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Tips and Tricks for natural makeup look and glow!

Give your face a little love with natural makeup look and glow!
When it comes to fashion, sometimes its better to go with the less is more concept. Natural glow and beauty is god-gifted but nowadays because of the pollution and stress it is degrading day by day. So there is a need to take of it and give yourself a wonderful natural MakeUp look and glow. Makeup is something which makes one’s skin flawless and alluring but it should be done in a proper way. It is not like just applying more and more products and you will look gorgeous – no, it is not like that even it looks artificial. Anyone can look great by simplicity or you can say natural makeup look and glow.
Simplicity is the first and foremost beauty of a woman!!
Heavy makeup harms and damages your skin. You may not see the damage instantly but you will definitely able to see it if you do this in a long run.
So we are here for you with some tips and tricks for natural makeup look and glow.
1. Clean your face with natural ingredients to get natural glow.

The first and most important thing is to clean your face at least twice a day.
Wash your face with a mild facewash whatever suits your face. Avoid too much chemicals based face washes if you want a long-lasting natural skin.

You should use natural face packs and cleanser for the natural glow. Apply multani mitti with rosewater in it on your face for 15-20 minutes and wash it well. Honey adds a natural glow to our face. Apply honey and some drops of lemon juice in it to your face for about 20-30 minutes for a perfect glow but if you have sensitive skin, ignore lemon juice.
For scrubbing , you can use coffee powder (not fined) with honey and scrub for 5-10 minutes . You can use oats with the honey as a scrubber. Rice flour with tomato juice is a very good exfiolater and use it at least twice a week. This combination is like a miracle for blackheads. You can use any toner and you can use rose water- it works as a tremendous toner.

At night, clean your with rosewater with the help of a cotton ball. For the natural glow, you can use alovera gel at night and leave it for whole night. And yes alovera gel is very good for skin. You can make a night cream with it. Mix alovera gel and some drops of olive oil, tea tree oil or vitamin E oil. When you mix it properly it will tranform into a creamy texture and looks like a cream and apply it on your face daily before going to bed to see the best results.Natural makeup look

2. Good eating habits for natural glow
A healthy diet is an essential component of skincare regime.

Drink lots of water to avoid toxin overload and keep your skin hydrated and glowing. In the morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water with a tsp of honey in it – makes your skin healthy,wealthy and bright.

Include lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet to gain all vitamins and nutrients . Have oranges, apples, amla, cucumbers and melons are loaded with Vitamin C – prevents ageing and helps impart a natural glow. Have some fibre – rich products also as they are good antioxidants and avoid too much junk, spicy and sugary food.It is good to have a green tea or herbal tea to make your bright and glowy. As tea is a good antioxidant – prevents ageing, wrinkling and dullness and give you a natural glow.

3. Make your makeup a natural makeup.

A natural makeup look is a perfect highlight for the natural beauty. Use natural products and minimal of synthetic and heavy chemical based products.

Wash your face. Apply toner (rosewater) on your face to keep it hydrated.

When you want ‘No Makeup Look’ it is good to use primer as a smooth base makes your skin even and extra hydrated. Then apply tinted mosturizers, bb or cc cream to avoid any kind of unevenness, redness and extreme dryness of your face and make your face shiny and glowy.

Now highlight your cheek bones, bridge of the nose and jawline with some bit of coconut oil – it is natural and shine your face as well. You  can use any other highlighter or blusher but keep in mind the word ‘natural’.

Brush your eyebrows and don’t put eyeliner because then it is not counted as a natural look. Now just put some lip balm or nude lipstick and your are ready with your ‘No Makeup Look’ or ‘Natural Look’.

Keep in mind that Natural look was the best, is the best and will be the best !!

Tips and Tricks for natural makeup look and glow!

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