This Is Why Your Ecommerce Store Is Not Ranking In Google

Understand The Basic

The revolution of e-business is at its peak. It doesn’t matter in which country you are; you will surely find an e-business brand selling some of the useful stuff in its different regions. But the question arises, is it enough to have a professional ecommerce website development? Well, the answer is no. You cannot expect a good return unless you start promoting on various levels. You can see giant brands like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, Grofer, etc how they do the promotion online. So the next question is how will you start this? It all starts with search engine optimization. It is a technique that optimizes your online presence and brings your business at the top of the search engine result pages.

SEO In Ecommerce

Be it SEO for Fashion in Delhi or SEO for Grocery in India, your search engine ranking is impacted by a number of different things, it could be what you are selling, where you are selling and how you are selling. Being one of the most important parts of digital marketing, one needs to follow some of the important steps to get the anticipated results.

Factors Responsible For Ranking

As per the experts of search engine optimization, article content and user behavior are two main categories of SEO ranking factors. It has been seen often that people usually ignore the second one and focus on the first one.

What Else We Can Do

You can work on these below-mentioned suggestions to improve your search engine optimization –

Bounce Rates – Bounce Rate calculates the number of people has exited your site without moving to a new page. Increased bounce rate can be an indication that either your site is not working properly in terms of functionality or you are unable to impress your visitors. If the Read length indicates how interesting a post is, the bounce rate measures it for your site.

Speed of your website – Put your feet in the shoes of your customers and take a test on how fast your website is loading? It is important that your site is loading at an appropriate time because it is one of the crucial search ranking factors. Tell your ecommerce website developer to check the loading speed and solve this type of problem.

Navigation is important – It is yet one of the factors that accelerates the rate of bounce in the webmaster. It doesn’t matter whether previously mentioned factors were under your control. But with incorrect navigation, you might lose your visitors.  If people stay on longer, it tells Google that your mission is accomplished.

Focus on internal linking – It has been observed a lot of times that most of the people do not bother to see interlinking. Ignoring this often leads to a drop in the ranking factor. Try to make a link between your important blogs and most visited pages. By doing this, you can attract crawlers to crawl your website.

Length of blog & articles – There are plenty of questions that come in mind such as how long should your blog posts be. Firstly, keep one important thing in mind that length and duration comes later, but it should be better and more informative so that it would get maximum engagement and attention. Keep these things in mind –

  • Answer any follow-up questions that people may have
  • Meet the promise of the item right at the start
  • Explain what take you to the solution
  • A basic structure that will help to add length to your post without being fluffy:
  • Complete your answer
  • Expand the answer; Give details

Sonu singh

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