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Tips & Tricks to Improve Kitchen Renovations Process

Nothing makes a home more desirable these days than a new kitchen with all the trimmings (well, maybe good schools and neighbourhoods are more important!). And most new homeowners are looking for a home with a great kitchen or want to renovate their kitchen at some point during the homeownership experience, hence here is a kitchen renovations guide. The kitchen facelift process is arduous and, if done correctly, very rewarding in terms of ROI and enjoyment factor. That is, what it feels like to spend time in a new space.

Here are the top 10 kitchen remodelling tips to keep your kitchen looking new:

Kitchen Space

The kitchen you are building depends on the available space. For modern kitchen renovations in Melbourne, you may need to tear down walls to create a larger space suitable for an island bench, or will you stick with the existing space? You will be amazed at how you can transform small spaces into a cooking paradise with early planning. Consider a kitchen or a straight floor plan for small spaces like apartments. You can also plant some tiny plants and do kitchen gardening. This yields fresh kitchen fresh veggies as well as the plants gives fresh air.


Research and compare prices when it comes to cabinetmakers, appliances, faucets, cabinet fixtures, etc. Estimate for your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. You can often get a discount for buying all your equipment from one store. On the research page, read lots of user reviews, read reliability ratings, and check the manufacturer’s warranty specifications. Do a lot of research before investing in kitchen appliances. Since the kitchen is a crucial place, the appliances must be of good quality. Doing research may be a little tedious but the end results will be worth it.

Avoid Adding Square Footage to Your Kitchen by Expanding It

Adding a room or even a small bundle to increase the size of your kitchen is expensive and complicated (permits, foundation work, frames, etc.). Rooms, etc. Large, open kitchen layouts are all the rage today, but that may not always be the case (especially if you sell twenty years from now). Plus, you don’t need a huge kitchen to cook great food and you’ll avoid being a slave to your general contractor for 612 months.


When renovating a kitchen, the main rule of thumb is to measure twice, cut once. You need to know the width, depth, and height of various table cavities and lengths. Get it right and you’ll be one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams. Remember, every millimetre counts, so use a tape measure and write down your measurements. Knowing all the measurements helps to buy things like mats that will perfectly suit the space. This makes your kitchen look attractive with perfect space settings. You can select any kitchen size and shape, but there should be an evenly spaced kitchen work triangle for busy three areas like fridge, sink and stove.

Kitchen Triangle

Drywall Cabinets and Floors

If there are two items in your kitchen that are subject to the most stress, it is your floor and your cabinets. Choose solid wood carcass fronts and a solid plywood body frame. Also, look for drawers with dovetail joints and bulky mechanical guides. It doesn’t really matter who the furniture company is, but it is very important if they incorporate the above construction and design elements into their product. Avoid hardwood floors on the floor side.

It just doesn’t make sense in a room that has a lot of foot traffic, spills of all kinds, water, etc. Choose a porcelain tile or possibly a natural stone finish instead (although the latter requires sealing). Hardwood floors are comfortable to stand on because they give a bit and help with back pain, but they are not a substitute for the elasticity of a solid, indestructible tile surface.


Your oven is the heart and soul of your kitchen and choosing the right one (or four) can make a big difference in your kitchen renovations. The first thing to consider when upgrading your kitchen is where you want your oven to be. Then you have the option of choosing between a freestanding oven, a built-in oven, or a combination of both. Next, think about your kitchen utilities. The location of the electrical and gas cables is important for the hob and oven. It can be very expensive to move during kitchen renovations.

Finally, you need to consider how and for whom you are cooking. Is a small and simple electric stove enough? Or are you ready to upgrade to the full suite with a steamer and all the extras to delight friends and family with your culinary skills?

Mirrored Back Wall

One of our best kitchen renovations ideas is to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen with a mirrored back wall or mirrored splashback. You will love how it reflects more light in your kitchen and even makes you feel open. A mirrored safety glass back panel is a tough surface, so you’ll love its durability, but it does take a bit of cleaning to keep it looking good. This additionally makes your kitchen lighting brighter. You can feel like cooking in an open space.

Sort Your Cookware

Now that you’ve created your dream kitchen, it’s time to outfit it with the latest and greatest in cookware, cookware, and cookware. Cook like a star chef with the latest smart technology in your pantry and cupboards. The cooking utensils are also available in different forms. Choosing them in the right style would help your kitchen look beautiful. The cookware should be of good quality too.

Install a Temporary Kitchen While Renovating Your New One

A typical kitchen renovation can take one to three months. But no stress! Some must-have kitchen utensils will make the transition go smoothly while you wait. First select a low traffic room in your house, E.g., B. a laundry room, a garage, or a guest room. Then decorate it with a range of small appliances such as a microwave, hot air fryer, pressure cooker, rice cooker, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, and sandwich press. Finally, make sure you don’t put away all your kitchen utensils, a couple of sharp knives, and some microwaveable containers that will prevent your family from making a living on 2-minute noodles.


Kitchen colour also plays a vital role in the beauty of the kitchen. Avoid light colours in the kitchen. Choose flooring and cupboard colours according to the colour of the kitchen walls. You can either choose the same colour or contrast colours for the kitchen. Light colours in kitchens require regular maintenance. The spills will be more apparent in the light colours than in dark colours. Therefore, cleaning can be difficult. Renovating kitchens means not only changing the colour, overall looks of the kitchen, it also includes upgrading to modern kitchen appliances. The kitchen utensils can also be chosen according to the colour of the kitchen.

The Bottom Line

These tips can help you renovate your kitchen perfectly. Most of the Melbourne house-owners looking for professionals to renovate their kitchens. You can find several online websites of kitchen designers and renovators. You can contact them to get a kitchen facelift plan and estimated quote online.

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