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Health and Fitness

Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

A lot of people think building muscles is only related to eating more and  more calories. However, while gulping foods or supplements one needs to keep in mind that these are healthy sources of calories.  To build muscles one requires to balance their calorie intake and consume more than what they can burn. In this article we will be sharing a few tips that can help you to build muscle mass more efficiently and quickly.

  1. Increase Your Protein Intake

Whenever, we talk about building or strengthening muscles the only thing that pops in our head is protein. Yes! Your body needs protein for performing almost all activities. If you are interested in building muscles like John Abhraham or Christian Bale, then the right thing to do is increase your protein intake. You can go for foods like lentils, pea, soy, milk, cheese, chicken, turkey, eggs, etc. You can also include protein supplements to your daily diet as these are super efficient in building, developing and repairing muscles.

  1. Increase Your Carbohydrate Intake

A lot of fitness enthusiasts are told to stay away from carbs as it can add unnecessary fat to your body. However, if you are looking forward to building muscles, then you have to increase your carbs intake. By increasing carbohydrate intake we mean you have to go for  whole grain foods like quinoa, brown rice, multigrain bread, etc. These food sources are filled with not only carbs but also protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  1. Consume Gainer Supplements

Gainer supplements are great for increasing your body mass as these powders are enriched with protein, carbs, and other such essential nutrients. Dymatize super mass gainer is one such excellent product that has helped a lot of fitness enthusiasts all around the world to gain muscle mass. You can choose either weight gainer or mass gainer as per your body goals. However, before using the supplements make sure you know the right dosage required for your body.

  1. Pick The Right Exercise

Speak to your gym instructor or trainer and know the right type of exercise that suits your body type. One exercise type might suit someone else while it might not suit your body. Therefore, we always recommend every fitness enthusiast to seek the advice of an expert. Also, do not skip your exercise regime if you are too eager to gain muscles.

  1. Get Plenty Of Rest

We know you are working hard in the gym to build muscles but do you know that your body also needs adequate amounts of rest to build muscles? Well you read that right. EVen if you are consuming Dymatize super mass gainer, MuscleBlaze protein powder or BCAA supplements, your body will still need time to recover the muscles and tissues after a heavy workout session. The recovery process usually takes place during the night when you sleep and failing to get adequate amounts of rest can delay your muscle-building efforts, which could possibly lead to injury or illness.

Stay away from:

  • Unhealthy food habits like refined carbs and other junk foods
  • Say complete no to sugar and aerated drinks
  • Limit your tea and coffee intake, especially if you put loads of sugar to it
  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes

Conclusion: They key to strengthening your muscles and gaining muscles is to balance your calories intake and follow the right exercise regime. Try to follow the above steps and see a difference in your body within a short span of time. However, we would suggest you speak to a nutritionist to know the right dosage of macronutrients for your body.

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