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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cake Baker

Many bakers are selling different types of cakes in most cities and there are also many types of bakeries like online bakeries, artisan bakeries, and online cake shops available, other than the traditional bakeries these days. While selecting a baker it is important to ask several questions to make sure the right cake is delivered at the right time by the cake bakers for different events. The following are some of the details about the top 10 questions to ask cake bakers before placing the cake order:

Top 10 Questions to Ask Cake Bakers

What type of cake designs do you offer?

It is essential to ask the cake makers to give a sample book of the different types of designs of cakes that they can do especially for special events and theme parties.

What are the flavors offered in the cake?

The cake is sweet dessert and it is important to know which flavors are available for photo cakes online or other such cake orders. Top choices include chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, and black forest which are all very popular in cake orders.

What is the price range of the cakes on offer?

The budget plays an important role in deciding on the type of cake, for example, black forest cake order online. Once the price range is ascertained, customers can decide on the type of cake and the size of the cake to order from cake bakers.

How is the cake decorated and with what decorative details?

Fondant, frosting, icing, fondant flowers, sprinkles, toppings, gems, and candy are some of the decorative details added to cakes and it is important to ask about these details properly to the baker.

When will the cake orders need to be booked?

Usually, different bakers take different amounts of time to make the cake and this depends on the other orders the bakers have, the size of the cake and also the design of the cake. It is important to know when the cake needs to be booked for the delivery to happen on time.

Can you decide the quantity required for the party?

Cake bakers are usually very good at understanding the amount of cake required for the number of guests at the party and consulting with the baker about this detail makes sense.

Whether cake stands are provided with the cake?

Tiered cakes and large cakes usually require proper cake stands and it is always a good idea to ask the cake bakers whether they provide such cake stands with the cake.

Can you make custom design cakes for special occasions like weddings?

Theme parties and special events require custom made special cakes where cake bakers and customers together design the cake for the event and it makes sense to make inquiries with the baker about such matters.

Can you add fresh flowers to the cake?

Many times for very grand events like weddings, florists deliver flowers and sometimes florists and cake bakers work together to place fresh flowers as decoration on birthday cakes and asking about such details is a good idea.

What is the delivery process for delivering the cake at the venue of the party?

It is important to know about the birthday cake online delivery and other cake delivery methods by the cake baker so that there are no delivery issues and problems on the day of the special occasion.

These are important questions to ask the cake bakers for the customers to get the best cakes in the most hassle-free way, especially for special events.

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