The Value of Social media as a communication Tool

The Value of Social media as a communication Tool In the Era of Digital Marketing

The Value of Social media as a communication Tool In the Era of Digital Marketing

With the advent of the digital marketing era, the importance and importance of marketing using CRM and existing advertising media (TV, newspaper, radio, magazines, etc.) are decreasing, while using social media, The importance of communication of experiences and sharing concepts is growing. That is, for consumers, the concepts of Reality, Experience, Authenticity, and Life Share are becoming very important. Due to this change in marketing tools, the importance of social media is increasing recently.

Looking at the trend of using social media, 78% of adults check email on mobile, spend twice as much time on social media than email, and 24% of adults write opinions or online reviews on products and services. , 78% of Internet users search online before purchasing a product.

In addition, in the case of mass media-centered marketing, it was difficult to accurately measure the advertising effect, but as the digital marketing era advents, the effect on digital marketing activities can be measured, making it possible to establish and execute more effective marketing strategies.
As a result, PR and marketing costs are reduced, and a PR and marketing environment is created that can increase the effectiveness.

Then, I will tell you about promotion and marketing using social media, one of the most important communication platforms among digital marketing.

Importance of Social Media

Most PR and marketing managers vaguely recognize the importance of social media, but they have questions about how to use it in practice and whether it will be effective if it is used for marketing. To those who have doubts about the effectiveness of marketing using social media, the first thing I would like to say is that major customers evaluate and react to your brand, service, and product through smartphones and online. Is being shared through social media.

In addition, it is difficult to effectively understand and respond to rapidly changing customer reactions, market reactions, and market trends through conventional surveys, FGI, and AHP, and as an alternative, digital marketing using social media is growing in importance.

It is important to analyze and monitor social media right away to improve marketing performance, but it is very important to understand real-time customer reactions and customer trends mentioned by many unspecified customers about service providers. In the light of an individual, it means that you need to listen to the majority of the testimonials you are talking about.

Local Companies on Social Media

It is believed that domestic companies and public institutions are making various attempts for marketing using SNS.

However, due to the nature of SNS, technical limitations such as sentiment analysis for images and videos, especially Korean, and the quality of analysis of experts are deteriorating, it is not possible to use SNS effectively, and SNS is being used that relies on the sense of marketers. It is not that there will be something vaguely on social media, but data collection and analysis/monitoring should be performed with accurate analysis and monitoring purposes.

For example, depending on the purpose of analysis, the channels in which customer reactions and emotions are shared (ex. DC Inside, specific cafes, etc.) will be different, and the data collection method (ex. keyword, URL, ID, etc.) will also be different, and the method of analysis will also be different. It has to be different.
This means that it can be difficult to find desired marketing insights simply by analyzing the amount of buzz and analyzing related words through morphological analysis.

The biggest difference between analysis and monitoring of social big data from existing market research methods (survey, AHP, FGE, etc.) is that real-time analysis and trend analysis through time-series analysis is possible, and those who use mobile and web However, it is possible to analyze and monitor all data on web/mobile. Sometimes, there are doubts about the quality of social data or the existence of desired data, but this is a matter of how to funnel data that meets the purpose in a huge amount of big data on social, and it is a matter of analysis. It is inappropriate to do.

Lastly, I will tell you about some issues that need to be resolved among the domestic social big data analysis and monitoring services.

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