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The Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Offering Fruit Juice in Your Restaurant or Café

If you’ve been running your dining establishment for a while, then you have most likely heard of juicing. Who knows, one or two of your diners may have already asked you about fruit juices and whether you serve them in your café or restaurant. Many people are definitely getting into juicing in a big way, not just because of its health benefits but also because it’s delicious and refreshing. You can even make juicing a top offer on your menu, particularly with a range of smoothies to delight any palate and quench any thirst. But it’s not just a trend that will go away soon – in fact, the trend for fruit juices is fast becoming a standard, not just in hip bistros and cafes, but even in your regular neighbourhood restaurant. Here are the other top reasons why you should seriously consider offering fruit juice in your restaurant or café.

The benefits to your establishment

A lot more people are becoming health-conscious nowadays and trying to live a better lifestyle with the proper diet, exercise, activities, and so on. If you want to take advantage of this renewed focus on well-being and health, then offering something healthy and ‘guilt-free such as fresh fruit juices and smoothies can put you at the top of the list in many consumers’ minds. You can even start offering a complete selection of smoothies and juices and make it a substantial part of your menu.

  • Get some excellent feedback and attention

When you start offering such an alternative to soda, coffee, or just plain old water, your establishment can quickly get noticed. Word gets around, after all, and customers are quick to tell friends, family, neighbours, and even acquaintances about something they liked in a particular spot or establishment.

  • A compact, portable product that’s easy to make

With fresh juices or smoothies, you also offer your customers something portable and easy to bring along or consume in-house. Additionally, it’s a compact and practical product that’s easy to prepare, especially if you get your supply from organic fruit juice concentrate suppliers like EE & Brian Smith. That’s right – you don’t have to cut up the fruits yourself; you can already order your fruit juice concentrate from your supplier, and they will deliver it to you packed and ready to make.

The benefits to your customers

The benefits to your customers are quite obvious as well – not only will they get the nutrients and vitamins from fruit with your fruit juices and smoothies, but they can also have something they can easily consume whilst walking around or travelling from one place to another. And since fruit juice is loaded with nutrients, those who drink it will feel fuller and more refreshed than if they were to drink mere soda or a so-called ‘power’ drink.

If you start offering fruit juices or smoothies on your menu, you can go even further – you can have it served in-house, as a takeaway, or even in bottles. Even more than this is the fact that you can get truly creative with your fruit juice offerings, from mixing it with other healthy ingredients like chia seeds and flax seeds, spirulina, and more, or combining it with veggies for that great yet subtle kick of vitamins and minerals.

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