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Tips on How to Create Photo Collage with Photo Prints

Tips on How to Create Photo Collage with Photo Prints. Are you away from your family or home for the first time? Have you bought an apartment from your savings? Is it your first home purchased together as a couple? If yes, then you might want to style your space.

You will want it to be eye-catching as well as lively. And you will surely create or cultivate a cozy and inviting place. It all happens with pictures of you and images of your family or friends.

They are one of the best ways to capture memorable and beautiful memories throughout your life. And undoubtedly, most of you have a vast collection of pictures. With these images, you can create an eye-catching photo collage.

They make your home look elegant and trendy without spending much. Let us know more about them.

What is a Photo Collage?

A picture collage is a form of art where you combine visual elements to create a new photo conveying your personal message gracefully. You can draw these pictures from your wedding album, travel collections, etc.

Then, customize all the fantastic and unique photos to canvas print or other material to create a single masterpiece.

Uses of Picture Collages

There are various ways to use photo collages in professional or personal work, including:

  • To Create an Art Piece

A Collage of different pictures has been a popular form of art since the twentieth century. Earlier, many cubist artists glued photos on paper or canvas to create incredible artworks.

Later on, Surrealist and Pop artists explored techniques of collage art to develop eye-catching art pieces.

  • To Visualize a Design for a Client

Many architects, businesspeople, or graphic designers use collages as a tool to visualize the design of their projects. In addition, many professional designers are using digital collages because photo-editing enables them to depict the client’s proposal accurately.

  • In Scrapbooking

Many people preserve their precious memories in scrapbooks. But now, photo collage offers an intelligent and stylish way to display unique moments.

Tips to Create the Perfect Photo Collage with Pictures

Photo collage is a unique or exciting way to recall life’s experiences and precious memories. So, create eye-catching and meaningful artwork by displaying your favorite prints. However, be careful while making a photo collage.

If you use blur photos, too many font styles and sizes but lack cohesion, your design will become catchy to tacky. So, the following are some easy tips to create a perfect photo collage from picture prints:

  • Create Cohesion

The most significant difference you can notice in a group of photos and picture collage is the visual cohesion. So, choose some images of similar colors or styles and create a collage illustrating a united feel.

Apply the “same” filter to simplify a collage. It is an easy way to make incredible art pieces with different types of filters.  What you have to do is simply include all your favorite or unique photos into a collage template.

Then, click on photos to see various options like edit, rotate, or delete the picture. To make changes like brightness, color contrasts, or others, use the edit option. Finally, edit each photo to check how all work together in a collage.

So, don’t be shy or afraid of experimenting with different photo filters or layouts while creating masterpieces.

  • Bold Statement with Black and White

You click various colorful pictures of memories or moments worth capturing. But make sure to go for the black and white theme for photos with shadows, high contrast, or delicate areas. It is a beautiful way to display images dramatically.

It will give a cohesive look. In addition, a black and white theme collage works best for images of landscapes or pictures without people. Finally, putting a collection of natural pics and photos of stoic cityscapes makes your space look bold yet subtle.

You can also edit photos in a design studio or collage maker first. It will allow you to check if the black and white theme is suitable for your collage.

  • Tell a Story

Cohesion is not all about a color palette.  In fact, it is about what message you want to convey through your picture collage. So, pick photos and combine them in a way that you are telling a story.

It can be pictures of a wedding, family trip, or other important events. Such photos in a collage help to express your emotions and make a style statement in the interiors.

  • Cut the Blank Space

Make sure not to leave too much blank space between photos in a collage. It is a fundamental key for creating a fantastic and eye-catching art piece. In addition, choose a picture where your subject is looking at the front and takes enough frames.

  • Try using  a Text

If you add too many photos in the collage, it will start looking crowded and messy. So, incorporate text in the collage to overcome this issue. It is an essential key for creating a clean look.

Moreover, make sure to keep a limited amount and size of the text. Finally, do not forget to use a single font and color. Otherwise, it will distract people from images.

  • Come up with the Collage Theme

When you talk about photo collages, there are unlimited ideas to create an incredible art piece. The process of collage-making allows you to plan or create a collage revolving around a story.

You can design a theme-based photo collage including cutouts, colors, images, or patterns. Some of the most common and beautiful themes are as follows:

  • Space and Solar System
  • Aquatic Life
  • Jungle Safari
  • Plant Life Cycle
  • Food Cycle and Food Pyramid

You can also create a collage depicting a story with a different group of pictures. These types of photo collages work best to represent family gatherings, school events, etc.

Some of the familiar and widely used tale based picture collages are as follows:

  • Wedding Celebrations
  • First Birthday
  • Baby Shower
  • Marriage Anniversary
  • Birthdays
  • Farewells
  • Retirements

Though these are some popular ideas to use while creating collages, you can use your own design or theme. In this way, you will be able to create a unique art piece.

How to Create a Collage Online with Photo Prints

Follow the steps below to create an eye-catching collage online:

  • Choose a Template

First, install a photo editor and decide the template type you want.

  • Upload Pictures

Now, select 5 to 30 photos based on the chosen template and upload them.

  • Personalize the Collage

Change the photo collage settings to do proper finishing. Moreover, while deciding the canvas size, determine the space at your home where you want to hang it.

In addition, you can add text messages or quotations for inspiring effects. Make sure to select the correct font size that fits your photos and canvas.

  • Review the Collage Layout

After making personal touches, review the layout to ensure the perfect finishing and customization. Then, press the preview button to see the outcome. If you find something misfit, make adjustments before final printing.

  • Place Final Order

Review the final design and place the order.


With the help of these tips, you will be able to create fun and engaging photo collages like a professional. Do not be shy of experimenting. Try different ideas and create an incredible art piece.

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