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Tips for Getting Digital and Electronic Signatures Directly to Your Terms

Mortgages, credit card applications, medical consent forms and employment contracts all require signatures. Electronic signatures simplify the turnaround time, reliability and security of signing documents by using signature technology rather than the traditional pen and ink and can eliminate the need to sign documents in the office.

Electronic signatures are a tool to facilitate document signing. It is a 100% digital format that allows you to quickly and easily get the person’s signature you need.

Furthermore, electronic signatures are simple. All you need is an email or text message, internet access and a secure signing platform that provides total security and legal protection for the document being signed.                          

This comprehensive guide to electronic signatures provides you with valuable information in this context. It explains what this feature is, how to sign documents online and how to use it in Word and PDF. Additionally, find out how you can use this tool to protect your documents and ensure greater security and quality in all your services.

Now, let’s answer your questions about this document management method with tips and start modernizing your business today!”. Do you know the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Comparing Digital and Electronic Signatures

It’s essential to understand the difference between electronic and digital signatures. Both are legally valid, but there are differences in their mechanisms.

Digital signatures are performed using a digital certificate issued by a certification authority, a public authority that validates the process.

Electronic signatures do not require an authentication process, as the security and integrity of the signature can be verified in various ways. 

Both types are fundamental and add dynamism to the daily operations. The main advantage of electronic signatures is that all companies use them inexpensively by all companies, regardless of their industry.

It is important to note that both digital and electronic signatures are legally binding. 

Tips for Getting Digital and Electronic Signatures

The ability to digitally sign documents is part of everyday life in many industries, especially in those sectors that depend on the continuous delivery of documents to customers and partners. In this context, using electronic signatures is of great importance for optimizing daily operations. Are you looking for tips for getting digital and electronic Signatures Directly to Your Terms? You are in the right place.

1. Use the “Live Signature” feature.

Box has an e-signature app that makes it easy to sign digital documents like other major technology companies. The app is integrated with Box and is available to those who already have an account.

Moreover, Box Sign makes it easy to sign documents from anywhere. You can manage all documents in the cloud. You send your customers a link to upload their papers, and they sign them from their account.

Box Sign is the ideal service for electronic signatures. There is no need to upload documents to sign them. There is a note in the margin indicating that a signature is required. Once the signature is complete, another message appears in the margin.

Box makes it easy to organize and manage essential documents in the cloud. However, you can integrate the Box Sign with a website. You can incorporate Box Sign into your website or use its functionality in your own applications via an API.

2. Whenever possible, use the client’s preferred signing application

Sometimes the client has strong preferences, which everyone must respect, or the project will not be successful. Ask the client which electronic signature application they prefer to use. 

Preparing documents to be signed with different applications can be time-consuming, but it can speed up the process if it is the only option.

However, don’t overwhelm clients with options. Don’t make it difficult for those who can download free apps and solve the problem on their own.

3. Send all files together and get them signed

The fastest way to get signatures is to send all the files together. Then ask them to sign the documents sent to you. You can share one record at a time, so the other party doesn’t feel the need to sign it, which can delay the process.

4. Compressing files can reduce the number of signatures needed.

Some documents cannot be compressed or bundled, but if you have a lot of such documents, it can make the process easier.

5. Use Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader has installed on most computers, and electronic signature applications are available free of charge.

Additionally, if you are short of time or prefer a faster solution, use Adobe Reader instead of Box Sign. It is impossible to quickly sign documents in the cloud, but some clients can.

6. You can create an explainer video to show your customers

You may need visual aids to sign electronic documents. If a particular application often requires electronic signatures, create a short instructional video to show users where and how to sign a document.

Additionally, if you don’t have the time or patience to create a video yourself, you can find tutorials on YouTube. 

7. Avoid applications that are not user-friendly

Electronic signature software should be user-friendly. If people find e-signatures tricky, they may give up on e-signing. Don’t lose your job because of technical problems.

8. User-friendly applications for electronic signatures are a must

Statistics show that 6.4 billion people in the world use smartphones. Many people also conduct transactions exclusively on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and many people sign on to their mobile devices.

If the recipient has a mobile device, you can assume that they will sign electronically.

9. For security reasons, you can send paper documents via mail

Electronic signatures are not necessarily acceptable to everyone, and some people cannot sign electronically or find the process difficult to understand. If desired, you can mail paper documents. 

10. Initial and sign all field

Mark all fields requiring signatures or initials, whether electronic or paper documents. If someone doesn’t sign or initial in the right place, it can slow down the entire process.

Additionally, if you are sending a long, multi-page document to someone, it is good to number the signature fields. Some people fill in all the required signatures by putting a number in each area.

11. Do not skip pages without a signature

Logically, it should be evident that someone has skipped a page because there is a sentence that cannot be read out of context. Many people sign documents without reading them, which applies to electronic and paper copies, and you can skim documents quickly.

12. Use only PDF files

Signatures on Microsoft Word documents or other text files are not required. Contracts can be created in MS Word but must be saved in PDF format before being submitted for signature.

Professional associations use PDF files to create contracts. They can accept signatures. Once created, you can add signature information to the PDF file at any time, and this is not possible with Word documents.

13. Always set a deadline for the return of documents

Time-sensitive documents must be signed and returned on time. For documents that are not time-sensitive, you can specify the deadline. 

People tend to forget about deadlines and procrastinate. Setting deadlines is an important business strategy.

Companies that do not meet deadlines often face failure. Set deadlines, but adjust them constantly. 

Moreover, don’t make room for others. Set deadlines and state the consequences of not meeting deadlines for document submission. If documents are not submitted on time, there may be a delay of up to a week.

In addition, if you are busy, you may terminate the contract. Failure to return documents promptly is a problem. For example, failure to produce documents on time may mean that you will not work with the company in the future.

If someone needs more time to review the documents with an attorney, that’s not a problem as long as you give notice.

14. Electronic signatures are legally binding

Now you know how to sign a PDF electronic document. Now you want to know if electronic signatures are legally binding. Yes, they are.

Electronic signatures have been legally binding at the federal level since the ESIGN Act of 2000. However, you can sign some documents electronically, such as wills, family law documents, court documents and cancellation of insurance policies.


Documents are an essential part of business processes. However, making these documents available can be difficult, especially as more and more companies adopt flexible work schedules. As a result, there is a growing demand for online document management systems that allow documents to be. Stored and signed electronically.  

Author Bio

Sally Hickman Green is a 30-year-old who enjoys blogging for e signature app free, internet marketing, and social media marketing. She is inspiring and generous in blogging. She has a post-graduate degree in Computer science.



Sally Hickman Green is a 30-year-old who enjoys blogging for electronic signature, internet marketing, and social media marketing. She is inspiring and generous in blogging. She has a post-graduate degree in Computer science.

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