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Tips for Managing Your Sleep Time

An adult should sleep for at least seven hours each night to get a normal amount of sleep. It is important to have sound, quality sleep that allows you to feel rested when you wake up. Making your night’s rest more effective may help you stay healthy, emotionally and physically, or improve your health.

Have a Bedtime Ritual

A way for you to be prepared for bedtime can be doing the same tasks before you turn in each night. This ritual can make your body and mind ready for sleeping automatically. You can write in a journal or just make notes in a notebook about what you remember most about your day, the good and the bad parts of it. You can appreciate the good or great progress that you made and help yourself write down the more challenging moments and think of ways to go forward with a positive attitude. It may help to make a list of items that would need to be done the next day to feel like your day was resolved, so that you can rest peacefully.

Have a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Wake up and go to sleep at about the same time each day, and you will get a better night’s sleep. Your unconscious mind and your body have a memory and will be ready for rest time when you usually turn in for the night.

Make Your Sleeping Space Serene

Make your bedroom better for rest time. It should be quiet, clean, and comfortable. An organized room can help you sleep better. Be certain your bedroom is dark enough to help you sleep.

Exercise to Get Better Rest

Exercise can help you get better sleep. It can help people with insomnia. Cardiovascular fitness, such as jogging, and weight-bearing exercises, can help you feel more relaxed at bedtime.

Get Bright Sunlight During the Day

If you get natural sunlight during the day this can help your circadian rhythm, which is like your internal clock, work better and signals you to feel ready for rest and reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. This sunlight exposure has the added benefit of giving you more energy during the day, too.

Have Small, Healthy Meals and Take Nutritional Supplements to Rest Better

If you do not sleep well the number of hormones that signal hunger increases and this can cause overeating during the day. Having a large meal in the evening can cause sleeplessness because you may be stimulated by the energy in the meal and need to digest the meal. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bedtime can help you rest better.

You can have foods that help you rest, such as those that are high in magnesium, a mineral that helps the muscles of your body relax. Many people do not get enough magnesium and may just need a boost in their dietary intake of it to be more ready to rest at night. Legumes, seeds, whole grains, leafy green vegetables, and oat bran are foods with a high amount of magnesium in them.

magnesium complex is a nutritional supplement that can help you rest better and it can include an additional nutrient, such as Vitamin B6, that will help your body absorb the magnesium and this helps it work better.

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