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The Right Time To Start

You must be wondering about starting your preparation at the right time. Other than waiting for the right time you should start searching for the test in your area that is according to your year of study. Due to the current situation, parents will not allow their children to go somewhere and take classes so to have feasibility at your place, getting home tutors for 11 plus preparation would benefit all of the children who want to study.

Before that, you contact someone to provide yourself as much variety of study and material you can to provide you knowledge of courses around you and to prevent yourself from boredom. If you are not getting a specific place then start studying from home and use different websites to teachers’ cells at a good place with productive resources and unique learning styles.


What parents can do for their child is that they can evaluate their child in what category they are good at. After this, they can ask around if someone is getting the same courses from somewhere so they can get their child admission over there. 11 + preparation you should have qualified and experienced teachers that would teach your child and enhance the learning and study skills.

You can help yourself in a way that you can practice the past papers of 11 plus preparation if you don’t want a go somewhere or do self-study. 11 + preparation is not easy to score but if you think you can study by staying at home then you can help yourself by practicing past papers which is the key tip Dubai for yourself and let you study on your own.

In 11 plus preparation they are structured courses that I am made under the supervision of qualified and experienced teachers. And the organization that is helping out in 11 + preparation knows what to give to the students and ones who want to seek help.

If you are concerned about the cost then depending upon your course choose a single subject may cost you around 20 pounds to 60 pounds to cover the complete process. This course to study is more effective than the price of books.

The 11 plus preparation is specially designed to nurture and polish the learning abilities of the students in the most efficient way with all specifications required for the selection in any grammar school.

Get the preparation in summers as well

Other than wasting your summer holidays, you can get yourself prepared for the test by practicing all the revisions to score better and pass the tests of the grammar schools. The learning of children involves small groups of children to let them enjoy and learn in space and different environments. The registration process is simple as well. You have the accessibility to either register online or by visiting the place. From average to the above student, all are encouraged to apply.

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