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The Ultimate Ways to Save Pennies during the Pandemic

Every dime counts, especially when you are facing the pandemic. A large number of people are working on a pay cut, and some are facing redundancy. The economic situation is so dull and hopeless that many people have been trying hard to land a job since the pandemic broke out.

When money is tight, you will try to adjust here and there to save a few pennies. You may not find it worth doing because it saves very little money, but many a little makes a mickle. Whether you are on a pay cut or you are dipping into your savings, you should be extremely careful about your spending this time.

Unexpected expenses can come up anytime, so you should have some money set aside. Although you have an option of taking out personal loans in Ireland, you may not be able to qualify for the loan.

What if you have an emergency and do not have savings and lenders do not approve your loan application? It might be challenging to save a certain amount of money when you are on a pay cut, but you can save some of your money by below-mentioned ways of pinching pennies.

Say no to food wastage

In the findings from a survey published by the EPA revealed that food wastage is the primary concern in Irish people. 54% of participants confessed that food waste is a big problem to handle. The most common item thrown into the dumpster is bread followed by vegetables, fruit and salad.

However, 62% of people also told that food wastage is high because they forget to eat leftovers on time. The survey found that Irish households waste food about 250,000 tonnes that cost at least about €700. If you are one of them, make sure that you carefully plan the quantity of your meal.

  • Make a list of items to buy before you go to the market and make sure that you do not buy any item that you do not need.
  • Try to consume things sooner that have expiry dates due in a short period.
  • Try to use leftovers the next day, so you do not end up dumping them into the trash can.

Stop using a tumble dryer

When you use a tumble dryer to dry clothes, it adds a lot of units to your electricity bill. On average a tumble dryer uses energy between 1,800 watts and 5,000 watts. If you wash clothes daily and use the tumble dryer every day, total units will be about between 40 and 120 per month.

If you stop using tumble dryers, you can save a lot of money. Instead, you should hang clothes to dry. If you cannot hang it on a cloth line, you should use a cloth stand. If you do not have much space outside to dry them under sunlight, keep them inside and dry them under the fan.

Whittle down on entertainment

When it comes to cutting back on entertainment cost, you often think about limiting your visits to clubs and all, but home entertainment means can also eat up a lot of your money. While you have a cable connection, you also use Netflix or Amazon Prime. It means you have several entertainment sources but do you need all of them?

Do you think it is wise to use all of them? Are they very cheap? If you cut your cable connection, you will find that you do not need at all. You will not miss it because you are habitual of watching your favourite shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Stop using bottled water

While a gallon of gas can cost you around €3, a gallon of water will cost you around €10. Now you must have understood bottled water is much more expensive than gasoline. You may avoid tap water because it is not drinkable due to the excessive amount of pollutants.

Well, nobody is asking you to drink tap water directly. Have a purifier and use that water. Bottled water is nothing but filtered water, so you can do it in your kitchen by installing a water purifier. A water purifier will be your one-time investment, but you will be able to save a lot of money in water. In case you cannot buy a standard purifier, you should take out bad credit loans in Ireland.

It is not surprising to have a tight financial condition during the pandemic. If you are on a pay cut and have been made redundant, you will naturally not be able to stick to your saving goal, but you can still save some pennies by following the tips mentioned above. It is not too complicated to save money in such ways. Unless the economy bounces back, you will have to be merciless with your spending.

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