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These Robots Are A Must-Have At Your Home In 2022

In today’s fast pacing world, robots have grown from being specialized devices in industrial development to helpers in household chores. This robot revolution has helped make our homes cleaner and healthier. We also have health trackers, virtual reality, and voice assistance everywhere. It is expected robots will replace 20 million human workers worldwide by the end of 2030. Automated Solutions Australia has over 20 years of experience in engineering, integrating, and designing robotic solutions Robotics Australia.

Robotics Australia has a skillful team that provides comprehensive, quality, effective designs, and integrated facilities. A lot of sectors have gone robotic such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, materials handling, inspection, and construction. AI and machine vision are coming together to unlock new regions of efficiency and capability. Robots are not just made more advanced and capable, but also human-like. Robots are provided with the ability to detect temperature and infuse emotional cardinality. 

Here are a few must-have robots that bring companionship, convenience, and security to your home:

  • Cleansebot

To keep our homes and family healthy, cleaning things that we touch and use every day is extremely crucial. Cleansebot claims to use UV-C light technology to clean different types of materials, including fabric. This compact robot is a perfect solution for cleaning curtains, beddings, couches, and even carpets. It comes in handy while traveling or staying in hotels. 

  • Gladwell Gecko Robot

This is a window cleaner, it will do all the dirty work. Say goodbye to fiercely rubbing the window or hauling to a ladder or worse, paying someone to clean your windows. The robot’s function is very simple. The AI helps determine where the edges are and make sure all the glass gets a good scrubbing while the suction keeps it attached to the window. 

  • Aibo

Although there are a lot of robot dogs, Aibo offers the most fun. It learns about the environment and with help from artificial intelligence it can learn your habits to fit in with your home and family. So yes you get a lazy robot dog if you are lazy yourself. To make it even more realistic, you can also feed him with an app that will come running to you at the sound of treats if you shake your phone. Aibo is a robot that provides us with true companionship. 

  • LEGO Education 

To build a child’s social-economic needs, learning through play is essential. LEGO creates an illusion of playfulness while teaching essential skills in science, technology, and innovation. With the help of LEGO education, your children can take a step further and make their robots that teach coding, problem-solving and creative design.

  • Vayyar Home

Vayyar Home uses radiofrequency to tell if someone has fallen in the room. It can be used to monitor small children or the elderly. This robot even sends an alert as a caution in case of suspicion. In addition to fall detection, it also sends an alert for nighttime wandering and helps track sleepwalkers.


Robots have become smarter and more autonomous in the last two decades and are expected to be around us a lot. Robots not only save time and money, but they also prevent many accidents. Thanks to the presence of prominent brands like Automated Solutions Australia, we can now access multi-functionality robots. 

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