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Things That You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning may sound like a simple process for industry outsiders. But for cleaning professionals, it is nothing as easy as it sounds. Almost any cleaning task can be done in various ways, and carpet cleaning is no exception to the rule. Customers are likely to ask all kinds of questions about assignments that may fall outside your usual scope of service. Also, they will expect some sort of recommendation.

In this article, you will read about the things that you need to know about carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Most individuals refer to this as “steam carpet cleaning,” but an entirely different industrial process refers to that term. For most carpet fibers, real steam would be way too hot and could harm the carpet very badly. With these materials and textures, just as a wool sweater or velvety fabric can shrink or get fuzzy in the wash, so steam can hurt carpets. Also, artificial fibers can simply melt because the steam is very hot for them.

Therefore, so-called carpet steam cleaning is really hot water extraction cleaning. The machines that they use for cleaning hot water extraction spray, heat water onto the carpet while sucking it up simultaneously. In the process, the dirt gets away from the carpet. Adding cleaning chemicals to the equation can produce better results, but once again, when choosing chemical agents, you must take into account the type of carpet fiber.


Preconditioning helps to loosen up stubborn dirt. Also, preconditioning agent selection depends on the fabric of the carpet. When working with synthetic fiber carpets, a Carpet cleaning company applies alkaline solutions. On woolen carpets, they choose a mildly acidic solution like diluted acetic acid. Now, they can use a scrubbing machine to work the preconditioning agents into the carpet.

Finally, the hot water extraction tool rinses out the preconditioner together with all the embedded dirt. If the detergent you are using has a high pH, woolen carpets will need a final step. This will make the texture of the carpet rough and scratchy, but with an acetic acid solution similar to the one you used for precondition, the problem is easily overcome.

Carpet Cleaning Mold spores

Carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mold. When mold develops on a carpeted surface, it has everything it needs to spread.

The key is moisture, and carpets typically have a high moisture content. In hot climates, there is even more moisture for the mold to utilize. Another important carpeting point to know is to recognize that carpets near bathrooms and basements are the most likely places for mold to grow.

If you are looking for mold on your carpet, you probably won’t be able to find it on your own. To uncover it, you usually need a professional assessment. However, if it is left undetected it can spread and cause health problems.

Mold can trigger allergies in people who visit your home. Most of the time these symptoms are related to breathing difficulties, patches of discoloration on the skin, or the common cold.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that mold can affect you through the production of dangerous mycotoxins.

Extraction and drying

HWE cleaning requires a lot of water and can leave the carpet damp no matter how strong your equipment’s suction force is. The final drying process is critical because on natural wool carpets it’s important to prevent mold growth and you don’t want permanent brown watermarks. That means good air circulation, and one needs to use fans or dehumidifiers often, too.

Extraction and drying processes go hand in hand, and to find the right mix, requires practice and good equipment. You want to get as much dirt out of the carpet as possible, which suggests a relatively high flow rate, but they need to dry the carpet reasonably quickly, which may mean using a lower flow rate, particularly for thicker carpets.

Vacuum Wash as a Basic Alternative

Vacuum cleaning systems, like carpets, can operate on all surfaces. The water is sprayed onto the surface by a wash-head and it is drawn back up almost instantly. This is a fairly simple cleaning device and can not treat highly soiled carpets, but for light cleaning, it is perfect, does not abrade the pile, and does not leave the wet carpet.

Dry Cleaning Methods

Various cleaning methods have been developed to limit the problem of damp carpets. Some of them are not 100 percent dry, strictly speaking. You might say instead that they are “drier”. A professional from Carpet cleaning services will help you in choosing the right method.


Not only will a professional cleaning of the carpet make your home look nicer and brand new inside, but it can also help extend your carpet life! Another bonus is that removing allergens that hide in a carpet’s fibers, it creates a healthier environment.

In the grand scheme of things, carpet cleaning is relatively inexpensive. From $25-&75 a room, you can expect to pay anywhere. Ask about special deals if your next carpet cleaning is booked in advance. On the other hand, for your review, good carpet cleaning companies will have all their licenses and certifications ready. Be sure to check their online reviews as well and ask for references.

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