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Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men To Always Look Stylish

Fashion Tips- When it comes to fashion everyone has their own taste and preferences and there is no set of rules and regulations. What works for one might not do the same for the other, it is all a game of personal styling and pulling every outfit with confidence. Ever wondered how celebrities look good in anything and everything they wear? It’s because they are styled well by their stylists. Of course, you cannot afford a stylist but here are some of the standardized rules which have been working on men for ages and will work now as well. 

Fashion Tips for Men

Fashion has a different meaning for different people although it begins and ends where the comfort meets style for the right occasions. There is always that one person who is styled so well that they make the heads turn either in a cafeteria or a business meeting. Here are some of the tips forwarded by that very crowd for people like us who often are unable to strike a balance between comfort and style. Some of these tips are about Cotton shirts for men, Printed or graphic t-shirts, and other attire worn by men for many decades. 

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1. Wear A Suit Well

Everything you do in life is not legendary unless you’re doing it in a suit” as said by the legendary Barney Stinson and I couldn’t agree more. A suit is one of the essential garments for men. Whether you work on a corporate job or own a business of your own, once in a while you will need a suit for sure. Wondering what brings the best out of your suit? It’s the right fit! No matter how fancier you go the fit of your suit says it all. The fit of the shoulder and waist determines your overall look. So when going for a suit wear it well.


2. Magic of Watches

A watch is the most basic yet integral element that completes your look. Throwing a simple watch can make you look smarter and put together, so not for the purpose of seeing time it is more about how stylish it makes you look. A watch is a reflection of your personality, Aesthetic, functional, rugged sports models go with anything but always go for what seems more comfortable for you.

Feranoid Graphic t-shirt

3. Funky T-shirts

Not sure what to wear? Simply open your cupboard and pick a graphic tee coz no matter what funky t-shirts are your way to go. As basic as they are one thing we are sure about is they never go out of style. Whether attending a small get-together or going for an evening walk, t-shirts are your way to go. When in doubt throw on a basic tee, some cool sneakers, and classic denim and you are good to go. If you think these are too basic for you, patterned, printed and colorful ones can be a considerate option too.


4. Invest In Good Pair of Shoes

“The right shoe can make everything different,” said  Jimmy Choo, and I couldn’t agree more. A good pair of shoes take your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick. It is the hero of your outfit, investing in good quality shoes is always a wise investment. An important thing to be considered when buying shoes is they must be comfortable because what is fashion if comfort has to be compromised with it.

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5. Sweatshirts and Joggers

Unarguably the most comfortable piece of clothing and yet the most fashionable one. Sweatshirts and joggers are the perfect summer outfit. Wanna impress someone with your morning walk? (wink!) then a plain t-shirt and jogger may not be your wingman but can help you make a better impact, because who wouldn’t like a man with a fashion sense. And when winter rolls in putting on some sweatshirt with sneakers can be your go-to look. Pair Feranoid’s Black Jogger Pants with a basic tee and you are all set to make head turns on your evening walk. 

Pure cotton shirts for men

6. Classic and Timeless Shirts

A basic plain full-sleeved shirt is one of the most essential and timeless pieces of clothing. Without a doubt, I can say it is a must-have for your wardrobe.  A good quality shirt is an essential investment when you want to achieve a more formal look. Patterned, printed and bright colors are things you just now shy away from it. As there is more to the world than just black, blues, and greys. A play of colors and patterns is essential.


7. Keep Your Accessories Minimal

Accessories can bring any look up or down and hence must be resonated optimally with the fashion Tips. A play of accessories is hence essential for a stylish and put-together look. To lift up the look of any boring outfit they can be used. Once you start paying attention to the minor details of your look, you can ace the game of styling any outfit. Keep one thing in mind for accessories less is more, go for staple simple don’t overdo it after all everyone is not Bappi Da! Statement rings, stylish chains, and classic bracelets can do much more to an outfit than you think. Never underestimate the role of jewelry in styling.  

short sleeve shirt

8. Smelling Good is a Must

This might not be a clothing tip but one of the most important tips. Your scenes make a strong impression on you. No one likes being around people who smell bad, so smelling good is never a bad idea. So the next time you are stepping out looking your best make sure you smell the best too. When you’ve completed your outfit never forget to put on some sweet fragrance it might not add to your style but make sure you make a good impression.  

Own Your Style- Fashion Tips

Style is not only about self-expression, but also be dressed appropriately according to your environment. Imagine attending an office meeting in your sweats or chilling at a beach in your suit. Sounds bizarre right?  Therefore it is vital to have a basic sense of what is the right outfit for which occasion. Wearing the right outfit at the right place helps you to level up your styling game and be the apple of the eye at any event.



Knowing your style is the most important fashion Tips. Last but not least is understanding your own personal style, while there can be 100s and 1000s of tips you can follow to look good, nothing beats knowing what suits your body the best. Everyone has a different body type and more importantly different choices. Some people prefer bright colors while some go with the basic blue, white, and grey. A rough analysis of what suits your body and what does not is essential for basic styling purposes. It might take some time and some major fashion blunders to figure out your personal style, but once you do you can never go wrong at acing every event with your fashion sense.



These tips I am sure will help you in some way or the other and help you bring up your style game, but an important tip is to wear what you are comfortable in, fashion is all about being comfortable. Wearing a smile will complete any look, so forget everything simply wear everything with your confidence it is the best accessory.

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