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Travel and Leisure

Top 10 must visit trek

1.Triund trek

Starting @₹1000

Duration- two days & one night

Location- Triund, Mcleodganj

It’s the foremost hassle-free trek around the Himalaya Mountains consisting of snow-coated Dhauladhar ranges and an exquisite view of Kangra valley. The steep climb here is well paid off by pleasing walks through the bush and Oak trees. The primary day you fancy the mixed trees forest and go down towards Leta Village for night keep. The next day you trek back to Triund experience all the gorgeous sites.

2.Nag tibba trek

Starting @₹1400

Duration-2 days & one night

It’s one of all the simplest treks in Himalaya Mountains, it’s short and venturous. It’s four-kilometer long walk to start out the Nag Tribba trek once u attain Pantwari via a cab/bus from Dehradun. There you keep nightlong enclosed by the pure great things about the hills and immense valleys. The next day you climb Nag tibba prime and witness Swarga-Rohini, Gangotri, Bandar Poonch, and such.

3.Kheerganga Trek

Starting @ ₹ 1300

Duration- two days one night

Location- Kheerganga, Kasol

It’s one of all the foremost fame trek points in Himachal Pradesh and is found deep in the Kullu depression. You’ve got to start out from Barshaini attending to prime obtaining in the course of dense foliage of trees and watercourse Parvati. whereas nightlong keep you’ll fancy a dip within the spring of Parvati Kund. The next day you may trek back to Barshaini experience all the gorgeous scenes.

4.Prashar lake Trek

Starting @₹ 2500

Duration- two days one night

Location- Mandi

This created to capture unflawed blue lake is enclosed by exquisite Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu depression and it’s invariably unbroken as a secret in Mandi. It’s one of all the coldest spots in Himachal since it’s temperature drops to 0°C at Night. 1st you’ll reach Panarsa from Mandi towards Kasol, then you’ll visit Prashar Rishi Temple whereas en routing the lake. nightlong keep can present itself beneath a full marked sky of the lake. The next day you get to capture a 360 panoramic reads of the mighty Himalaya Mountains and snow coated ranges like Dhauladhar and Deo Tibba. You’ll capture additional stunning scenes as you walk on back.


5.Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Starting @₹5000

Duration- four days three nights

Location- Manali

This extremely elevated pass is acknowledged for its enthralling beauty and attractiveness. It flooded with luscious groves of golden oak, a cedar tree, and cherry. You’d feel isolated here since some trails here area unit removed from the reach of the human eye . the primary day you may climb to the Chaklani camp passing through stunning forests and pastures. The next day you’ll steep ascend to Chanderkhani experience a high elevated flower field, searching for a panoramic read of Pir Panjal. Nightlong keep is going to be at Chaklani camp solely. Then the third day you’ll descend down the trek through an identical route.

6.Bhrigu lake Trek 

Starting @₹5000

Duration- four days three nights

Location – Manali

It’s a profound trek place for its ancient history/mythology. It’s aforesaid that Maharishi Bhrigu himself Sabbatum in deep meditation there. Here the primary two days you expertise the gorgeous endless meadows, grasslands, and forests. On the opposite two days you get to witness glacial lakes and mountain views. It’s an excellent trek for beginner families.

7.Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trek

Starting @₹2000

Duration- three days two Nights

Location- Chopta Village

It’s an ordered back nonetheless stunning aspect of Himalaya Mountains packed with snow coated mountains and luxurious jungles. This packed with flora and fauna place is appropriate for beginners and professionals. Tungnath is one of the best Shiva temples in the world and Chandrashila virtually means that “ Moon Rock”. the height provides views from Nandadevi, Trisul, Kedar, and such. 1st day you reach Rishikesh then take a stop at Devprayag then Srinagar and by evening you reach Baniya Kund and have dinner at the same camping area. The next day you reach Tungnath and are available back to the Chopta camping area by evening. On day three you trek back and reach the village.


8.Tosh depression trek

 Starting @₹1500

Duration- two days one night

Location- Kasol

This trek takes you across the mighty Himalaya Mountains and its immense beauty. 1st day you’ll begin from Bharsaini while trekking meaninglessness depression until you attain stunning springs and large rocks. Then begin the trek to meaninglessness water and reach back to camp once it. Fancy nightlong stay with a bonfire,  next day you’ll trek back to the spot witnessing the great thing about Himalaya Mountains once more.

9.Sainj depression trek

Starting from- ₹ 3000

Duration – two days one night 

Location- National Himalayan park

It’s one in all the foremost pristine and standing out scheme within the world. This Official Heritage site by UNESCO isn’t solely wealthy in flora and fauna however additionally wealthy in culture. The primary day trek starts at brilliant meadows od Shangarh hemmed by pine trees and grasslands. Once the path finally widens up you’ll witness Raktisar ice mass and apple orchards. The successive day you trek back together with bag recollections.

10.Kareri lake Trek 

Starting @₹2800

Duration- three days two night

Location- Mcleodanj

It’s an extremely venturous trek at a high elevation of concerning 2950 meters in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a lush forest packed with chir and Chilgoza pine trees. 1st day you attain Kareri Village and meet Gaddi Tribe individuals and pay night with them in their huts. The next day you witness the gorgeous forest and meadows. The second night you pay at Reoti Base camp with balefire. On the third day, you trek back.

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