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The Shaheen Bagh Story-How The CAA-NRC Was Brought Down?

How Modi Govt Has Climbed Down On CAA-NRC

Our country remains divided into fragments when it comes to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). A band of courageously outspoken women has taken to the streets of Shaheen Bagh to protest against the CAA for their rights as Indian Citizens. These anti-CAA protests go on unabated and increase despite active resistance by the ruling party. The current administration has been put under immense pressure by the rising disagreements in the country’s scenario. Even our Prime Minister Modi had to invalidate his Home Minister Mr Amit Shah publicly.

The CAA-NRC plan had not considered individuals from particular nations and specified communities as illegal immigrants. It means to let go of numerous unresolved and unsettled cases against these individuals and clarify a way to become Indian citizens by naturalization.

It was one of the primary objectives in the BJP manifesto for its 2019 election campaign. Mr.Amit Shah, former BJP president, announced and highlighted on Delhi Samachar that when elected back into the central authority, the BJP administration would bring about the implementation of the CAA after that the NRC. Last Year, during the campaign for the Lok Sabha election, the BJP posted an audiovisual clip of Mr Amit Shah emphatically emphasising and requesting the Indian Citizens to understand the chronology of their upcoming project for the CAA-NRC.

The CAB was to be implemented; first, wherein all refugees from several countries would get citizenship. The NRC would have been prepared after the CAB. The illegal immigrants and infiltrators without documentation would have to worry about this, not the refugees. 

The Minister of Defence, Mr.Rajnath Singh, also supported the same views of Mr Amit Shah during the campaign for the Jharkhand election. It was declared on ETV Bharat Delhi News on December 1st that the NRC would be implemented all over the nation. But protests erupted all over within two weeks of its implementation.

The war chest of these protests was headed by the youth and females of the Muslim communities. Shaheen Bagh then became a representation of the protestations being made not only against the CAA but also started symbolising the negativity towards the Modi administration. All the media sources paying such unique notice to this issue all over the world makes it even more challenging to resolve this issue.

PM Modi attempted to cut off the link between CAA and the NRC project all over India. It was after receiving public criticism and disapproval from the general public through social media and Delhi Samachar channels with regards to CAA. There were even numerous cases about police action taken against protesters at several places.

On being asked questions regarding the same, it was found that the Government had not reached any specific conclusion regarding the preparation of the National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC).

It all happens after our Prime Minister Modi called the dissents at Shaheen Bagh a mere conspiracy, even stating that the anti-CAA oppositions happening in Delhi cannot be termed just a coincidence. He called them an experiment to dismantle the peace of the nation and hinted at the blame at the doors of Congress. He implied that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party might be using this situation as a vote bank to further their political agendas.

But AAP won in Delhi, and the protests continued until the recent coronavirus scare. Will it be correct to infer that these protests at Shaheen Bagh were a success? That may or may turn out to be that way in the end, but currently, they reflect the dissatisfaction of the Indian public towardsPM Modi’s policies.

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