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Things you should know before buying an air hockey table

Air hockey is a fast-moving and interesting sport that needs a unique and special skill set and a practice so as to win. No doubt, it is of great enjoyment for people of every age and the game right away uplifts one’s mood.

Now, what’s the core gadget required for this sport?

Well, an Air hockey table. An air hockey table incredibly resembles a pool table, however in reality it is very different from it. Let us know about the different types of Air Hockey tables.


There are specific forms of air hockey tables available in the marketplace nowadays along with standard air hockey tables, multi-sport tables, Electronic arcade-style tables in addition to various transportable tabletop versions.


Arcade-style air hockey tables are usually the high-satisfactory and highly-priced kind among all. Measuring complete regulation size in length(eight feet lengthy), those arcade-style tables additionally come included with effective blower motors for the outstanding overall performance of pucks. Along with strong construction and structure, in addition, they also feature electronic devices for playing songs and different melodious sound effects.

Arcade-style tables have won a lot of fame, all thanks to their strong heavy creation and outstanding durability. The topmost surface is crafted to be extraordinarily clean and smooth and has mini perforated holes. Below the table, there is an integration of a blower which forces jets of air via those holes. Due to those air jets, an air cushion is created below the puck, making it to drift easily throughout the table. And this is the reason why pucks are capable of gaining excessive speeds. In arcade-style tables, rebound rails at the side of the table are so durably constructed which will promote awesome deflection of the puck.

With arcade-style air hockey tables, it is far sure to enjoy exceptional gaming style and comfort; an awesome preference for every person who desires to revel in multiple games sets for a longer time period. These tables are ideal for putting in restaurants, arcades or corporations to be utilized by the not public, as they could cope with long-lasting gaming hours. However, you need to understand that these styles of air hockey tables aren’t utilized in professional air hockey leagues.


Imitating arcade-style tables in creation, the standard layout air hockey tables are much less costly and do not characteristic any flashing lights, song or digital scoring sounds just like the arcade-style tables. You can get these in various qualities, costs, and sizes. A pinnacle-grade table intentionally made for teens or adults who need to hone their abilities with numerous hours of training is usually highly-priced than a standard air hockey table. The basic layout table with minimum fancy features is the best preference for children and novices who aren’t so eager to spend an excessive amount of time on a table.


Tabletop model of hockey tables are extraordinarily portable and can be effortlessly stored away when it isn’t being used. It is good for people who don’t have sufficient area for putting in permanently full-sized tables. These tables are commonly bolstered with rubber feet so that it can easily stand onto any tabletop, like a sport room table, floor or kitchen table.

Tabletop styles are smaller and extra affordable for folks who need it for the fun of their own circle of relatives. They are perfect for younger children who can not play on a standard-sized table, as with the tabletop model they could effortlessly alter its height to their preferred stage.


Now you know all about the designs, layout, and craftsmanship, however what about tables which might be mainly made in line with the level of skills of gamers? Yes, before shopping for an air hockey table, you must not forget your level of skill to obtain the benefits out of it. Air hockey tables are available in the diverse price range

s and are designed with a particular type of gamers in thoughts.


When shopping for an air hockey table for newcomers or children, it’s not at all important to shop for the mo

st priced version or the only with the excessive features, something minimum or less pricey will do. A table priced much less than $150 is enough for children to understand and learn the sport and play occasionally. These less expensive air hockey tables are commonly crafted from inexpensive and much less durable substances. So clearly, they do not resist energetic and repeated use.

Moreover, they’re additionally liable to wobbling and warping because of low-quality creation. On the other hand, there are nonetheless many producers available who offer good-quality, reasonably-priced beginner-level air hockey tables.


Tables designed for intermediate gamers are large and sturdier in comparison to beginner-stag

e tables. The name tells it all, intermediate tables are made for folks that are but to attain the competencies of experts, however, have pretty much mastered a few of the abilities. If you have got a huge area for

 set up, pick up a 7-foot lengthy table with much fewer add-ons and features.

For smaller spaces, you could choose a small table with considerable features and add-ons. Keeping your finances in thoughts, use your discretion to select among those choices. Take note that a 7-feet lengthy table usually provides a polished smooth surface and is much less likely to get dents or scratches, which may be pretty irritating and inconsistent to play.


Advanced-stage air hockey tables are made with pinnacle-quality substances and features expert or arcade-style layout and design. Such tables have a sufficiently spacious and extraordinarily smooth surface for smooth gliding of pucks.

Moreover, the side rebound rails of these tables are crafted to be sufficiently thick and robust for specific deflection of pucks. For the ones who are seeking intense durability from an air hockey table in order to serve you for a very long time period and bear rough use, absolutely choose such Advanced-stage styles. Even though these tables are costly enough, for professional players it might turn out to be a long-term investment.

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