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Tips and Tricks Every SEO Agency Should Follow

Besides impacting online audiences, ranking in search engines is essential for individuals and businesses online. To achieve this goal, there is no better technique than search engine optimization.

Times have changed, and more SEO secrets have been revealed. If you’re still struggling to rank, it means that you’re doing something wrong somewhere. It ends here. 

Although there are many top SEO tricks today (some don’t deliver on their promises), we will only cover seven vital SEO tips you deserve to know to rank in search engines.

Launch a Pre-Optimized Website 

Most people only think of SEO as a practice that comes after a website starts running. In reality, SEO should be the foundation of a website. There are many tools – themes, plugins, etc. – for creating a standard website. Some of these tools already come with SEO-enhancing features. Using these tools to build your website puts you ahead of your competitors in terms of SEO. Another exciting aspect of having a pre-optimized website is that some of them are free. Indeed, you can get free WordPress SEO themes if you cannot afford more sophisticated websites yet.

There are several free tools that can help you check your page speed, including Google’s very own PageSpeed Insights; you can learn how to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score here on Semrush.

The tool I recommend for this task is GTMetrix. This free tool provides insights on your page speed and gives recommendations on the steps you can take to improve your load time.

Leverage Backlinks 

Backlinks are an essential tool in gaining the confidence of audiences and ultimately ranking. It goes both ways: you can link to other websites, while others can also link to yours. Thus, it is advisable to link to authoritative external sites with related content. Linking to trustworthy sites helps your audience get in-depth information which also increases the audience’s confidence in the validity of your content. When more external websites link to your website, it helps in link building. As long as a host of healthy backlinks in your niche from reputable websites are directed to yours, it boosts rankings. For instance, encourage vape SEO backlinks if you are in the vaping business. You may need to check the backlinks to your site frequently for toxic links. If you find any, disavow them immediately.

Despite several changes to Google’s search algorithm and ranking system, Google still considers backlinks to be a key ranking signal. Google recognizes backlinks as votes of confidence.

If your web pages have a high number of backlinks, it increases your chances of ranking higher in search results. As a result, it is important that you focus on building backlinks for your website.

That said, not all backlinks are created equal. Some backlinks can boost your ranking for specific search queries exponentially, while others can derail your rankings, which is why you should prioritize authoritative backlinks over other types of backlinks.

Humans First, Google Next 

Many keyword-finding tools provide data on the most searched keywords online. Optimizing content is vital to ranking, yet overdoing it might be catastrophic. While you should have SEO in the corner of your mind, remember that you are writing to inform humans, not a machine. Thus, make sure that your content reads naturally. Nearly 70 percent of search engine queries are about four words long. When you insert keywords, make sure that they are phrases and not just one word. Likewise, using too many keywords or using some keyphrases literally would sound unnatural. That’s keyword overstuffing, and you might incur a Google penalty for such content. 

Metadata Is Vital 

CMS or web platforms for content creators have sections for metadata. Although adding metadata before publishing content is not mandatory, using it boosts SEO. There are two key metadata options you should examine: title metadata and meta description. The title metadata is the title of the page that is displayed in search engines. It can be slightly different from the actual title on the webpage. If you don’t set title metadata, your page tile becomes your title metadata automatically. The meta description is the summary or introduction to the web content that you see below the title metadata in search engines. The first few sentences will automatically become the meta description if you choose otherwise. Using metadata enables you to optimize the content title with keywords and add more information to help your site rank.   

 Use User-Friendly Content 

One of the secrets of SEO is making content user-friendly. People of all ages should easily understand your content. Thus, improve the readability of the content of your website. Use simple terms, definitions, and fonts so that even 5th graders can read the content without help. Producing user-friendly content includes learning about current trends, customer profiles, and general human behavior. This knowledge helps to tailor your content to suit your audience.  

Optimize Images 

SEO focuses on customer satisfaction and user-friendliness more than most other factors. Images make web pages less boring to read. Thus, consider adding images to your content whenever you can. However, you must optimize these images for your site to rank. While images are good, pages take longer to load with them in them. Optimizing images helps to boost the load time and page speed. Lastly, make sure to add the image alt parameters before publishing your content live.

Images play a crucial role in improving the user experience of visitors to your site. Chances are you spend a lot of time selecting the right images to enhance your blog posts, product pages, and other important pages on your site.

But do you spend an equal amount of time optimizing the images on your site? When used the right way, images can contribute to your site’s overall SEO and boost organic traffic. Below are four things you can do to optimize your images.

Site speed is an important ranking signal, and images are often the largest contributor to overall page size. As a result, you need to optimize images for speed in order to improve the overall performance of your site. The first step involved in optimizing images is picking the best file format, so let’s look at JPEG vs. PNG. vs. WebP.

The most commonly used image formats on the web are JPEG and PNG. Both of these formats use different compression techniques, which is why the file sizes between these two can be dramatically different.

Prioritize Speed  

Everything in the 21st century is racing to meet a new standard – speed. It applies to websites as well. A website has to load quickly else people would opt out quickly. Thus, slow-loading web pages cause high bounce rates. To boost SEO, make webpage loading speed a priority. Invest in high-quality website development tools when creating your site. Also, ensure that the website runs on a high-speed hosting plan. Finally, examine your website constantly to check for elements that may be slowing down your page loading speed. Mitigate when you find them. 


Final thoughts

SEO is key to ranking in search engines, without a doubt. Focus on the audience. Ensure that you tailor your SEO practices and content creation to favor humans first and not Google or any other search engine algorithm. After your audience, your website comes next. Optimize your website with high-quality resources with high-quality content for audiences. The overall quality of your website in line with an apt SEO application is key to attracting audiences to your site. 


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