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Tips for maintaining your Commercial Solar Panels Melbourne Efficiently

The most thing circle in users minds are cleaning process and procedures of commercial solar panels Melbourne. If yes, then the written article is quite useful to you.

It is known that the solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Owning solar panels is a massive investment and maintaining it is necessary to make sure that you have long-term benefits. CGS Solar Panels Sydney advise that if a solar system is maintained and used properly it can provide you with renewable solar energy for the next 25 years or more. The most common question that you think is – Does solar panels require maintenance? If Yes, then how many times? Commercial Solar panels Melbourne are easy to care for. They require very little maintenance to function. The only thing that they need to be cared for is a periodic light cleaning and other debris that are obstructing the sun’s rays. The following maintenance tips you have to keep in mind to keep your solar panel in good shape.

Cleaning Tips for Commercial Solar Panels Melbourne:

Cleaning of a solar panel is easy but is labor-intensive. It is to ensure that the panels are unobstructed and receive the maximum amount of insolation. It is very important to ensure that the panel is clean to maximize its energy output. The glass on the panels can be cleaned as often as required depending on how much dirt has been accumulated on it. You can use a soft cloth or washrag or biodegradable soap. If you deal with only dust, then run a hose pipe with water over the panels.

You can get the Solar Panel cleaning kits that have a wiper, biodegradable soap, and a little brush. Mix the soap with water as per the instructions given. Using the brush and gently wipe the panels. Never use any abrasive soap or sponge for your panel as it may scratch the glass. The most effective way to clean solar panels is by using a biodegradable soap or a soft rag.

If snow builds up on your panels and you are accessible to the roof hatch, use a broom and knock the snow off from the hatch. If solar panels are on a 1-storey building you can use a leaf blower if the air reaches. You can hire a professional cleaning crew to clean the panels on a pitched roof if it is not safe to get up on your roof.

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Maintaining Solar Panels:

These panels require very little maintenance. In general, a failure that occurs are related to electricity production or wire corrosion rather than with the panel themselves.

Regular Inspection:

Usually, solar panels are placed in high locations. So, they are prone to damage or accumulation of waste particles in the air. So, it is necessary to inspect your panels regularly. Clean up the dirt or pollen on the panel to ensure there is no loss of power. Also, checking it during uncertain climatic changes will help you secure the loss or damage that has occurred.

Ensure Ample Sunlight is available:

Usually, it is installed in a place where maximum sunlight is available. Shading is one of the things that you avoid during pre-installation. But once they have been mounted, you have to check that shades do not come up such as towering trees, which affects the pattern of sun and shade. So, to make your solar panel lost longer, it is important to make sure that they are located with the best possible sunlight orientation.

Keep Checking on Energy Usage:

Install an energy monitor system to make sure that your entire system is performing effectively. The output data by these monitoring systems is given on the website or app on your smartphone. So that you can check the production totals of every panel. This makes it easy to spot any dead panels that aren’t producing electricity. If you observe any unexpected loss in electricity production you can report it to your solar panel installer and schedule an appointment immediately to fix the issue.

Examine the Components:

The wiring that connects your panels to your home should last for the life of your system. While cleaning, take a look around all the wiring, components, and mount rack. You also check for any signs of leak or drainage issues around the panel. Look for any missing bolts, broken glass, and wiring issues. An early inspection can prevent a serious issue that leads to a costly repair.


Using the preventative cleaning and maintenance tips will ensure that your solar panels will go a long way towards the longevity and efficiency of the system. All-in-all maintaining your solar panels is pretty easy.

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Author Bio – An author is here with some useful details about maintenance of commercial solar panels Melbourne and how to make it long-lasting.

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