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The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Strategy For You In 2021

Instagram is not just for sharing your selfies and memes with your friends. It’s a good social media platform with a lot of entertainment value and scope for marketing. Anyhow, coming up with an effective Instagram marketing strategy could be a bit of work.

Identifying demands, gaps, and other aspects could take you a little while to get around if you don’t have much experience with Instagram generally.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you need to have a strong social media presence and Instagram is currently one of the best places to start.

So without any delay, let’s move into it.

2021 Instagram Marketing Strategy Tips You Can’t Ignore

From your profile picture to the bio, and everything you do on Instagram, it’s all part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Here you will learn how to get started with marketing your business on Instagram in no time.

Work on the First Impression

When someone visits your profile, they notice a few things, not in chronological order:

  1. Your username
  2. Your profile picture
  3. Your bio
  4. The aesthetics of your feed

Now the username and profile picture are normally business names and logos but other things can be a bit fun. However, choosing a username without any special character or hard words could help your profile be remembered by the visitors.

Coming to the bio, you have to use it in such a way that it goes along with your brand image. However, there is no need to be so stuck up and formal about it. You can use slang, have emojis, add some sass, and get creative with it. It works best for the businesses targeted towards the younger generation.

Most importantly, your bio has to tell the visitors how your business can add value to their life. This now leads us to the aesthetics of your Instagram feed.

You have to make sure that everything you post on Instagram matches your brand image. Try to find the color scheme and theme of the posts that go well with the kind of services or products you are offering.

Always Tag Location

One of the most overlooked parts of Instagram is the location tag feature.

If your business is in a specific region or locality, you have to make sure that all of your posts have location tags to them. For instance, if you are managing an Instagram page for a Chinese B2B marketplace then adding the location of China in your Instagram posts can help your post reach more people in the specific region. This is a good way to organically reach your target audience.

It also makes it easier for potential customers and consumers to find your Instagram profile as well.

Creative Captions Capture Attention

You can create stunning Instagram images and videos but what about the captions. A lot of people fail to use the power of captions to engage their audience.

You don’t have to just leave the caption area blank just because you have created a good design. You can talk about what you have posted, you can get creative with your captions, or you can also start a conversation with your audience.

For instance, you can post a question in your Instagram feed and redirect it to the audience asking them for the opinion or the answer. It can be a poll or a survey or just a fundraiser. But hey, make sure that it aligns with your brand image.

Continuing with the captions, don’t ever forget the power of hashtags. You can use up to 50 hashtags in just one caption but it is recommended to use anywhere around 20 to 30 different hashtags. The hashtags make your post invisible to the invite audience as well as boost it to the explore page of the Instagram application.

Keep an Eye on the Competitors

The last tip in our ultimate Instagram marketing strategy is evaluating the competition.

This is nothing new, you can learn more from your competitors than you can learn from your peers. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting on Instagram make sure to analyze the top dogs of the industry that you are working in. Read their moves; how they make their brand stand out, and how it works out for them. All of these things can help you create a strong brand image for yourself and save you a lot of the trial and error phase.

You can learn from their mistakes and avoid the mistakes that they have been making or they have made in the past.

Saves are Actually Important

Instagram keeps changing its algorithms to stop spamming and automated functions. Currently, the save option is the most valuable thing on the platform. So make sure that your content provides value that your audience might need later as well so they would save it and would view it in the future.

Ending Note

And that’s all to the Instagram marketing strategy guide for you. Remember to keep learning and evolving because Instagram changes its algorithms and requirements every now and then!


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