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Top 10 Car Oil Filter Change Garages in Dubai UAE, Guide 2022


One of the essential elements of your car is the oil filter change. Checking and changing engine oil should be part of your regular car maintenance regimen. Your engine and car’s overall performance will suffer if you don’t. The cost of engine oil and oil change services varies by vehicle. If you wish to save money on this procedure, different service providers in Dubai offer oil change discounts.

Everyone knows how important it is to maintain your vehicle and have it inspected every 6-7 months. It keeps the car from breaking down. The number of automotive oil filter change services in Dubai is growing, with many cars on the road.

Top 10 Car Oil Filter Change Garages in Dubai

Here are the top garages for oil filter change services:

Magic Tyre

Gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, braking fluid, and other vehicles use. It’s vital to keep your car running smoothly by using the maximum amount of new and acceptable fluids feasible. Failure to keep adequate fluid levels in your car could harm you. In Al-Qusais, Magic Tyres offers an oil filter change service. Take advantage of the best oil change service for your vehicle’s safety and smooth running.

Sina Tyre

Sina Tyres delivers excellent oil filter change service. Engine oil keeps your car’s engine running smoothly and reduces wear on its moving parts. Oil degrades and wears out over time, losing its ability to lubricate and transport heat to your engine. Sina Tyres has all of your oil-changing needs covered. Our certified technicians will change up to five quarts of oil, install a new oil filter, and complete a courtesy car inspection with every oil change.


PerfectFix has been in business for over three decades and is one of Dubai’s oldest oil filter change services. Regardless of the model or manufacturer, professional personnel can repair your vehicle. PerfectFix is also an oil change service provider in Dubai.

Customers appreciate that they can be picked up and dropped off at Perfect Fix. Your car will be picked up in the morning, repaired, and returned to you in the evening, saving you time and effort. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s one of Dubai’s best auto repair shops.

Garage Dar Al Madina

Dar Al Madina garage will replace your car’s oil filter and oil filter change service in Dubai. We will also lubricate and oil the chassis components for the client. Changing a car’s oil takes a long time, where our service comes in. You can make a reservation by calling or visiting our website, which means it’s user-friendly.

You may unwind at home while we change your car’s oil, knowing that the job will do correctly. Premium motor oil offers features and additives useful to autos, especially those with high mileage when obtaining oil change service in Dubai.

Al Nahdha Auto Garage

Our Oil Change Service package at Al Nahdha Auto Garage includes oil filter change service, engine oil and a multi-point vehicle health check to ensure maintenance and safety. Professional specialists’ precautions may help you avoid costly auto repairs in the future.

Our technicians will replace your engine oil and oil filter with higher-quality synthetic oil and a branded oil filter. We presently have a special Winter Offer that includes Oil Filter Change at the Lowest Price in the Market and additional Free Services.

Premier Car Care

Premier Automobile Care is also a well-known car service business in Dubai. The crew goes through extensive training regularly to become familiar with new methods and mechanical tools. Specialized employees tend after luxury autos. If you own a high-end vehicle, this may be your best option for Dubai car service.


Oil filter change service should perform regularly to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. Good quality oil will keep your car’s moving parts cool and lubricated. Dirty and contaminated oil can accumulate over time, causing corrosion and reducing engine life.

AutoPro can help you choose the right oil, check your oil levels, change your filters, and clean your engine so that everything runs smoothly. Our Dubai oil change service is top-notch, ensuring that your oil lasts longer and your vehicle runs smoothly.

Garage Max

Max Garage also offers one of Dubai’s best oil change and oil filter change services. It has an excellent reputation among petrolheads in the emirate and adheres to the highest standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction. With its 40 years of experience and excellent team of mechanics and engineers, Max Garage can have your car running in no time.

Radiant Cars Workshop

Radiant Car Workshop has developed a loyal fanbase. Their outstanding job quality and dependable, low-cost services have earned them a name in the business. Because of its technologically advanced setup, knowledgeable specialists, and readiness to go the extra mile for the customer, Radiant Vehicle Workshop is one of the best vehicle garages in Dubai.

Mechanix Pro

Pro Mechanix works with ENOC brands and supplies to deliver high-quality oil changes and maintenance for automobiles. You can choose between a package or a minor service, depending on your vehicle.

Our mechanics will arrive in 24 hours, and there will be no need for you to move your vehicle. Our skilled mechanics will come to your home or office to change your oil and oil filter change service, install new batteries, replace your brake pads, and give your car a thorough health check. They are one of Dubai’s oil change services.

Importance Of Car Oil Filter Change Service


  • Imagine all the moving pieces under the hood of a car, such as pistons, valves, and other engine parts, all moving at fast speeds. Without sufficient oil lubrication, these components generate heat and wear the engine down quickly. Ensure the owner’s handbook for the exact weight and grade of oil the vehicle requires and maintain the specified fill volume.
  • Moving parts with insufficient lubrication generate friction, which generates heat. Maintaining clean and sufficient oil levels is ideal for avoiding excessive friction and engine overheating.
  • Dirt particles kill engines. Dirt can cause corrosion and shorten the life of an engine over time. Oil also breaks down over time and becomes “sludge.” The goal is to keep the engine as clean as possible. Regular oil and filter changes keep engines running smoothly by removing particulates and sludge.
  • Ensure there is adequate clean oil in the engine because poor engine lubrication might lead to greater fuel consumption. That may not seem like much of an improvement, but it equates to a year’s worth of gas savings for the average automobile.
  • Routine maintenance extends the life of your car. Dirty oil buildup reduces a vehicle’s fuel economy and power while making internal components work harder.


Many polluted particles and the environmental dust are gathered in oil filter, Resultantly it becomes blocked. Due to a extended oil filter limits the amount of clean oil passing through it, it must replace.Metal, dust, carbon and other impurities will damage your engine after a specific time. Your engine’s oil system will then grab them.

The oil filter aims to capture these impurities as the oil goes through and remove them from your engine. It helps to keep your engine clean and healthy. You should get advice from a reputable auto repair shop.











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