for inspiration and decide on what the styling for your letterhead should look like. You can choose from a range of styling formats for digital letterhead printing that include:

  • Classic palettes
  • Elegant designs
  • Illustrative 
  • Minimal designs
  • Colorful designs
  • Monochrome palettes
  • Shades of different hues
  • And much more

There are tons of options to choose from, but the end result would depend on what you want and what the motivation behind your brand is. For example, if you choose a simple design that goes for a minimalistic approach, you might want to look at what services you’re offering. 

That is because digital letterhead printing is not only limited to getting the perfect print, there are tons of other elements that go into the construction of a great design. 

All the elements should settle in harmony with each other in the designs. That means everything on your letterhead should complement each other and go hand in hand. For instance, if you run a painting shop, and include a minimal design with only two or three colors on your letterhead, it will not suit the nature of the work that you have. 


The most important part is your template. It brings the entire thing together and gives a full impression of what your business offers. There are tons of letterhead templates you can choose from several online forums, but it is also important to research your options before deciding on a single one. 

The top printing companies in Singapore help you make the right type of template. You can also choose to design a letterhead entirely from scratch since by now you know what you have to include in the design and what elements should you leave out. 

Choose the Colors

The colors in your design have to suit your brand’s ideology. For example, a monochrome palette with a minimal design would suit a basic business well, since you have to keep things professional. 

But, if you own a jewelry shop or some other store of the same niche, it is important to include vibrant designs that catch the eyes of your clients and the people or sponsors you work with. However, remember to not go overboard with the design and keep it simple too. 

Content Placement

The placement matters a lot, for content that is. Your content should be well-placed and follow a hierarchy. Digital letterhead printing gives the best outcome for printing the content in the right manner. For example, the hierarchy of the content that you would include would be something like this:

  • The name of the organization or the official
  • A footnote that includes all the contact information
  • The signature of the brand or the official

You can also make small tweaks to the hierarchy in the content, but this is what the output should look like at the end. Always remember to place the organization name in a bigger font to keep the visual hierarchy aligned in your digital letterhead printing design. Moreover, if you work for the best offset printing company in Singapore, the turnout can prove to be better for your business. 

Testing your Design

After checking off all these elements in the list, it is important to test the design of your letterhead. Place content in your letterhead design to see if it fits perfectly. Also, make sure that none of the background designs or colors overshadow or overlap the content. 

You would want everything to be perfectly placed and presentable. Content that is not readable due to mistakes in the design can easily put your client or peer off and the whole idea behind the letterhead will be ruined. Therefore, working with the best offset printing company in Singapore can help you tremendously in deciding what goes where.  

The Best Offset Printing Company in Singapore

Finding a solution for all the problems associated with designing your letterhead can be easy if you work with the right type of team. At the One Printer, we make sure to comply with all your printing needs. 

We help you design a stunning digital letterhead from scratch and also give you the liberty to choose a template from existing ones. That gives you an idea of what to expect from the design. You can also make tweaks to the original design and implement them on your letterhead.

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