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Top 10 Smartest Dressed Characters In Money Heist

Money Heist (or La Casa De Papel) premiered its long-awaited fifth and final season on September 3rd, 2021. After leaving fans with The Professor being greeted with a pistol in the final scene of season four. Fans of the show, and specifically of the cast, speculated how the extremely clever Professor would be. He was able to find a way out of his dangerous position after such a dramatic conclusion.


Fortunately, the Money Heist protagonists are no amateurs to outsmarting their adversaries. Some individuals of the famed gang of bank robbers bring their advanced understanding of crime to the team. While others have far more specific talents. But the group’s sharpest members have multidisciplinary minds. That they display all through the show.


Helsinki is one of the group’s more reasonable members. He is not someone to mess with. Even though he is a softy who allows his emotions to get the best of him at times. Such as when it comes to his connection with Palermo. His teddy bear look masks the reality that he is intelligent to some extent.

Helsinki is the only character that takes the initiative to fight. Though he is not the only one who looks smashing in the Money Heist Red Hoodie. He understands how to intimidate. And threaten. And he even went to the trouble of putting his own brother Oslo out of his misery. These are characteristics of someone who has a clear, level brain. Yet his sense of reason falls short of those of his peers.


Rio outsmarts everyone else. Especially when it comes to computer knowledge. Along with that, a talent that necessitates a high level of intelligence. Given his early age, this is even more amazing.

However, his intellect is judged at times despite his technical prowess. He frequently makes judgments. He gets the gang into problems with the authorities. This is initially demonstrated in season one. Rio unintentionally gives Allison Parker access to his phone. That provides the police with information about his identity. Rio may be the smartest of the group in a virtual sense. But not in a practical sense.


Tokyo has committed a number of critical errors during the series. Including firing at police officers in season one. Attempting to topple Berlin’s leadership many times. And, of course, breaching The Professor’s rule prohibiting relationships. Regardless, she nearly always rebounds back stronger than before.

Tokyo can think swiftly and respond efficiently. As seen by her ability to elude Ganda’s arrest in season four. She is constantly eager to take the initiative. She makes it appear as if she has better ideas than The Professor. She provides a crucial degree of insider experience. And the insight into the operations. She is always on the front lines. At the same time, The Professor makes his movements from afar. Tokyo’s mistakes, however, frequently have disastrous implications for the entire squad. This demonstrates that she still has a lot to learn.

Inspector Alicia Sierra

Raquel’s departure from the police force necessitated the introduction of a new character. As a negotiator in the next great robbery. Inspector Alicia Sierra appears and gives The Professor and the crew a run for their money. In terms of combating the bank heist, most of her acts are unquestionably savvy. Resulting in her character becoming one of the most astute in the whole series.

Fans will be curious to see how Alicia will continue to outwit the gang. In season five of Money Heist. Especially after she was on the receiving end of the pistol in season four’s cliffhanger finale. So far, she’s devised a clever plan to manipulate Nairobi. All this by teasing her with her estranged son. Also, she is the only smart person who was able to track down the professor. 


Moscow is one of the founding robbery crew’s sharpest members. He is a wise father figure to his son Denver. And the rest of the group. Moscow repeatedly pushes the other characters to think more logically. In order to prevent problems with the established framework. Especially when Tokyo refuses to stick to it.

Moscow made all the correct moves. And was able to keep everyone on track. Despite this, he was one of the first members of the Money Heist team to die. The gang began to fall apart without him. If Moscow had survived, many of the problems that occurred. They would not have occurred if he had been given more opportunities. To demonstrate his intelligence.


Nairobi is one of the best members of the Money Heist squad. Her difficult upbringing pushed her into a life of crime. And she’s very cunning when it comes to deceit. When required, she may assume command. Such as when she briefly takes over for Berlin during the first theft. She can make sure everything runs well. As she demonstrated in both heists when she oversaw money printing. And the gold smelting.

In regards to her boss-like demeanor, Nairobi truly cares about people. It allows her to think about issues holistically. While making critical judgments. But her total IQ falls short of some of her crewmates’ brilliance.


Palermo is one of the most despised Money Heist villains. Due to his inhumane treatment of others. Despite this, he is incredibly clever. And his brilliance is unquestionable. Palermo understands how to influence others. He obtains what he wants. Such as when he persuaded Ganda to release him. After his heist-mates enslaved him.

Palermo is well-known as a brilliant engineer. In addition to his cunning deception. He also assists The Professor and Berlin in planning the heists. Which necessitates a high level of intelligence. On the other hand, Palermo has repeatedly demonstrated his wicked tendencies. And the inability to care for the greater good.

Raquel / Lisbon

Raquel had a habit of always being one step behind others. In her position as a detective at first. Despite this, The Professor was convinced to alter the strategy on a regular basis. Raquel utilized her intellect. To deal with the hostage scenario. There would have been no controversy. If it hadn’t been for her investigation abilities and insight.

When Raquel joins Money Heist’s criminal group as Lisbon in later seasons. She utilizes her insider information. To help her maneuver through the second operation. She is one of the sharpest persons. They contributed to the theft of the Bank of Spain. Virtually matching the brains of her beau.


Berlin is a character who hides his intellect at first. At first, Berlin appears as simply another robbery participant. Of course, it is subsequently discovered that Berlin was heavily involved in planning the entire Royal Mint heist. That earlier on necessitates a high level of deception.

His character has a reputation for being a master of heists. So it’s no surprise. That he’s smart enough to assist in planning the world’s most complex crime. Plus, towards the conclusion of season two, he’s wise enough to sacrifice himself. For the sake of the others’ safety. Nonetheless, Berlin would be nothing without his brother’s wit.

The Professor

The Professor is, without a doubt, the most intelligent character in Money Heist. Though he thrives on the assistance of Berlin, Lisbon, and Palermo in plotting. The Professor is the genius behind each theft. Since he can consider every aspect of the incredibly complicated crimes.

The Professor virtually always manages to find a solution. To the group’s issues. He’s even astute enough to enter into a love connection with the head investigator on the Royal Mint robbery investigation, which is one of the most audacious actions a guy in his position could do. Without The Professor, who is the mastermind behind the scenes, there would be no heists at all.

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