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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

The air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in summer. For a country like Australia, where it feels like the heat has the potential to melt almost anything that comes in its way – the value of air conditioning mount cotton has gone up manifolds.   

However, the issue of your air conditioner not providing the cooling air up to the desired level is quite common. While we may feel that the causes of this defect are only technical ones, it is a wide misconception. The reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling can be non-technical too.           

Here Are Top Reasons Why Generally The Air Conditioners Start Lacking In Their Quality Of Cooling:

 Clogged filters

One of the most common causes of the degraded cooling of your air conditioner lies within the quality of your air filters. If the filters are clogged or dirty by any chance, the path of airflow is restricted. This restriction hinders the capacity of air cooling of your air conditioner.

 Reduced levels of coolants

The reduced level of coolants in any air conditioner is another common reason its cooling capacities face a setback. Since the coolants serve to cool the air flowing over the evaporator coils by circulating through it, this is how the air from the air conditioner manages to spread the cool air throughout the room.

 Degraded Components

Another major reason your air conditioner might fail to provide the best cooling service is its degraded components. Various parts of your air conditioner function simultaneously to provide the whole room with cool air, and the fault in even one of the components can lead to its malfunction.

 increased atmospheric temperature

Your air conditioner is an electrical device and hence heats up when in use. While this is not a cause of concern, the abnormal increase in the atmospheric temperature of your air conditioner might hamper its cooling effects.  

In hot countries such as Australia, the temperature goes up quite high in summers. In such cases, the air conditioners might heat up beyond the levels they can tolerate. When this happens, the cooling effect of your air conditioner goes down. In worst cases, the various air conditioning mount cotton services have stopped working altogether.

Improper size

If there is absolutely nothing wrong with the components and functioning of your air conditioner, yet it fails to cool the entire room – then there are high chances that you bought the improper size of the appliance. Buying a small air conditioner for a huge living room would obviously not provide the best cooling effect in every corner. Hence this is another common cause why your air conditioner is not cooling the room up to the mark. 


Now that we are well aware of the various technical and non-technical reasons why your air conditioner fails to provide the best cooling effect, it must be easy for you to point out that the fault is yours. 

To provide the best servicing to your air conditioners, it is best to contact a reputed firm for the same. Firms like Real Cool Industries provide the best air conditioners and repair services. Contact them now!

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