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The Wonder tale to Giant Teddy Bears

Often do we hear that the best snoozing comes with a big-sized teddy! It is no hidden secret that these soft furry toys can heal a disturbed soul. Psychologists and therapists have been suggesting their clients a giant teddy bear to combat various psychological problems. If you’ve had the chance of growing up with one such toy. Then only certainly you would realize how beautiful and fun-filled your childhood and teenage days were in their ever-smiling shadows. The compassion bestowed by a teddy’s presence is purely unconditional.

If you are an arctophile then you’ve landed at the right place as in this blog, we will weave together some really interesting information related to the boo bears, right from their origination fable to the DIYs to maintain their fluffiness and smile forever! So, here begins the engaging Teddy tootle…

How were they born?

The birth of teddy bears is a fascinating tale. They are named after the twenty-sixth president of the United States of America who is also known as Teddy Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt on his hunting trip to Mississippi repudiated to shoot a tied bear as a memento to the trip. During the same timeline, a political dispute over the Mississippi border was prevailing, and the cartoonist, Clifford Berryman used the expedition incident of Theodore to mock the then-political scenario over Mississippi.

This humanitarian gesture of the president was then intensified by New York’s shopkeeper who hung two small bear-looking soft toys that were stitched and sewn by his wife as a display of his shop. Now, these casually hung soft toys gained popularity and thus the shopkeeper sought the president’s official permission to name them as teddy bears. The permission was granted and ever since then, these cute little softies came to be known as Teddy Bear, escalating their sales year to year. This was the first narrative related to our that took place around 1902.

Parallel to this is the second narrative related to the soft bear toys that happened in Germany around 1903. Richard Stieff designed a furry bear toy under the motivation of his sketched on the bears which he drew while his visit to the Stuttgart zoo. They had names it as Bear 55 PB and It has joined arms and legs.

Combining the two tales that coincidently overlapped the birth of our soft bear-looking playthings, the official phrase “teddy bear” made a space in the English dictionaries in the year 1906, the year when the trading and the sharing of the stories of the birth of these similar-looking furry toys began between these two teddy producing countries. 

That’s how they were finally born and that sure is an interesting birth story!

Cut short to the current teddy bear innovation, we present the celebration of the century-old play buddy by commemorating specific days to this adorable furry boy. Here are some present amusing facts about them…

  • The tallest one is known as ‘Connect the Dreams’ and is 55 feet tall. While the smallest one is just 0.29 inches tall…Aww! Must be such a cute dwarfy to look at!
  • National Teddy Bear Day is celebrated worldwide on 9th September to grasp the importance of their presence in the world!
  • Valentine’s week has a fourth day reserved for our teddies to highlight their immortal love and care towards humans!
  • Until 1954, teddy bears couldn’t be washed! If you are super attached to your fluffy friend and cannot see it suffocate under the dust and smut, thank your stars that you live in the world of nylons and polyesters! 😀
  • The term bear-hug was recorded years before they existed. It was in 1846!

Why are man-sized bears hooted over as therapeutic buddies?

In the ongoing milieu, large teddies have been discovered as the secret healers to our emotional and psychological fixations and we say this based on sufficient shreds of research evidence. It is because…

  1. They are Cent percent, trust able pals, to talk to!
  2. Teddy helps people to clear off their dark secrets!
  3. Act as the guardian angels for those who feel lonely!
  4. Hugs promote a happy heart and they are ever-ready to relax you with endless hugs!
  5. Healthy sleep leads to a harmonious body. Clutching in their furs gives the coziest and sound sleep!
  6. Fluffy bear play inculcates many rewarding human qualities, like interpersonal skills, nurturing abilities, and an empathetic attitude towards everyone. They give us the scope to grow into better individuals.

Missing on companionship? Then grab one for yourself and unburden all the anxieties, insecurities, and fears with the giant furs and smile of the bear plush toys!

We know how possessive we have made you about this ultimate fluffy companion and hence we would give you some outstanding DIYs to keep those paws and furs ever-lastingly soft and shiny. 

  • Washing your teddy bear has to be done cautiously. Some can undergo the hitting and spinning by the machine barrels but many can not bear this. So, always check at the label whether or not your teddy furs can be washed in the machine or not. Even if it can be machine washed, always keep it in a mesh bag or pillow cover it rather than directly putting it into the beatings by the spins and turns. Also, be mindful of the color in which you will wrap them, it’s best to use white to get them out of the washing with their real colors.
    The best is to hand wash them. That sounds delicate too!
  • You can vacuum clean them as well by covering the upholstery nozzle with some gauze-silk, linen, or cotton. Use the minimum suction speed to make them rid of the germs, molds, and dust mites.
  • Baking soda and water is another amazing DIY for a nice and gentle teddy wash. Make sure you don’t hang them with pins clutched on their arms on the wire, they’re too heavy with the weight of water, and hanging like this can wear or tear them. Use a hairdryer or keep them out at a place when sunrays and shade both come, this will take a day and a half for them to dry but that maintains their furs the best. 
  • If your boo bear furs are undergoing an odor problem then use cornstarch powder and baking soda. Dip your teddy in a bucket full of water and add these to it. Shake it for an even soaking in its furs. Take it out and put it aside for 4-6 hours. Let the above two ingredients settle deep inside its fur to fight the bad odor. Wait for teddy get dry, use a soft brush to radiate it back to its normal self.

Ending the Tale

We hope you had a fun time reading some outstanding boo bear stories and facts. These precious furry boys certainly need the best canoodles and care from our sides. They will never demand it but you yourself have to give them the once-in blue moon maintenance to get the best out of those eternal paws and hugs which never fail to leave you disheartened and hopeless in life. 

Giant Teddy Bears teach us the joy of giving and nurturing, growing up with them is the best counseling and fellowship that one can have and for this reason, we commemorate them on every occasion of love and happiness.

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