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Tips to rank your local business using Local SEO


Any business needs to have a digital presence, and for this, it should have a website and Google My Business Profile basically Local SEO. It helps small businesses to flourish. If you have a shop, café, a retail outlet, or any small business in any locality and you want to increase your business and reach out to your customers, local SEO can help you. Local SEO makes sure that your business gets found online by any searches made for it in that locality.  

Local SEO is an approach to showcase any local business online and promote a business’ visibility on location-based searches’. It is an SEO strategy that helps any business to gain more visibility in the local search results on Google by streamlining its online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches.

Local SEO optimizes a website to increase traffic, leads generation, and brand awareness from local searches.

 7 Tips to rank your local business using Local SEO

  • Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile is a significant part of Local SEO. It is a free and easy tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. It is free and easy to use the tool. By having a business profile, any local business can easily connect with the customers across Google search and maps. This tool has become more important as Google tries to satisfy search queries directly in SERPs.

  • Optimize Keywords for Local Search

Local keywords are the keywords that include words and phrases with geographic area. For local keywords research, understanding what local intent is a must. Local intent is when the user search intent is to find geographic location-based search results. It is the element in your keywords that will help you get to rank higher in local searches. Include the area, locality, district, city, state, and country in your title, Meta tags, and website’s content. Local search is all about the location, and creating location-based keywords can help the search engines to find you and show your website in SERPs. By optimizing your website for local keywords, you can get ranked in search results.

Adding the modifiers in keywords increases the click-through rate of your website. The keyword modifiers include- cheap, best, now, hurry up, click here, top, etc. Digital marketing company in Bangalore enhance your website in the SERPs and help your website to rank higher.

  • Use consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number)

Make sure that the NAP is the same on every online platform. To let the search engine understand your local business, you should make sure that you have similar NAP details on Google My Business account, your website, and social media platforms. It allows the search engines to give your business as a search result by the user. This consistency should be maintained everywhere. By maintaining consistency, your local business becomes recognized well by the search engines and can help you rank better in local searches.zed well by the search engines and can help you rank better in local searches.

  • Get reviews

Happy customers are your best salespeople. They can generate word of mouth and increase your sales. By getting reviews from your satisfied and loyal customers, your business can build your customer base as well as optimize your business for its online presence. Ask your customers to give reviews on the Google My Business page and websites. Users generally trust online reviews when they are going for any product or service. People nowadays check online reviews first then make a buying decision. When local customers read good reviews, they choose your business to buy products or services. So reviews build your customer base. Great reviews ultimately help you to rank better in search results.

  • Embed business address and Google Maps

    Your business address should incorporate into your website. To make sure that you appear in local search results, embed Google maps location on your website. It shows your exact location and helps the user to find your business. Create location-based pages if you run a business that has various locations. It provides the users with information about name, address, phone number, store descriptions, etc. to the users. Avoid duplicating the content in the location-based pages and create unique content for each of the location pages. To obtain ranking for local searches embedding location in websites and webpages is a must.

  • Link Building

 Inbound links can help Google and other search engines to understand your business and tell that you’re a legitimate business. Creating and optimizing inbound links from other local websites is very beneficial for your website. Obtain links from influencers who work in the same domain by building relationships with them.  Building relationships in the local neighborhood is useful. By connecting with trade associations, bloggers, resellers, vendors, and other local businesses, you can get inbound links. Link building helps you increase your ranking on search engines.

  • Use social media platforms

Every online platform directly or indirectly helps in increasing your business ranking online. One such platform is social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media is a great way to connect with prospects and create more traffic on your websites and help in better conversions. Share your Google My Business page and websites on social media to get more traffic. Search engines like Google consider the content shared on social media, and that’s how your local business can rank in search engine results. The more shares increase your online visibility.


Local SEO is a useful tool for any local business to increase its online presence. If you optimize your website for local SEO and create a Google My Business account, your business can be known to all. The more traffic on the website means better sales and conversion rates. By applying these simple tips, you can get rankings in the search results. Local SEO can assist you in increasing your sales by spreading awareness about business online and increasing footfalls in the store.

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