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The Significance of Electrical Preventive Maintenance

While every subcontinent is under a blanket of snow and enjoying freezing points in temperature, you can only understand the essentiality of electricity at that time. Being an industrialist, you should ensure that every appliance and industrial devices are well inspected and perfectly maintained against major electrical faults.

It has to be done by performing electrical preventive maintenance periodically. It helps in preventing the appliances and devices from the electrical disaster which can occur anytime without giving any alarm.

Why you should go for electrical preventive maintenance?

Throughout the winter, the power consumption of most industrial setup becomes extremely high due to the necessity of keeping the entire building warm. Moreover, they have to continue the operation of the devices as well for ensuring maximum productivity. By considering the current economic system, unit managers and facilities are also looking for efficient ways to drag down the power consumption and expenses under control.

Now, let’s check what the key reasons to opt for electrical preventive maintenance and the benefits you can enjoy for the electrical appliances from below.

Some impeccable advantages of performing electrical preventive maintenance

  • It resists the electrical shorts from resulting in major fire breakouts

Most of the electrical fires are caused due to short circuits. Generally, it happens when a heap of wires gets overloaded with the electrical power and causes an imbalanced load. Later, it results in the occurrence of extreme heat explosions or accumulations.

  • It detects the loose connections

A loose connection can result in electrical fluctuation in the appliances and influence them to work erroneously. It also causes an imbalanced distribution of power within the wires and cables.

  • It identifies the hot running devices easily

Certain electrical components like cables, bearings, transformers, switches, and motors become hot during functioning because they are going to fail down completely soon. Systems of predictive electrical maintenance such as Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, and Infrared Thermography along with general maintenance such as regularly scheduled lubrication help in avoiding such immense failure.

  • It ascertains unusual discoloration, smells, and noises or dust accumulation

With the help of the physical inspection stressed motors, corrosion due to dust and melting insulation can get detected easily. As progressively any of these can lead to electrical accidents only a physical inspection helps to stay away from such hazardous conditions. Moreover, any minor electrical faults can get fixed in their initial stages by an appropriate as well as a systematic approach.

  • It monitors each signage displays, power indicator, and emergency lighting

The faulty equipment of safety monitoring can lead to serious electrical accidents. Therefore, regular checking of every electrical component is crucial.

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  • It extends the lives of assets

If the assets are not maintained properly then, more energy will get consumed to perform a small amount of work and reduce its lifespan. Excessive wear and tear will also accompany it at the same time.  

  • It helps in minimizing the equipment loss

Frequent electrical preventive maintenance measures definitely lower down the replacement necessity of several electrical devices due to certain electrical faults.

  • It avoids the unexpected downtime

Unexpected downtime results in little or no production by gradually alleviating its rate. In the end, it will lead you to bear the unpredicted expense of capital asset replacement and the cost of emergency labors. Therefore, the lack of proper electrical training can adversely affect the company’s profit.

  • It saves energy greatly

Energy consumption will be optimal if the designed equipment is compatible with the expected parameters and maintained perfectly.

  • It ensures liability and safety as well

As safety is the most important factor so, it is relevant to opt for consistent electrical maintenance. It helps in minimizing the probability of serious accidents, injuries or death to a great extent.

Frequency of initiation of electrical preventive maintenance service

At an interval of every 3-5 years, the entire electrical system inspection must be conducted periodically by an expert and approved electrician in London. Even the personal belongings should be checked based on the manufacturer’s instructions or experience and industrial training in a favorable environment.

Most of the preventive maintenance service is performed with the help of CMMS software aptly. It is an ideal companion for conducting and recording comments, results, and activities.

A set of electrical PM comprises inspection of the entire electrical system. It includes the following:

  • NEC Code Compliance
  • Shutdown Systems
  • Lighting
  • GFCIs
  • Examining the cooling and heating units’ function
  • Ensuring the exact position of the lock-out tags
  • Checking of panel boards
  • Reviewing new installs and work orders for uniformity and compliance
  • Assessing PLCs’ proper function
  • Re-Torque Connections

Prime PM electrical tools

The task of electrical preventive maintenance can be conducted with the help of certain technological tools. But the right tool will be determined based on the accessibility and type of the assets along with its location.

The inspection must be performed as per its consistency and planning. All you have to do is to ensure that the job is conducted by a licensed as well as an experienced electrician.

Some of the common and famous tools available to perform Electrical Preventive Maintenance are given below:

  • CMMS/EAM tool is important for maintenance management. It helps in scheduling every form of predictive and preventive maintenance for project outsourcing such as tracking vendor’s documents, work orders, and inspections.
  • Reliability-driven maintenance procedures and CBM
  • Training and PLC are used for monitoring the types of equipment used from lighting fixtures to assembly lines. Therefore, it covers multiple output and input systems, electrical noise, wider ranges of temperatures and lots more.

Apart from these, other systems and procedures are also there such as Laser Alignment, Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, and Ultrasonic Analysis. All of these have an integral role to play for maintaining the health of the machinery and keep it in a smart and good working condition.

Every electrical company has its own set of assets and types of machinery to perform this inspection. Though rarely, yet not every organization requires the same specific electrical tool kit to perform this inspection.

Hence, as the owner, it is your responsibility to know the key electrical components of your commercial space and choose a recommended electrician in London accordingly. Before hiring them, make sure that they have the most suitable systems and tools which are required to perform the EPM in your organization for proper maintenance of the assets.


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