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The old medina of Fez:

The royal city of Fez is located north of the Atlas and quickly became one of the most popular destinations in the Morocco desert tours. Not entirely undeservedly so, because Fez has a beautiful old city full of surprises. The yellow ochre medina is a labyrinth of streets where time seems to have stood still. Streets are just wide enough for a donkey with a cart and around every corner, a new surprise awaits in the form of a mosque, market, or museum. Getting lost here is inevitable, but it turns out to be the best way to get to know this special place and its lovely inhabitants. Wondering what to do in Fez? In this blog, I share my tips and recommendations for the best things to do in the heart of this Moroccan City of Kings.

1. The various tanneries of Fez

When you get close to one of the tanneries in Fez, it’s still hard to miss it. Vendors of leather goods are eager to welcome you to their rooftop. It’s one of the busiest sights in Fez for a reason! Here you get a wonderful view of the colored baths where the leather hides are softened or given a new color.

Of the two tanneries I visited, I can recommend Sidi Mussa (photo) the most. This tannery is located a little bit out of the Medina of Fez, but is well worth the search. There, you’ll get a great view of the hard-working craftsmen and be informed in French, Spanish, Italian or English about the work going on below you.

After you’ve pinched your nostrils on the roof terrace – pigeon droppings are used to soften the leather, and that can be quite smelly… – you descend into a gigantic department store full of leather goods. Don’t want to buy anything? Then give a small tip as a thank you for the tour.

2. The Bou Inania Medersa

Among the narrow streets of Fez, you would never expect it, but there are some gigantic treasures hidden behind all those facades!
One of them is the Bou Inania Medersa.
A Medersa is a former Islamic school. A few decades ago the brightest students were trained here to become jurists, imams, or other dignitaries. Fortunately for tourists, these old schools are no longer in use and fully explorable for all travelers.

Now, like me, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture and fine interior of this lovely building. Mosaics brighten the space is bright and sober colors, while beautiful carvings elevate the gates and other passageways into precious works of art.

3. Explore Fez from the heights

Fez is gigantic, and you can only really grasp the true magnitude of this metropolis if you also view the royal city from a height.
You can do this from a roof terrace in your hotel or Riad, but the most impressive view, in my opinion, is from the hills that lie just behind the city. Near the Gare Routière (the central bus station) you get the best views of the royal city!

Fez is beautiful during the day, but towards sunset, this Moroccan place becomes truly enchanting!

4. Bab Mellah, the Jewish Quarter

Fez’s Jewish Quarter is a short walk from the old Medina, but it gives you an insight into the full history of this vibrant city.
The Bab Mellah in Fez was the first Jewish quarter in the Morocco desert trips. After WWII many of its inhabitants fled to better places, but to this day there are still many Jews who live together with Muslims without problems.
Be sure to visit the Dahan synagogue and the Jewish cemetery (you can also see them from the roof of the synagogue). It is nice to see how different the architecture of this population is compared to the dominant Arab architecture and culture.

5. The Royal Palace of Fez

The Dar El-Makhzen or Royal Palace of Fez is located just opposite the Jewish Quarter. It used to be the residence of the Sultan, later of all kinds of government officials and today the Moroccan king also regularly moves into these rooms.
Unfortunately, you cannot enter the palace, but from the outside, it looks spectacular! It is mainly the richly decorated, Moorish gate that walks with all the attention. Don’t forget your selfie stick!

6. The Jnan Sbil Gardens.

Just outside the Medina lies a beautiful paradise hidden away. The Jnan Sybil Gardens are an oasis of calm in the always busy Fez.
This park is beautifully decorated with bright flowers, beautiful palm trees, and a whole collection of cacti and other tropical plants.

The showpiece of this impressive park is the central square, where it is also very pleasant to linger.
Picking oranges, standing on the grass, or trying to cool yourself with the cool water is not allowed! The many park supervisors are better trained than guard dogs and do not hesitate to send a stern whistle in your direction at the slightest violation.

7. Bab Boujloud

The medina of Fez has many beautiful gates, but one that you must have seen is the Bab Boujloud.
This impressive blue gate leads you straight to the heart of the medina. Especially in the evening, it is very busy near this gate, but this also makes for the most spontaneous photos.

8. Explore the medina and get lost

In my opinion, the medina in Fez is the largest in Morocco.
A gi-gan-tic maze of never-ending streets, from narrow to wide, ending in cute little squares or pitch dark dead ends.
The medina is really an attraction in itself and is best explored by spending a few hours in it.
You will always see something new appear which will make your mouth water or which will make you blink your eyes a few times.

Excursions from Fes

Are you afraid you won’t find your way back from the medina of Fez? Or would you like to visit some excursions around this royal city? Maybe there’s something in here for you:

5x Hotels and riads in Fez

There is more than enough to do in Fez to fill a few days. Moreover, the many riads in this city are truly breathtaking and it is definitely worth spending a night in one. Here are some beautiful accommodations in all price categories.

Dar Tahrya

This riad Merzouga is an affordable option that really feels like home with an ideal location right in the center of the bustling medina. The owner of the intimate Dar Tahrya welcomes you with open arms and helps you with everything you need. Start a new day with a traditional and tempting Moroccan breakfast. With fairytale decorated double to six-bed rooms, this accommodation is perfect for friends and couples. In addition, don’t forget to enjoy the formidable views.

Als je hier logeert kan je de oude stad te voet ontdekken. Dar Tahrya ligt immers op slechts een paar meter van twee belangrijke attracties van Fez, namelijk het Batha-plein en de Bab Boujloud. Bezoek ook één van de vele gezellige souks waar je lokale producten en gerechten kan kopen en proeven. Eén nacht in dit budgetvriendelijk verblijf kost je zo’n €36 voor twee.

Menzeh Zalagh Hotel

This large and modern hotel with no less than 150 rooms is located in the modern center of Fez. The Menzeh Zalagh is hugely popular thanks to the many facilities it offers its guests: from a large swimming pool over idyllic gardens to live entertainment. Upon arrival, be enchanted by the large traditional mosaics and huge columns in the lobby. You will also find this luxury in the suites where you have excellent views of the surroundings. So if you are looking for a stay that combines the authentic with the modern, you are in the right place.

This accommodation may not be located in the medina, but there is plenty to do in the area. For example, it is only a five-minute walk from the Borj Fez shopping center. In terms of entertainment, too, you won’t have to walk far. Go dancing at the Broadway Café or visit the American Language Institute. A stay at the Menzeh Zalagh Hotel costs €46 per night in a double room.

Dar Roumana

With its luxurious suites, exclusive dining, and unforgettable views of Fez’s old medina, you probably won’t want to set foot outside Dar Roumana. There is a romantic atmosphere in every room and the floors are covered in beautiful, signature mosaic tiles. The accommodation has a fantastic rooftop terrace, but it’s mainly the in-house restaurant that scores points with guests. It is one of the best addresses in town and you can feast on a mix of Mediterranean and local flavors.

This hotel in Fez is a fifteen-minute drive from the old town which makes it very quiet in the area. If you are eager to explore the center, be sure to visit Chouara Tannery, the oldest tannery in the world where they still work like they did in the Middle Ages. Do cover your nose with a scarf because the smell of leather can be quite intense. You pay €85 for one night in Dar Roumana in a double room.


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