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Tips To Choose The Best AC

In the scratching heat of summers, an ac becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. The air conditioner removes the heat controls the humidity of air and makes the space more comfortable. So picking up the right air conditioner for the space becomes certainly important.

Today, with loads of options in the market to choose from, it has become surely challenging to find the right one. But we have made choosing the apt air conditioner for your space stress-free. Before you hit the air conditioner spree, just read the given guidelines and compare the specifications to find the right air conditioner for you. 

What to consider while buying an AC?

To choose the appropriate air conditioner, there are a few needs, you want to check and keep in mind. While the main focus would be to check its cooling capacity, the other factors will include your budget, the space itself, and the environment around the space. You should also check in the smart features you want to have in your air conditioner since every air conditioner comes with different purposes and space fittings. 

Types of AC ( Air Conditioners )

Window AC

Window air conditioners are bulky and incorporate every constituent. While it gives fewer things to worry about, it will take up a lot of space. Sometimes, the spaces have specific spaces allocated for such air conditioners near the windows. Due to its bulky size, the air conditioner is cheaper than the rest. It doesn’t have many smart features to choose from. They are termed monoblocks for the same. They require thick wall support, which is up to 9 – 12 inches thick wall.


  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • Monoblock Design


  • Loud
  • Consumes a lot of space and requires a sturdy wall

Split AC

Split Air Conditioners are an advanced version of the window air conditioner. They are built by separating the compressor and heat dispensing unit. The heat dispensing unit should be set outside the indoor space. Maintenance for a split air conditioner is demanding because of the split situation. The internal and external units should be set up to approximately 40 meters for effectiveness. They avail all the smart features you look for, which includes a timer.


  •  Noise-less
  •  Doesn’t a need a sturdy wall
  •  Smart Features


  • Pricey
  • Higher risk of coolant leaks

Tonnage Of AC

While selecting the air conditioner, you should have a better understanding of your space. The geographical area of your space is really important. The ventilation of the room and exposure of the space room play key factors. The higher the heat trapped space the higher the ton air conditioner will be required. In a room kind of space, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2-ton air conditioners are appropriate, depending on the spacing situation.

Efficiency and Rating of AC

Since it is a heavy load appliance, The Bureau of Energy Efficiency made it compulsory for every air conditioner to have a label indicating its efficiency on a 5-star scale. The higher the scale, the higher the efficiency. These ratings also go hand in hand with saving power consumption. A 5-star air conditioner can be 35% more efficient.


The filter’s main purpose is to trap particles and achieve the function of an air purifier. Maximum homes don’t see the need of having such improved features. The air conditioners that mention PPM stats for known pollutants rather than the generic term ‘bacteria filter’.


In the geographical with extreme conditions, the air conditioners act as a heater. This feature makes the air conditioner a multi-utility device and reduces the number of applications required. This feature is idle for the chilly season by providing warmth.

Timer in AC

The timer is one of the vital smart features. It allows you to time the air conditioner before shutting down on its own. It is a great domestic feature when you go to sleep and want the air conditioner to shut off after certain hours. The feature cuts down on power consumption avoids the room being chilly and provide a comfortable temperature. 

Auto Cleaning Feature

The auto cleaning feature allows the air conditioner to remove access mould and eliminate bacteria deposits inside the blower. This feature maintains stable healthy air and removes bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and allergens from the air.

Tips For Selecting The Best AC Service

  • Ratings and Reviews

Before selecting any service provider make sure that you check their rating and customer reviews on the Internet. It would be better if you go for those service providers who have been ranked well by the other customers. This could be hard in case they are not on the Internet but, there is always a way to do the same. If they are known to your friends, ask them about their services and relevant details. If you came across the provider through a pamphlet or something, you could conduct market research at a basic level to know about the standing of that provider. Are they trustworthy? Are their services appropriate? Do they follow the policy of “customer comes first”? Ask such questions frequently.

  • COVID-appropriate behaviour

In the current scenario, it is important to know about the provider’s work behaviour. Make sure that their workers follow COVID-appropriate behaviour by taking care of all guidelines issued by the government like wearing masks and sanitizing themselves.  These steps will keep you safe from possible exposure to the virus even if an outsider visits your home. You may also enquire about the vaccination status of the worker involved. Ask for cashless payment methods as well. Call the Ac Repair in Bhopal Service provider personally and ask them these questions before finalizing the provider. Do not just listen to what they say. Remember that you come first and so, do not hesitate to ask for a valid proof.

  • Professionalism

Another tip is related to the generic behaviour of the workers and the provider. Do they follow professionalism? This is again where the customer reviews might help you. Check whether they ensure privacy and whether they assume responsibility for any successive issues in your AC. They must complete the servicing in time and not spend hours at your place, in order to add to their hourly wage. Are they punctual? Do they reach on time or keep procrastinating the work? What is the behaviour of the workers like? Are they rude or do they talk nicely? Ask such questions beforehand, in order to prevent that “bag full of tension” from landing on your shoulders.

  • Affordability

Before giving a thumbs up to any service provider, compare their service charge with those of others. Check if the amount mentioned is in cognizance of the work required on your AC. Ensure that your money is not wasted by indulging in a little market research. For example, if your AC requires cleaning of the vents and the market cost is around Rs. 3000, so ensure that the Ac Repair in Gurgaon service provider demands a similar amount and not something quite high. Ask if tipping is followed by them as a mandatory practice. These questions might seem a little odd to some of you, but a little research can save you from the possible hassle.

  • Hassle-free cancellation

Before finalizing a provider and giving them a green light for the future, ensure that they allow for hassle-free cancellation. While, it is fine if they charge an amount for cancellation of the appointment, it would be inappropriate if they follow a “once-you-book-us-we-shall-work” policy. Ask whether the amount would be refundable if you ever wish to cancel the appointment. Do I have the right to cancel at any time? Is it okay if I ask the worker to return without working if I am not satisfied with their behaviour or precautionary measures? Such questions are a must.

So, these were some tips to help you choose the best AC provider in the market. Follow them as and when the need arises and this will help you save big time and energy.

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