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Things To Know About Buying Property In Hvar, Croatia

Before you plan to buy a property in Hvar, you should know the following tips to get started

Hvar is one of the famous islands in Croatia where people love to settle in. It is a nice place to buy private property because the weather is pleasant and the region is culturally rich.

But before you plan to buy a property in Hvar, you should know the following tips to get started.

Difference Between Foreign And Croatian Citizens

There are certain differences that you should know between Croatian citizens and foreigners regarding buying a property in the Croatian islands. These are as follows:

• Residents of the EU can buy properties in Croatia except for some restrictions for agricultural lands.

• Foreign nationals outside the EU can also buy properties in Croatia under the principle of reciprocity and the buyer needs to get approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice.

• In case a foreign buyer has a legal and registered company in Croatia, they can buy property in the Croatian islands.

Plan Your Budget Factor –

One must set a proper budget before buying a property in Hvar. it is a luxury place to settle which means you need to spend a good amount of money to buy a beautiful property. And once you know your budget you need to find the professional real estate agent for choosing the best property.

Property Type –

There are various types of residential properties available in Hvar, Croatia. All you need to do is figure out your taste and preference. You can buy a villa, stone house or even a small cottage house. There are also modern apartments available in Hvar.

Check Documents –

You must check the legal documents of the property you choose to buy on Hvar island. It is the first step towards commitment and it will also help the buyer to negotiate. Legal documents are necessary for the acquisition of the property and to create a new contract between the buyer and seller.

Get Help From Agents –

You can hire real estate agents to help you pick the right property in Croatia and also settle all the queries regarding documents and the cost of the properties. They can also advise you on the best location, right property, home loans and paperwork. You can rely on a reputed Hvar, Croatia real estate agency to guide you through the process of property buying.

Learn About The Owner –

Before you buy a property in Croatian island, you need to learn about the property owner. Make sure you talk to the owner and clear all your queries and doubts before signing the contract. Also, you can get adequate information about the particular property and its owner if you hire a skilled real estate agent.

Communication Facility –

Your property should be easily accessible from the main hub of the island. It should not be far from the basic requirements such as schools, hospitals and marketplace. You can research about Hvar region with the help of online real estate portals or your agent can help you.

To know more about property buying guides and choosing the best property in Hvar, Croatia, you must consult with an agent that has experience and knowledge with the Croatian real estate world


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