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Top 15 Best WooCommerce Themes For a Better Online Store

Adding an online store is a big step towards expanding your customer base and increasing your income. WooCommerce has many benefits that make it ideal for small business owners looking to sell online in an elegant way, whether they are selling physical or digital products, or both.

WooCommerce is easy to set up and use. The main plugin is free, which means you can fully launch your store within minutes.

It integrates with any WordPress theme and has a clean and minimal design so your store won’t look out of place.

Payments are also easily customizable and you can choose between PayPal, direct bank transfer, cash on delivery, or check. It is worth noting the ability to add payment methods with  various WooCommerce extensions .

The last point is the most compelling reason for using WooCommerce.

From adding email to integrating WooCommerce with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, WooCommerce can handle all of this and more.

Finally, since WooCommerce is so popular, you can easily find answers and support from  developers who specialize in WooCommerce development and customization . So. This is great.

Best WooCommerce Themes for Online Stores
ThemeForest has a wide selection of the best WooCommerce themes .

What to look for in a WooCommerce theme?

Choosing the right theme is not always easy, but a few tips will make this process easier:

  • Attractive Design – Apart from this, the chosen theme should be in line with the interests of your audience and the type of products you are selling. For example, if you sell clothes or toys for children, use a theme that has a fun look and vibrant colors.
  • Continuous Updates and Support – Choose a theme that is well supported and developed to avoid potential conflicts when WooCommerce or WordPress releases their updates.
  • Customizing Features – If you know you need special features such as sliders, custom widgets, or various layout options, choose a theme that already has them.
  • Responsive Design and Fast Loading – With the increasing use of mobile devices, look for themes with responsive designs and fast loading.

Many of our WooCommerce themes already contain all of these features and are sure to take your online store to the next level. In this post, we offer our  best-selling WooCommerce themes  to help you make your store better.

Best WooCommerce Themes

Here are fifteen WooCommerce themes most popular on the Envato marketplace (ThemeForest). They are a great starting point for a new online store.

1.  Flatsome – Best-Selling WooCommerce Theme Design

Flatsome is a stunning, responsive WooCommerce theme with a modern design and tons of features. It comes with Flatsome page builder, which makes it easy to create unique and interesting layouts for your store, such as using the Pinterest layout for your homepage.

The theme options panel is easy to use and includes customizing colors, fonts, adding your own logo, and a shopping cart icon. Other features include instant direct search, customizable order pages, built-in quick view, sidebars, and more.

Best-Selling WooCommerce Theme

2.  Kallyaa – WooCommerce Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Kallas is a multipurpose, responsive WooCommerce theme with a simple page builder that lets you create any type of layout as well as go beyond a simple e-commerce website. This theme is optimized for fast loading thanks to its smart mode that loads only the resources your page needs.

Other features include unlimited color schemes, support for SEO-optimized Google fonts, support for multiple languages, 12 layout options, MailChimp integration, and more, making your online store fully functional.

WooCommerce Multipurpose WordPress Theme

3.  Shopkeeper – eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

Shopkeeper has a very clean and elegant design with many powerful features behind the scenes. Aside from being responsive, Shopkeeper lets you choose from several predefined layouts to keep your store running as fast as possible; and also allows you to create your own layout.

Other features include unlimited header options, custom color schemes and fonts, a gorgeous Revolution slider, built-in order tracking, sophisticated tax and shipping options, and a built-in coupon system.

eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

4.  Porto – Popular WordPress WooCommerce Theme


Build an online store with unlimited header and style options, sidebar layouts, vertical and horizontal mega menus, customizable store categories, quick view and zoom features. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this popular WooCommerce theme.

Best WordPress WooCommerce Theme

5.  XStore – Stylish Brand Store WooCommerce Theme

If you want to create a theme that will display your product pages in a recognizable style, look no further than XStore. You can customize your product pages with different layouts and take it a step further by adding custom hover options that allow your customers to immediately purchase, enlarge, or add to their wishlist.

Design features include unlimited headlines, product filters, adding videos, and showing brands via a customizable widget.

Stylish WooCommerce Theme

6.  Electro – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

Electro is a robust and flexible theme suitable for an electronics store with a responsive design and integration with popular WooCommerce extensions like YITH Wishlist, YITH WooCompare, Revolution Slider and Visual Composer page builder.

Features include advanced real-time search, product carousel, product suggestions, store catalog, powerful customization features such as unlimited colors and fonts, multiple title options, and mega menus. If you have an online store and sell cutting edge gadgets or electronics, Electro is your choice!

Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

7.  Oxygen – Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Oxygen has a minimal, elegant design and offers many customization options through the theme options panel. You can choose between four types of headings, change fonts and store and blog settings, and create unique page layouts using Visual Composer.

You can display your products as a beautiful slideshow thanks to the Revolution Slider plugin. Oxygen is SEO optimized and includes custom search and 404 pages.

Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

8.  Basel – Responsive WP eCommerce Theme

Basel is a clean, responsive WooCommerce theme suitable for many niches. Thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder, it’s easy to customize. What’s more, this WP theme integrates with Revolution Slider, Wishlist plugin, Contact 7 Form, MailChimp Newsletter, and lets you customize colors, fonts, product pages and more.

