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Health and Fitness

Tips To Stay Healthy!

Hello amazing viewers, how r u all? A lot of time has passed in this pandemic and yet no one knows how much more. So are you all focusing on your fitness during this pandemic? If not or in case you require some tips then you are definitely in safe hands. Let’s check’em out some tips to stay healthy!!

  • Balanced diet- I won’t say always eat healthily because cravings should not be neglected fully.
  • But at least having a balanced diet will be the first step towards a healthy life.
  • Green tea- drinking green tea does not only increase your metabolism but also removes toxins from your body.
  • Exercise- working out at least for 45 mins a day is very essential. As your body needs some movement and agility which helps you sweat and remove toxins from your body as well as keep you fit and fine.
  • Sleep- many people ignore this but 7-8 hours of sound sleep is extremely important for a healthy mind and agile body. So focus on your sleep schedules a little more from now onwards.
  • Cheat days- cheat day is something which is very important to keep yourself going in the process of achieving fitness. This makes you excited and works harder to experience this day wherein you can do whatever you like. So keep some predefined cheat days in your schedule.
  • Outdoor games- focus on outdoor games like badminton, swimming, etc which bring recreation and boost your fitness immensely.

tips to stay healthy

  • Meditate- remember your mental wellness is as important as your physical fitness. So at least spend 30 minutes in a day where you can work on your mental health by meditating or reading Vedas or by self introspecting or anything which will make you stay calm during that time.
  • Choose an idol- when your goal is already decided in your mind then it is easy to achieve it and choose someone whom you want to be like
  • Say no to sports drinks- Unless you’re a pro athlete so they’re not necessary and they, loaded with calories.
  • Avoid fried food- fried food contains a lot of oil which is not at all good for your body. It’s okay to have it on cheat days but not on regular basis.
  • Drink water- we actually drink water only when we feel we are thirsty. We should drink water in proportion to our age and weight as it keeps our body temperature and other factors normal.
  • Apt dressing- In the matter of dressing no specific genre can be suggested, the dressing is the one which makes your body comfortable must be preferred. Sometimes very tight dressing may make the body uncomfortable and disturbs health as well as your work.

  • Take rest- Overwork both physical and mental may cause loss of health and much disorder. Continuous work and absence of rest are bad for a healthy body. There is no specific time for taking rest but as much rest as your body feels fresh and comfortable is advisable.
  • Me time- spend some time with yourself, to know yourself completely, and your strengths and weaknesses. Go on a date with yourself and treat yourself to the things which you love.

So, guys, these are some tips which should be practiced by everyone to stimulate their physical fitness and their mental health.

Being fit gives you confidence and increases your immunity to fight with any kind of disease. Choose the right meal and proper quantities of routine necessities to stay strong and young.

Tips To Stay Healthy!

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