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The Solitaire Ring – A Best Engagement Gift for Girlfriend

The solitaire ring is probably the best-known form of diamond ring and at the same time a classic engagement ring. Find out how this ring got its name and why its gemstones sparkle so effectively. If you want to express your love for your chosen one with a ring, you will discover a select selection of dreamlike solitaire rings in our article. In addition, you can expect completely new, sensational solitaire collection.


Which woman does not like to wear a diamond ring on her hand, especially if it symbolizes the love of a very special person. A real diamond ring classic is the solitaire ring. The ring got its name from the French term solitaire (loner), which means that the ring band only adorns a single gem.

That is probably the main reason why the solitaire ring has established itself as a classic engagement ring. This one gemstone (usually a valuable brilliant cut diamond) figuratively stands for the fact that the loved one is just as unique and precious for the giver

If you have decided to make an application to your girlfriend with an engagement ring or want to give your partner a very special gift, the solitaire ring is usually the ideal choice. Due to its simple elegance with only one (usually large) diamond, it develops a symbolic power that, especially on important occasions, such as marriage proposals, allows the heart of the recipient to be suspended in a positive sense. You can get ring from Bespoke Forever

Since the diamond forms the heart of the solitaire ring, but its value is difficult to assess for inexperienced users, we want to give you a transparent insight here. Please understand the following text as a small diamond crash course in order to find the right one from a wide range of diamonds.

Diamond is not the same as other stone

Before you start looking for the antique engagement rings London at a jewelry store, it is important to make one thing clear: diamond is not just diamond.

The engagement rings London is a natural product and as such is always unique. Even two similar stones from the same expression are therefore never identical. Especially when buying jewelry – and this cannot be emphasized enough at this point it is therefore extremely advisable to look at each stone in nature before buying it.

Because although the diamond market is very transparent and many certificates (such as GIA) meanwhile increase the security of the stone valuation, most of the factors for evaluating the price are based on subjective judgments.

So be sure to have the real diamond shown before you buy and explain it through the magnifying glass. An imitation diamond (also called zirconia) can never reproduce the natural brilliance and its effect in the ring.

But what do you have to watch out for when you look at a diamond through a magnifying glass to understand its value?

Basically, the value of a diamond is defined by its so-called 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.


The most famous factor in determining the value of a diamond is certainly its weight, which is measured in carats. As a rule of thumb: the higher the carat, the higher the value, whereby the one-carat (with good quality of the other 3Cs) is a sound barrier, which is usually only broken after several years of marriage and is intended to express the appreciation for the partner. In the case of engagement rings, however, the usual weight of a diamond is usually between 0.30 and 0.50 carat


Diamonds are natural products and as such are rarely perfect. Many stones have so-called inclusions, which, if they are visible to the naked eye, appear as black dots inside the stone, because the light refracts differently here. To include this peculiarity in the value of the stone, the Clarity factor is used, which ranges from magnifying glass (IF) to coarse inclusions (P3) and gradually measures the purity of a diamond. As with the Color factor, you should also rely on high quality for the Clarity factor in your solitaire to get the sparkle of the stone. It is therefore not advisable to buy a stone under (SI quality).


The last of the 4Cs stands for the cut and describes, in addition to the type of cut (e.g. brilliant, princess or cussion), the implementation of the cut.

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