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The Value of digital marketing

You will understand the value of digital marketing when you understand that it is a gradual and evolving process. In fact, its success is due to daily renewal. We already know of future professions and even advice on how to follow the habits of market leaders.

How does the consumer act? Users now have access to all information, anywhere and anytime, which is why it is so difficult to reach and attract them. It’s not impossible though.


The value of digital marketing these days

What is the importance of digital marketing ? What does it cover? Can you define its essential characteristics? Why should we venture into this vast world?

You have surely been trained in the famous 4Ps: product, price, distribution ( placement , in English) and promotion. That said, constantly renewing yourself is undeniably the key to digital marketing success . It’s not a myth and that’s why everything is changing. Thanks to current innovations, you can perform all of the following actions:

  • Measurement , Knowledge of digital marketing and its applications has the advantage of complementing and greatly simplifying the measurement of strategies compared to more traditional strategies.
  • Ability to personalize, Digital marketing is the tool that has made it possible to achieve the high levels of segmentation and personalization that we know.
  • Give visibility to your brand . Get to the top results on Google. As you know, a brand that is not on the Internet is a dead brand.
  • Capture , retain and retain customers more effectively.
  • Increase sales.
  • Build a networked community to humanize your brand and create closer, emotional connections with potential customers.
  • Adopt different strategies, different channels and evaluate which ones work best.
  • Not having major investments to make.

All of these features are backed by the most specific digital marketing data as well as the latest statistics.

Do you know about digital marketing?

To define the value of  digital marketing, it is necessary to explain several strategies that what is the value of digital marketing so, tools and channels to bring this concept to life. In fact, this type of marketing encompasses all the actions or advertising strategies carried out in different media and Internet channels.

This term originally appeared on web 1.0 pages, as a translation of traditional media advertising to early websites. It was, however, as you can imagine, very different from today.

Advertisers were content to broadcast their messages to the public. There was no bidirectionality in the communication process. Now, on the contrary, one-way communication does not appear in any strategy.

Everything changed with the appearance of web 2.0 and the possibility of easily exchanging content on social networks. In other words, today we cannot define digital marketing without talking about the feedback that consumers give to brands, and vice versa. The main ingredients of digital marketing are:

1- The website

We also don’t understand what a company’s digital marketing is if it doesn’t have a website that serves as its showcase to the world.

Indeed, a professional website is essential to gain the necessary trust of the user. For this, you absolutely have to think about the user experience, to make it perfectly simple and intuitive.

One of the great challenges of digital marketing this year is precisely to make the user experience a priority.

2- The corporate blog

As the study on content marketing in Latin America and Spain points out, only 15% of companies are unaware of the importance of digital marketing. However, 60% of them prioritize creating a blog , investing 32% of their total budget in content marketing.

Do you know what digital blogging is? Do you know the scope of the tools?

  • You improve your referencing in search engines.
  • You increase traffic.
  • You make your site more important to Google.
  • You generate more leads. As you can see in the infographic, brands that frequently create and share content on their blog attract 67% more leads than those who don’t.
  • You give credibility to your business;
  • You humanize your brand;
  • You give added value to your website;
  • You are loyal to your customers;
  • You generate participation, authenticity and differentiation;
  • You can also monetize your blog to generate more income.

3- Referencing in search engines

Working on your positioning in search engines or referencing ( Search Engine Optimization , SEO) makes it possible to be automatically found by users when they search for a product or service in search engines. Why ? Because you appear in the first results.

If you want your website to rank well, you need to consider different factors:

  • The structure of the web page itself;
  • An effective link building strategy;
  • Ease of use ;
  • The content and how to display it, i.e. the different formats;
  • Of course, the choice of the right keywords that you want to associate with your website.

Ideally, in this case, keep in mind the various tips for SEO and.

4- Display advertising

Another channel that will help you understand digital marketing is undoubtedly advertising, whether on search engines with Adwords or on social networks.

You could say that, of all digital marketing strategies, this is the one that gets results faster.

5- Email marketing and SMS marketing

Email is one of the first channels used for a digital marketing strategy. Be sure to double opt-in and make sure the user wants to receive your messages and you can get great results.

The best advice is to follow the recommendations and tips to optimize this channel.

Besides, SMS is a channel that can be combined with emails for better results. If we look at the statistics, we understand that launching strategies by SMS is an excellent idea.

Its advantages are multiple, think in particular of the fact that 90% of users understand that SMS marketing programs allow them to have access to advantages that they would not otherwise have. Consumers are therefore receptive to these communications.

6- Social networks

It is now necessary for your brand to be present on the main social networks used by your target audience. It allows you to build community, build emotional connections, and humanize your brand.

Additionally, these channels are ideal for creating brand ambassadors who speak highly of your business and recommend it.

7-Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing is a process of spotting influential profiles on social media in order to use that power to promote a product or service. The characteristics of the most powerful influencers are as follows:

  • They have a great influence on your potential customers;
  • They also have a significant following on their website and a strong social media presence;
  • They may report close ties with the brand;
  • As experts in a given subject, they enjoy credibility and trust with their audience.

However, the most important thing is that users believe in their recommendations. In affiliate marketing, on the other hand, a business partners with affiliates (bloggers, publishers, businesses, organizations, etc.) to promote its brand.

These two tools, used for the same purpose, have differences. We advise you to learn how to use each strategy to its proper extent.

Now that you have a clearer picture of digital marketing, you can get started. If you want to get started but are having trouble with a strategy or channel, count on Digital Marketing Agency Lahore . We are performance marketing specialists and we can deploy your strategies to achieve the objectives of your choice.

Digital Marketing is now more important

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change for marketing departments like never before, and all indications are that changing customer expectations and the complexity of marketing strategies are here to stay.

Therefore, the global health emergency has also brought about a greater recognition of the difficulty and importance of modern digital marketing, as well as its effectiveness when done correctly.

In June 2020, 62.3% of companies surveyed believed that the importance of marketing had increased over the past year, and this figure rose to 72.3% six months later (CMO Survey).


Talha Fakhar

2BTech is a Digital Marketing Agency Pakistan that is known for its authenticity, quality of work and dedication. We have been in business for a while now and have experienced working with different types of business. We have worked on different kinds of projects, but one thing that has been constant throughout all those projects has been our dedication and commitment towards customer satisfaction. Our customer testimonials speaks volumes about the quality of our work. We have worked with different kinds of businesses and helped them reach there potential.

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