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Top 3 Cannabis Strains for 2022

Any dispensary worth its salt knows to keep up with the latest on the trending and popular strains because that will indicate business continuity for them. Cannabis enthusiasts are some of the most experimental human beings that you could ever come across. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though because the cultivators are also big on creating new profiles of varieties. Now I’m sure you’re wondering how different one cannabis plant can be from another but you’d be surprised at the differences that can occur.

Starting from the growers side, there are a number of basic decisions that need to be made to settle on the type of cannabis plant that could be grown comfortably given the limitations that they may be facing. For instance, they have to make considerations on a number of areas, including but not limited to:

Outdoor vs. indoor- Outdoor grown cannabis are said to have higher potency levels as compared to those that are grown indoors. The secret here, believe it or not, is the sun. Exposure to the sun results in a higher profile of both THC and CBD within the plants. When you put the plants side by side and try to compare though, that may not seem like the case. This is because indoor plants have a darker hue and a higher trichome density because they grow in a controlled environment. While making a purchase, the visual appeal naturally comes from the bagged indoor grown cannabis, but without a doubt, a better flavor profile is derived from the outdoor grown cannabis. But you know, styles differ, everyone gets to decide what suits them best, but at the very least, the grower has moved further down the funnel in his decision making with this chunk of information.

Hydroponics vs. soil- Hydroponics use a medium to secure the base of the plant and generally leave the roots hanging in water. It’s a soil-less growing experience. This methodology is said to yield a higher crop within a short span of time and is favored when there isn’t much land to work with. It’s quite elaborate to set up but when you get it right, it really works, and best of all, it can be automated. What may be considered as a deal breaker is the fact that this method requires the use of heavy metal fertilizers which is quite literally the opposite of the wave that everyone is trying to ride on currently. When we get back to our dear old soil, we know the benefits that can be attributed to it. It is so much easier to incorporate organic farming practices and that’s what everyone wants to see in their cannabis package labeling at the end of the day. However, pest control is a major issue whenever you’re dealing with soil and in comparison to the hydroponics, soil cannot match up to the quantity of yields that are realized within the same amount of time.

Faced with these choices, the growers then get to decide which varieties they can combine to come up with a much more advanced hybrid that can contribute to the greater good of their customers. It definitely has to make economic sense to them as this growing business is quite a costly affair. That’s the economic part of the decision making process that arrives at the top strains for the season.

In addition to that, there is also a deep dive that happens on the user experience side of the consumer in order to come up with a strain that is bound to create a memorable experience worth getting a buzz amongst the cannabis enthusiasts’ community. It may occur that a certain interest has piqued to a certain level and this information gets to the growers. The need may be that there is a gap in terms of the energy boosting effects that are derived, or better yet, there may be a spike in the demand for a strain that supports greater stress management relief and this is what would inform the growers on where to concentrate their efforts on.

Essentially what happens is that one grower releases a strain that exhibits unique characteristics and qualities. Another grower gets wind of this new profile and decides to add a new twist to it, all these decisions of course being guided by the market trends. This is how new hybrids are made. They may seem to resemble the strains that were already present in the market, but they definitely tend to result in higher targeted benefits for the situation that they seek to resolve.

One of the most interesting bits about nature is that even as the growers are pairing up different varieties to create a unique profile, there are so many variations that are discovered in the process. This can be attributed to the different genotypes that each cannabis plant has. These different creations lead to the build-up of new and unanticipated strains that end up rocking the market in unbelievable ways.

Having covered in depth how the top strains come to get selected, let’s find out which ones made the cut to be among the top three contenders for 2022 and what undeniable qualities they hold.

Pink Rozay

Pink Rozay is an indica dominant strain specifically 80% indica. It is a hybrid that has been derived from the fusion of two strains of indica, namely, indica Lemonchello #10 crossed with the Lemon Pound Cake #75 strains. The name pink was selected because it grows buds that turn pink and purple right under the surface, a feature that is quite hard to miss. In its continuing might of aesthetic display, it also is covered in orange airs and has bright purple and white trichomes. This plant is indeed a sight to behold. In addition to the very appealing colors that it has, it also happens to bear a pleasant berry like smell, a characteristic known to appeal to the novices who are just getting acquainted with cannabis. The sweet and fruity smell is inviting to say the least.

