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TikTok Analytics to Vet Before Selecting Influencers

You’ve decided to collaborate with TikTok influencers to promote your brand through social media. That’s great! Even though Instagram influencers are still the most used people in social networks for influencer-related campaigns, TikTok is rapidly getting there.

However, when you decide to search for TikTok creators for your project, how will you determine which one to pick? What is it that makes one creator superior to others? We’ve put together the TikTok analytics you need to consider before choosing your social media partners.

The number of followers

Although the number of followers may not be the primary measure of success for influencers in 2021, it is still important. The follower count of a TikToker can give the user an indication of their reach, or how many people might view the content they post.

Second, the number of followers affects influencer prices. In general, the greater an influencer’s followers count is, the more they’ll charge brand partners for their collaborations.

When evaluating followers, check whether the influencer’s followers have experienced any sudden and dramatic increases. This could be the result of some viral event or a partnership with another influencer that has an even larger number of followers. In the absence of any rational reason, sudden increases in followers might indicate that the influencer bought fake followers.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is a measure of an influencer’s connection to their target audience. If an influencer is able to maintain a high level of engagement this means that their followers trust them and appreciate their content. Because of this, many marketers believe that engagement rates are more important than the number of followers nowadays.

Different marketers measure engagement rates differently. For TikTok, there are some who choose to count views as engagements and others who choose to focus on pure interactions, such as likes and comments. We suggest the latter.

To determine engagement, take the sum of interactions per post, divide that by the number of followers, and then multiply by 100. Repeat this process for different posts to find an average.

If influencers have an impressive engagement rate, this can be leveraged by brands to their advantage in their marketing campaigns. If people place a large degree of confidence in an influencer, then they’re more likely to be interested in the brands the influencer endorses.

Average views per video

In relation to engagement, rates consider the average amount of views per video. This tells us the number of people who view an influencer’s video, whether they’re followers or not. 

To calculate it, simply take a look at the number of views an influencer receives on a variety of videos, and then determine the average.

And remember that you don’t need to follow an individual on TikTok to find their videos. You may be able to see the content of influencers on their home screens or through their Discover page. This is the reason why only looking at the number of followers may be misleading. 

So, when you are assessing the number of people who may see the campaign content you develop with an influencer, take a look at this average together with how many followers they have.

Video frequency and most recent video

It is also important to know the date when an influencer last posted videos. You should select someone who’s currently active on TikTok. Sometimes, life gets in the way and an influencer may not post for a week or so simply because they’re busy or preoccupied. 

However, if you find that an influencer isn’t posting in a couple of weeks or even months, perhaps you should think about collaboration with other influencers. They may have something going on that prohibits them from dedicating time to your collaboration opportunity, or they may have just left social media.

Also, take a look at the influencer’s posting frequency. If they post frequently, like various times throughout the week, it means that your company will be spending less time at the forefront of their profile. In the same way, if they share many branded posts this could mean that your brand might become just another sponsor among many, and their followers won’t pay you any mind.

Quality of content, content category, and style

This point isn’t really analytical since you aren’t able to quantify it or measure it in data. It’s nevertheless worth noting because it’s a crucial factor in deciding on the right influencers to use in TikTok campaigns.

Check out the content of the creator. Does it meet your quality requirements? You’ll want to pick someone who is able to produce high-quality videos. That implies they must possess at minimum basic tools and editing skills.

Furthermore, is their content in line with the brand’s mission? Influencers should be posting in areas that are related to what you do, whether that’s as broad as lifestyle or as niche as gluten-free desserts.

Finally, does the influencer’s style match yours? Are they committed to the values that are important for your business? In order to make your collaboration come to appear as authentic as it can, you must find those whose profiles most logically sync up with your brand.


These are the most basic TikTok analytics you should be looking at when trying to find influencers for marketing campaigns. Whatever method you choose to identify influencers, make sure to put in the time and effort to do this little bit of research to ensure that you’re selecting the most suitable collaborators for your business.

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