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The Telltale Signs Telling You or a Loved One It’s Time to Go to Rehab

Did you know that over 20 million Americans struggle with some sort of addiction?

If you or a loved one have a habit that’s difficult to kick, you’re definitely not alone. But when that habit starts to affect your life in negative ways, you have to do something about it.

One of the most common options to help someone overcoming an addiction is to go to rehab. However, knowing when is the right time to seek this sort of help can be tricky!

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the signs that you or a loved one should go to rehab.

You’re Seeing Physical Health Changes

A lot of people who enter a drug rehab facility go in once they’ve started to notice physical changes in themselves. This doesn’t mean you’re a little shy of optimal health, but that the health consequences you’re seeing are quite serious. For example, if you’re starting to experience kidney or liver problems from alcohol, it’s time to seek professional help.

You’re Struggling to Maintain Relationships

Addictions can change how you function and it’s not uncommon for relationships to suffer. If your loved one is becoming withdrawn or you’re experiencing a loss of relationships yourself (such as fighting all the time, not being interested in talking to people etc.) it’s a sure sign that an inpatient drug rehab or alcohol rehab center is needed. Sabotaging or simply ignoring relationships can indicate very serious issues and should never go unchecked, especially if the person has an addiction.

Your Addiction Comes First

If you or your loved one will do anything to satisfy your addiction, it’s time to seek residential treatment. As soon as addiction comes before all else and you’ll do anything to get hold of your substance and maintain your intoxication, your life is in jeopardy. Your personal health, relationships, and even happiness have taken a backseat, and that isn’t the sign of a healthy person.

Your Life Goals Have Suffered

Did you or your loved one have ambitions that you’ve stopped working towards? Those suffering from addiction who stop trying to progress at work or school, or who actually start moving backwards, are in trouble. They need help to battle their addiction and they need it as soon as possible.

You’re in Debt

A lot of people who suffer from addiction end up doing all sorts of things to pay for their habit. If you’re struggling for money because you’re spending it all on a substance, or perhaps you’re even in debt because of it, then your addiction has likely become overpowering. Seeing someone struggle for money to feed an addiction should be a red flag that it’s time to get help.

How to Go to Rehab

If you’re worried about yourself or someone you know who is suffering from addiction, it could be time to go to rehab. Substance addiction is always serious and, without help, it could end up spiraling out of control. If you need to enter rehab, the first step is to reach out and ask for help either from someone close to you or from a professional facility.

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