This includes the ability to search products by category, quick view, four product hover effects, sliders, store filters and attribute swatches. Make an online store now!

Responsive WordPress eCommerce Theme

9.  Atelier – Creative Multipurpose eCommerce Theme

Atelier is a creative multipurpose theme that offers more than WooCommerce integration. Beyond its impressive design and the fact that it’s designed to load quickly, Atelier lets you add a social dimension to your store with bbPress and BuddyPress enabled.

Atelier’s design features include video or parallax backgrounds, animated titles, various cart layouts and animations, built-in shortcodes, custom icons, and multiple color options. Atelier also has a built-in Swift Page Builder that makes it easy to create custom layouts.

Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme

10.  Aurum – Minimalist WP Shopping Theme

Aurum is a responsive minimal WooCommerce theme with a modern design. It is a beautiful, flexible and super fast theme with four layouts, a regional welcome page that redirects users to the appropriate store based on their location, and a design optimized for touch devices.

It supports multiple header styles, image and category banners, an FAQ page, including support for Visual Composer and several other premium plugins.

Minimalist WP Shopping Theme

11.  Merchandiser – eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce

Merchandiser is a simple and lightweight eCommerce WordPress theme perfect for a store that doesn’t need additional features. This theme is responsive, loads fast, and is SEO optimized.

While lightweight, there are powerful options that let you customize the settings to your liking. It contains gorgeous product images, an off-canvas shopping cart and quick browsing, widget search, and advanced store catalog options.

eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

12.  The Retailer – Flexible WordPress WooCommerce Theme

If you sell both digital and physical products online, then The Retailer is a great choice. It is easy to demonstrate both the theme itself and the product support options.

It is a responsive WP theme that adapts to any niche. With features like Google Fonts, color schemes, ready-made page layouts and ready-made content, you can quickly and efficiently set up your store.

Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

13.  Mr. Tailor – eCommerce WordPress Theme Design

Mr. Tailor is a WooCommerce is a niche theme with responsive designs, advanced typography, multiple layouts, and the ability to create custom layouts using Visual Composer.

The theme options panel allows you to customize every aspect of your site and create a unique store. Your products will stand out with bold images, filters, a built-in coupon system, and zoom options.

eCommerce WooCommerce WordPress Theme Design

14.  Royal – Multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce Template

Royal is an easy-to-use professional WooCommerce theme with a clean and elegant design. It offers multiple store layouts, as well as landing page, service, and corporate layouts that are perfect for a large company that needs e-commerce.

Uses several powerful plugins like Live Chat and Revolution Slider, which are good bonuses and can come in handy when building e-commerce sites.

Multipurpose WP WooCommerce Template

15.  Suprema – eCommerce Online Store Theme

Suprema is a trendy, functional theme with a responsive design that can adapt to different niches. Supports vivid imagery on category and individual product pages, gorgeous slideshows, Wishlist features, and multiple shopping list options.

Settings include full control over every aspect of your store, multiple heading behaviors, the ability to include videos in slides, parallax sections, widgets for social media accounts, and more.

eCommerce Online Store Theme

Best Online Shopping Tips and Practices

The key to a successful online store is focusing on improving the visitor experience so that shopping on your site is easy, fast and delightful. Here are some ideas to keep your store running smoothly and returning customers to your store over and over again.

1. Make sure your store is configured correctly

When WooCommerce is easy to install and configure, take the time to look for more advanced options and make sure everything is set up to your liking.

Customize your store colors to match the rest of your website and add a personal touch to the emails that are automatically generated after purchase. For more tips on setting up WooCommerce, check out our free course:  Beginner’s Guide to WooCommerce . Here’s an introduction to the WooCommerce course:


2. Submit high quality photos

Don’t underestimate the power of photography when it comes to online shopping. Make sure product images are high quality, show off the details of each product against a well-lit background. Also, make sure they scale well when viewed on small screens. Consider using a WooCommerce theme like  Suprema or Mr. Tailor .

3. Optimize for search engines, but write for people

When describing products, include keywords related to the product, but make sure the descriptions are attractive to your visitors. Let your brand’s uniqueness shine through the storytelling. Keep in mind that a compelling note can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

4. Include details

Buying online is definitely more convenient than buying from a store. But here it is more difficult to find out the specific details. It is possible to enable 360 ​​product views, zoom features like eCommerce  Porto or XStore themes, and add custom pages like Aurum’s FAQ page describing shipping and return policies and other important information. Finally, consider adding a Live Chat option or using the Royal theme  , which has such features.

5. Build relationships with your customers

There is no better way to find regular customers than by making contact with them. Sending a special offer newsletter or an email with a discount code and coupon as a thank you is a great way to connect and show you care. This will help build trust and loyalty to your brand. Try adding newsletter integration to your store using an eCommerce WordPress theme like Basel .

Finally, no matter which theme you choose, make sure it is well documented, updated regularly, and contributors are always on hand to help.

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