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Top 10 Things to Do in Tulum Mexico Along with your BFF

Tulum is one of the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations, with numerous attractions and activities for visitors. Being a tiny but beautiful coastline city of Mexico, Tulum is becoming renowned among visitor’s day by day.

This Mexican city has rapidly grown from a sleepy fishing town to a world-famous holiday destination. Its lush green area, stunning landscapes, and beautiful beaches make it an best vacation spot among travelers.

Tulum is also one of the eco-friendliest cities that primarily focuses on sustainable tourism.

To all backpackers and travel bloggers, Tulum provides the best instaworthy locations. It’s all exotic locations and thrilling activities make your Instagram feed more vibrant.

Being a popular tourist destination in Mexico, Tulum has a lot to offer you. Let’s have a look at some exciting activities that you can do with your friends and family: –

1. Rent a Bike or bicycle to explore the vibrant city

According to travelers, this is the best and cheapest way to explore the streets Tulum. Tulum is a coastal city and full of exotic locations and open streets. Rent a bike from local vendors and explore every single street of Tulum along with your beloved person.

You can also have the option to hire a cab or taxi, but it is advisable to experience the cycle ride to make your day more memorable.

2. Dive into the Gran Cenote

Tulum is in the Yucatan Peninsula. Thus, you are surrounded by several natural cenotes or sinkholes. Gran Cenote is best known for being an exotic natural cenote. This natural phenomenon makes this place more popular among visitors. Diving into the Gran Cenote is one of the best experiences that you could ever have.
Apart from Gran Cenote, Carwash and Calavera are also some natural Cenotes in Tulum Mexico.

3. Visit Daniel Poppers’s Sculpture

Daniel Poppers’s sculpture is a picturesque place with vibrant vibes. It is one of the most popular spots in Tulum that gives a magical vibe to the audience. This sculpture is made up of wood, rope, steel, and organic products. The theme of the place is nature. It is located right at the entrance of Hotel Tulum.
Daniel Poppers’s Sculpture is Known as Ven a La Luz. The image of the sculpture quite resembles Goddess Te Fiti. Don’t forget to click pictures here. Record each moment on your camera.

4. Bar hop in Downtown Tulum

Downtown Tulum is an ideal place for party lovers, where you will find numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, and lounges. Here you can enjoy delicious food, live music, and a beachside party. During weekends, downtown experiences a huge crowd of youngsters and party animals.
If you are fond of beer, night parties, and loud music, downtown Tulum is Tulum’s Attraction. You will find a lot of budget-friendly options here as well. So you can chill without worrying about expenses. Make your day a more memorable one by dancing like nobody is watching you.

5. Go swimming in the Caribbean

Tulum touches the Caribbean Sea to the east side. Tulum is the most beautiful beach city in Mexico. For beach and watersport lovers, Tulum has a lot to offer. Paradise beach is known for its beauty and charm. When the sea is more active, it’s fun to have thrilling water surfing.
Beachside fun always remains the best thing to do in coastal areas. When you are with your friends at the beachside, you will enjoy it more. Apart from Paradise beach, numerous breathtaking beaches offer a beautiful sunset view as well.

6. Swim along with the exotic turtles

In Tulum’s, you will find rare species of turtles and other marine animals. May-October is the month when most of the coastline experiences the sea turtle nesting season. If you are into nature, then it is the must thing that you should do during your trip to Tulum, Mexico. Just imagine this scene where you are underwater along with turtles and fish. Isn’t it so exciting? If you want a more hands-on experience, plan a day trip to Akumal, where you can find more magnificent marine creatures.

7. Shop authentic things from Tulum’s market

Tulum has various independent boutiques and shops that sell Mexican handcrafts, luxury home goods, and Fairtrade items. Shopping is the only thing that people never deny doing. Once you visit the shops, you will fall in love with their items and behaviors. If you are looking for domestic goods, Kaahal Home has a great collection of items. There are shops in both the downtown and beach area of Tulum.

8. Get closer to Mayan ruins

Mayan ruins are one of the famous historical sites in Tulum. It shows the rich heritage value of the Mexican city. If you are interested in history or historical places, then Mayan ruins are probably the best choice. It holds the history of the Mayan Civilization. The original name of the site is Zama, one of the most visited historical sites in Tulum. Get a chance to experience the flourishing past of the Mayan people. One special tip for you is, reach here as early as possible, after the day time you have to face an enormous rush. Exploring the new things, the culture, and the heritage of a place is something great.

9. Pay a special visit to Sain Ka’an biosphere reserve

For a nature and animal lover, Sain Ka’an biosphere reserve is the best ecotourism destination. Sain Ka’an means Where the Sky Is Born. This biosphere reserve is blessed with natural beauty and exotic wildlife. It is under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Half part of the biosphere is on land, and half is on the Caribbean Sea.
You will get a chance to do a wildlife safari, boat ride, and even a chance to picnic under the open sky and near the beautiful lake.

10. Must-Try the Mexican craft beer

Mexican beer needs no introduction. It is globally famous for its premium quality and taste. To experience the world’s famous beer, Hermana Republica of Tulum is an ideal place. At Hermana Republica, they serve a glass of beer along with traditional food. Here, you can see the eight most famous beers, such as Cerveza Pescadores, Craft beer, Brewed, and Cerveza Colima.

Wrapping Up

Tulum is more about fun, dance, music, and chill. This lovely city of Mexico preserves the rich culture along with some modern touch. Apart from the above-shared things to do in Tulum, there are countless fun activities that you can do along with your friends and family. So, if you plan a trip to Tulum, we suggest you enjoy it freely. This is one of the best and safest destinations in the world. Thus, pack your bags and be ready to do some great adventure.

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