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Web Development

Top 5 Landing Page Design Tips to Enhance your Website UX

Building a high-performing landing page for your website can be tough as it not only needs to look good but should also communicate your brand effectively to the user. It’s hard to distinguish your brand online and drive users to your website – it is even harder to keep them once they get there.

The question is, how will you keep viewers’ attention once they are on your website? User experience does not always mean eye-popping designs or attractive layouts. It means delivering the right piece of information at the right time to users. For most websites, UX means good content, and that is where the landing page comes in.

Website Landing Page Design Tips to Improve UX and Conversion

Landing pages are an essential component of UX and need your special attention as it is the first thing users interact with and see once they are on your website or online platform. Here are a few tips to help you keep people engaged with your landing page and increase conversion.

A Clean Layout

Nothing drives people away from a website more than a cluttered layout with a million pop-up ads. When you are designing your landing page, take a step back, and look at each element of your website. Now see if there is harmony among all the elements or chaos of text and images?

Every element of your landing page be-it images or shapes should reinforce one message; otherwise, your message will get lost in the layout. Therefore, declutter your page to make the message loud and clear. Designing the layout of the website can be overwhelming as there are thousands of options, so make sure to get the help of a professional web designer to make sure your landing page is smooth and seamless.

Design to get people’s attention

One of the major functions of a landing page is to grab the attention of the viewers at first glance. For that, the places above the fold on your landing page are crucial when it comes to creating strong first impressions. Using bold images, dynamic themes, and inspirational content, you can get people’s attention and make them keep scrolling down your landing page.

Instead of adding all the cool animations, incorporate transitions in your page, and design for a purpose. For that, you need to logically organize your content and layer it according to your message. Don’t forget one major role of the landing page, i.e., get people to take action. For that purpose, make sure there are not too many call-to-action elements that can make people lose focus.

Gamify your Landing page

Gamifying your landing page means to incorporate elements of gameplay in the context where it is not generally used a lot. If you want to stand apart from your competitors and want to keep people engaged, gamification is the best strategy. Incorporating gamification into your landing page makes sure your users are not only getting information about your products but also getting entertained.

One of the most famous examples of gamification is the Google Doodle. Google has added elements of fun in their landing pages by incorporating small games to keep users engaged. This is what makes Google different from other search engines as they don’t offer a chance to their user to eat ghosts in a Pacman game on their landing page.

If you are not familiar with this, you might have once in your life hit spacebar when your internet was out and played with the dinosaur! You can also take inspiration from the following Google games:

  • Barrel Roll
  • Zerg rush
  • Askew

Educate People – don’t simply sell

There is no need to say big words like “Buy Now!” The smartest way to communicate is to say things in the simplest way possible. Big words can confuse viewers, and it is not good for the overall user experience. It makes it hard for people to understand the intended message. There is a right way to use marketing language to entice people into taking the intended action and not intimidating them.

People who visit your website have a need, and they want to know how your product can solve their problems and fulfill their needs. This is where your landing page comes in. Your landing web page should show people how your product works and a brief process of using it. Take the example of the landing page of MasterClass. It is super interactive with videos and pictures showing their services in detail, along with customer reviews and payment.

Instead of selling your product, teach people about your brand in the simplest way possible. We recommend consulting a web development company in Dubai to make sure every element in your landing page connects with your brand.

Smart CTA

CTA’s that improve conversion are CTA’s that are easy to act on. For example, look at the landing page of Netflix. It has a one-step subscription, i.e., email address. You only need your email address to try the services. And the best part about Netflix is that the CTA is right in the middle of the page in red.

Nobody wants to scroll all the way down on your page just to sign up for your services. So, don’t make them lose interest by scrolling up and down your landing page!

One of the essential rules of UX design is that the less effort it takes, the better. People love to do things that take less effort on their part. So, make onboarding easier by making CTA’s frictionless on your landing page and repeating them to increase conversion rates.

Design Engaging Landing Pages

These days, there are so many websites trying to grab viewers’ attention. The competition can make it difficult for you to rise above the noise. By combining these simple tips, you can design landing pages that not only get your products the attention they deserve – but also help you stand out from your competitors.

Don’t think about the interface alone; build new experiences that your viewers will love on your websites.

I Optimiser

A content writer with nearly a decade of experience helping brands and businesses communicate with their audience.

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