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Top 5 Best Vacation Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan has long been known as a no go area for tourists and foreigners. But from the last few years, the situation has been changed. Thanks to a stable security condition, the country is a hot favorite destination. The area that was once the hub of terrorist activities has become tourist favorite spots. That’s why Forbes magazine and UK’s ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ has put Pakistan top of their tourism list.

Pakistan has become the next big thing for EU citizens, especially for UK tourists. Tourists can take direct PIA flights from Birmingham to Islamabad.

Top 5 Best Vacation Sites in Pakistan

We have made a list of the 5 best tourist locations in Pakistan for tourists. These are the destination where you can enjoy the most during your stay.

1.Deosai Plains

This place is named as the ‘Land of Giants’. It is located on the boundary of western Himalayas and Karakoram. These mesmerizing plains are more than 4000 meters above sea level. The best time to visit these plains are in summer. Wildflowers, greenery, snowy covered mountains, and deep blue water are breathtaking.

This 3000 sq. km wide plateau doesn’t have a single tree. However, you’ll find it filled with colorful flowers when it isn’t covered with snow. Deosai plains also have a lake named ‘Sheosar’ which is among the world’s highest lakes. This is truly a view that no tourist can forget.


If you are an art lover or an archeology geek, you are in for a treat. Taxila is a world-famous archaeological site located near Islamabad. This is the place where Buddhism religion spread to the east. Hindus, Greeks, and Persians all have left their mark in this region.
The area has 18 locations that the UN has enlisted as heritage sites. You can wander through an excavated Persian city. A city where 2 elder ones have been buried deep below. Enjoy the amazing sunset from an ancient Buddhist monastery like a monk.


There’s a reason why Lahore is so famous for its culture and heritage. This is a land of mixed cultures, heritage sites, and legacies. You can witness the presence of Mughal emperors, British Raj, and the first Sikh state. Even a week’s stay would be insufficient for you to explore this city.

There are a lot of places to see and tons of activities to do. Shalimar Gardens, Minar-e-Pakistan, and Lahore Fort are a few historical places. On the contrary, the Mall of Lahore Liberty Market and Anarkali Bazaar is known for their shopping experience.

4.Ranikot Fort

This amazing Ranikot fort is situated in the Sindh province of Pakistan. This fort has a circumference of around 26km which makes it the largest in the world. Though authorities have failed to turn the fort into a tourist stop, it offers mesmerizing views. You may found the traveling difficult as the roads are bumpy.


Once a princely state, Bahawalpur is a city that has much more to offer. There are plenty of parks, monuments, and historic buildings. You can watch the indigenous species in the famous ‘Lal Suhanra Park’. Though you can soothe your eyes with lush green gardens, the city has a large desert attached. You can also enjoy the ‘Cholistan Jeep Rally’ in February.


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