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Top 5 Split AC of 2022

Air conditioners are an essential appliance in tropical and hot regions. From the noisy window units to the noiseless Split Inverter AC, the evolution of air conditioners has taken almost two decades. A split air conditioner is a work of art; lightweight, energy-efficient, easy to install/uninstall, and elegant looking. The air conditioner market in Pakistan has thrived because of population growth, increase in disposable income, development in the housing sector, and other reasons. 

Many brands have made inroads into the Pakistani AC market with their Split ACs targeting various income segments and offering different features to consumers. Some of these include Gree, Haier, Mitsubishi, PEL, EcoStar, LG, Kenwood, Acson, and many more. Many of these brands have now introduced smart Inverter ACs which can be controlled through a smart device. Some have introduced air filtration systems within their ACs. Innovation and promotional packages keep on defining the AC market every summer season. Let us briefly discuss the top 5 Split AC brands in Pakistan.

Gree Split AC in Pakistan 

Sometimes a brand name becomes a generic name for the type of product it sells. For instance, it is not a xerox copy, but a photocopy, Xerox is a company name. Just like that, the name Gree has become synonymous with Inverter AC. The primary reasons are that it was one of the first companies that introduced the Inverter series in Pakistan, and its units have performed exceptionally well. The high demand for Gree inverter ACs is because of their durability, long life, and efficiency. 

Another reason for their success is their incredible after-sales services. Whether it is residential properties or commercial properties, Gree remains the first choice. They have made available their variants to almost every income segment of Pakistan. The Inverter AC price of Gree is affordable for most Pakistanis. From the 1.0 Ton AC to 2.0 Ton AC, from split units to standing units, Gree has been very successful. Keeping in view all of these factors, it could be confidently said that Gree has one of the best inverter AC range.

PEL Split AC in Pakistan

PEL has a history that spreads over decades. It is one of the leading brands of appliances in Pakistan. In the inverter AC market, PEL is fighting fierce competition. When it comes to inverter AC price, PEL has priced its products competitively relative to the market. The PEL split ACs are affordable and have a nice appearance as well. PEL inverter ACs are available in 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2.0 Ton capacities. 

PEL 2-ton inverter AC has been selling like hot cakes in the market. It has two variants with prices of Rs.134,000 and Rs.168,000. The compressor carries a 5-year warranty while other parts have a warranty of 1 year. When it comes to performance, issues have been reported for durability. However, its after-sales service and customer care are considered to be some of the best among different AC brands.

Haier Split AC in Pakistan

Haier Split ACs have established their name rapidly among leading Pakistani appliance providers and are enjoying an increasing market share. 

Its new Duzin and Puri units not only are a site to see, but are also considered to be outstanding air conditioners. The Duzin standing units have high prices, while Puri and Pearl units have a broad price range and cater to almost every market segment. The Puri units are equipped with air purification systems and are an innovation among the numerous AC brands.

The inverter air conditioner prices of Haier in the Pakistani market have risen due to increased demand. The price of Haier 1.5 ton inverter AC variants ranges from Rs.65,000 to Rs.100,000 depending on the variant you choose. The Puri units have higher prices than the Pearl Unit. Overall the customer experience with Haier is positive. Haier is also valued for adequate after-sales services.

Dawlance Split AC in Pakistan

Dawlance is a famous household name in Pakistan right after PEL. It also happens to boast a heritage of more than 30 years. The company claims that its inverters are more efficient than any other inverter series in Pakistan. Although this claim can be disputed as far as market realities are concerned because consumers have a wide range of choices when it comes to Inverter ACs. 

The price of Dawlance 1.0 ton Inverter AC starts from Rs 75,000. With low pricing, the company has targeted lower-income segments, particularly the 1.0-ton Inverter AC category, and has been successful so far. Customer feedback about performance and durability carries some negative reviews, but overall Dawlance has performed well in the market.

TCL Split AC in Pakistan

TCL is probably among the most recent brands to introduce inverter ACs in the Pakistani market. Just as it is with other brands, TCL offers inverter ACs from 1.0 to 2.0 Ton capacities. The brand is targeting low-income segments and medium-income segments. They have to deal with extremely high competition as they are late market entrants. However, the Pakistani AC market is huge and very promising due to the ever-increasing population. 

Moreover, inflation has resulted in squeezed disposable income and not everyone can afford expensive Inverter brands. TCL has proven to be the answer to their low disposable income. Not many customer reviews are available to judge their customer service. However, time will decide where TCL will stand in the future.


The best split AC brand is the one which is offering you low energy consumption, temperature control (cooling and heating), and long life within the price range you can afford. Evaluate Inverter AC brands not just on these features, but also on the quality of customer services they are providing. Reading customer reviews and asking your friends is another way of analyzing the performance of a particular brand. We have selected the above brands based on all these factors and other market information. A little market research is imperative when making a decision and we suggest you do the same before making a purchase.

The best parted AC brand is the one which is offering you low energy utilization, temperature control (cooling and warming), and long life inside the value range you can bear. Assess Inverter AC brands on these elements, yet additionally on the nature of client administrations they are giving. Perusing client surveys and asking your companions is one more approach to examining the presentation of a specific brand. We have chosen the above brands in light of this large number of variables and other market data

Climate control systems are a fundamental machine in tropical and sweltering districts. From the boisterous window units to the silent Split Inverter AC, the advancement of forced air systems has required very nearly twenty years. A split forced air system is a masterpiece; lightweight, energy-productive, simple to introduce/uninstall, and rich looking. The forced air system market in Pakistan has flourished on account of populace development, expansion in discretionary cashflow, advancement in the lodging area, and different reasons.

Many brands have made advances into the Pakistani AC market with their Split ACs focusing on different pay portions and offering various elements to purchasers. A portion of these incorporate Gree, Haier, Mitsubishi, PEL, EcoStar, LG, Kenwood, Acson, and some more. A significant number of these brands have now present brilliant Inverter ACs which can be control through a shrewd gadget.

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