Circling back to the composition of this strain, it contains a high percentage of THC, around 17%, indicating that its high hits hard quite fast. The experience that it has been demonstrated to give has been described as a happy mood inducing high. You get to feel relaxed but it does not sedate you. For all those that have a desire to be transported to slumberland, this should not be the option that they go to at first, because you’ll stay awake. Happy but fully aware of your surroundings.

The Pink Rozay strain was created to contribute to the boosting of energy levels as well doing away with feelings of unease. It seeks to restore calmness and balance for those that feel weighed down by the never ending demands of life and just want a break. It allows you to relax by putting you in a state that allows you to enjoy that time without the accompanying thoughts of guilt. Those that may require the benefits of this strain are definitely hard workers, and we all know how difficult it is for these individuals to slow down and take time for themselves to recharge. When you really think about it, it makes total complete sense that sweet and fruity smelling is the scent that would be selected as the perfect choice for a strain that is designed to help someone achieve relaxation.

Apple Fritter

This strain is so popular and is doing so well that it has actually won awards. It is said to be a hybrid of a sour apple and animal cookies and is known as one of the strains with the highest potency in the market, with a THC content of 32%. An adorable name not to be mistaken by its very high capabilities. It has a pastry dough flavor, just like the animal cookies that it is said to be derived from with a slight hint of cheese resulting in a rather balanced out taste.

Its outlook does not seem to match its capabilities as it has an averagely fair number of buds with even fewer trichomes. As I had mentioned earlier on the level of THC, this is not the type of strain that a beginner starts with. Even seasoned users are advised to plan in advance when they decide to engage in such a potent strain. It has its strengths which should be seen as just that and not an invitation to test your ability to withstand it.

What Apple Fritter does is that it induces intense feelings of excitement and happiness that contribute to a burst of creativity so much so that it sounds like it was purposefully created for the benefit of those in the creative industry. However, almost immediately, it tops up to those former feelings with full body heaviness and a strong desire to sleep. Unlike Pink Rozay that gives you relaxation and no sleep, Apple Fritter gets you to sleep if that is your desired goal.

I’m not certain that after you wake whether the creativity that had been awakened will still be coursing through your veins enabling you to create a masterpiece but at the very least I am certain that you’ll rest and rest is essential to get those creative juices running as it allows you to gain a certain level of clarity in your thoughts.

Apple Fritter due to its high potency works for medical purposes as well as for recreational purposes. Your feelings of restlessness are calmed down, you achieve improved moods and you get to sleep better. The only concern is that it is a pretty strong strain and that must always be considered. It shouldn’t be the type of strain that you reach out to whenever you feel like it because its effects, even though very positive, can overwhelm you. The goal is to balance it out.

Peanut Butter Breath

Word is that this strain gives you the munchies, and I’m guessing that’s why it got a name that resembles some type of food, I could be wrong because I can’t seem to place my finger on why peanut butter and not any other food. It is a hybrid of Do-Si-Dos and Mendobreath F2 with THC content that ranges from 15% to 28%. It definitely does not taste like peanut butter, it smells like roses and tastes like berries.

Like Apple Fritter, it induces intense feelings of excitement and happiness, helps you achieve calmness, and also like Pink Rozay, it allows the relaxation to really kick in but does not materialize it all the way to sleep. The one thing that it does that both Apple Fritter and Pink Rozay don’t do is excite your appetite and leave you running to your pantry to fix yourself something that will cool down the hunger pangs.

I cannot fail to mention the additional therapeutic benefits that are realized from this strain. Aches, soreness and discomfort are bound to be talks of the past once you align yourself with the benefits of this strain. As a matter of fact, it is so effective that it may be the only remedy that you embrace whenever you experience feelings of pain. In addition to that, it helps to alleviate tension and stress, two states of being that have been on the rise in this century.

The one thing that is common amongst these 3 strains is that it is quite difficult if not impossible to reproduce them by yourself in your backyard, so you’d have to rely on the Seattle dispensaries closest to you to get your dosage

One thing that is crystal clear is that these 3 are definitely the top cannabis strains for 2022 because they have phenomenal capabilities that cannot be ignored. If you weren’t sure where to start off this year, this article gives a good roadmap. You could try out these recommendations and assess for yourself if the hype checks out.

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