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This Magnetic Screen Lets You Enjoy the Fresh Air Without the Bugs

Many times when people make upgrades to their home, it ends up being some sort of cosmetic adjustment that aims to make some element of their home look better and to raise the property value. But it is very important to add changes to your home that have practical benefits and make life easier for you and everyone you live with.

When it comes to making updates to our doors, the first thought is to have doors that seal off and entrance and exit to where we live. But with magnetic screens, it is all about protecting your home when your doors are actually open. These doors are useful no matter what climate you find yourself living in, but even more so when living in a warm region that experiences high temperatures on any given day where it is common to leave doors open,

Find out how you can enjoy fresh air without having bugs becoming an unwanted part of the experience when you install a magnetic screen door.

What is a Magnetic Screen Door?

Installing a magnetic door screen is an appropriate way to maintain your home’s ability to remain free of unwanted insects and bugs. Magnetic screen doors can be defined typically as doors with a mesh-like material that have magnets on the edges that are strong enough to create a seal around the door frame.

A magnetic screen door uses magnets to be attached to the frame and can be quickly removed. But the service that these screens offer you is their way of preventing bugs and dirt particles from entering your home and becoming a problem.

Easy Installation of Magnetic Screens

If you are the last person that you would rely on to pull out the toolbox and execute home improvement projects, then you will be happy to know that this type of magnetic screen door is an installation that even an inexperienced individual can get up and running in no time at all. Even after they are up, you can take these screen doors down whenever you wish and put them back up at a later date with next to no hassle at all.

As far as the actual installation is concerned, there are no drilling holes or use of a screwdriver required. You simply attach these screen doors with magnets in doorways that measure in the size range of 38 x 82 inches or less, and they work well with single doors, patio doors, sliding doors, and even doors on an RV.

When you need a complete enclosure during winter, you can still use these. For people that are renting their place of residence from a landlord that understandably doesn’t want to put in your own doors, these magnetic screen doors won’t leave any unwanted damage or alterations to the doors that are already there and are expected to remain as is.

Simple to Use

These screen doors make it possible to quickly get in and out of the rooms in your house while preventing the invasion of bugs from outside. Being that you don’t have to turn any door knobs to enter and exit these doors, you can be carrying items with both hands and walking through these doorways enclosed by screens with nothing more than a slight touch. Then after you have moved through these doors, the magnetic strips do their job and close the door back behind you. Even your small children and pets will be able to easily use these doors properly.

Controlling the Bugs in Your Home

Magnetic screen doors are not only an easy method of preventing bugs from spoiling your day at home but also an affordable choice. Imagine the relief you will feel when you have guests come over that are allergic to certain bugs, and you have this extra layer of protection in place.

It is also reassuring to be able to keep out bugs without having to smother your living areas with bug spray that could potentially have health consequences. The magnetic strips keep the mesh door closed at all times unless you are passing through it, all the while giving you access to fresh air to make you feel more comfortable indoors.

Enjoy Fresh Air from Outside While Inside

Having fresh air in your home is not the same as having cool air blowing from fans and air conditioning units. The difference is that fresh air has health benefits associated with it, such as being good for cleaning your lungs, strengthening your immune system, and improving your heart rate, blood pressure, and digestive system. Also, you may feel like your mind is sharper, and your energy level is higher when you have fresh air entering your lungs.

Plus, wouldn’t you like to put a little extra money in your pocket during the warmer months by not having to have the air conditioning blasting in your home all day long if you can let a nice and natural breeze blow through your magnetic screen doors during the day?

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