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Top 5 Tips for Increasing Organic Traffic – SEO

Google likes to keep cutting and changing. Over the past few years, Google has released more than 30 updates to its algorithm, making things even more difficult for webmasters who want to Increasing Organic Traffic using SEO. By default, search queries are always the main source of traffic, and if you want to use SERPs, you can follow certain tips and tricks. The following steps will give you an idea of ​​the various metrics and considerations that Google has when making a website. Focus on this and you will definitely be able to Increasing Organic Traffic. Therefore, without further ado,

1. Voice Search ‘Logged in’

Did you know that a third of Internet users in the US use regular voice search?

In addition, more than 70% of consumers find voice search easier and more efficient than typing in search queries.

The fact of the matter is that voice search works in a different way to text writing. Therefore, when you start adding your voice online presence, you should consider a few key indicators:

Captions included

In general, voice-based search questions are much longer than text-based. What this means for you is that you should focus on long-term keywords, as well as local SEO. Whenever a user performs a voice search, the result often appears in the caption posted online.

However, there is a chance that the device will pick up a response in a different part of the web page. Therefore, you should write the included captions for the appropriate keywords. When you do this, you have a strong chance of capturing your target audience by voice search.

Long-Tail SEO Keywords

As mentioned, voice search queries may be longer than people typing in a search engine. Therefore, you should emphasize more about long-tail keywords. This is why Google looks good on long pieces of content.

A simple search will tell you that the correct page length of content is 1,800 words or more. And this does not mean that you have to create high-quality, well-organized content. With this method, you will be able to engage your customers better & drive them to your website.

2. Create longer pieces of content

As discussed briefly above, you should create longer pieces of content. The current sixth law is to write more than 1,800 words, although some reports suggest that posts longer than 2,000 words produce a greater drag. To deal with an obvious problem, you will not be able to extract content pieces longer than 2,000 words each day.

This job not only takes up a lot of your time, but you may not find enough interesting things to say about your niche. Sooner or later, your audience may start hitting your content.

That being said, this point contradicts common sense. Consumers are looking for a few wrong answers, so they are less likely to read the 2,000-word article, which appears in response to their search query.

So, for the most part, you have to go through your gut. For example, some people may simply be looking for bullet points as opposed to a large text block. You may need to try some of the errors and tests before writing down the appropriate length of content you are creating.

Here are some hacks you can try to remove the remote content:

  • Update content you already have on your website. For example, if you have a 1,000-word post on your site, you can add more details and bring up the last word that lasts up to 2,000 words.
  • You will need to identify content pieces that are not only relevant but also powerful for your traffic. You should not simply take any available piece to update and republish it.

3. Technical SEO is important

Importantly, no matter how good your website is or how good UX is, SERP performance may not be up to standard. A key factor that you may overlook is technical SEO. 

Protect Your Site

Naturally, Google doesn’t look good on unsafe websites. This is why they began to view HTTPS as a critical issue when deciding on any website. As you know, S in HTTPS means safe. Your website should be fully uploaded to HTTPS to increase your chances of ranking. Without a high standard, you can’t increase live traffic.

If you visit an insecure website, you will receive a warning from Google. This is a red flag that will drive people away, rather than welcome them to your site. In terms of SEO SEO, HTTPS is probably the most basic feature you can use to increase your levels. Not to mention, you should keep your website safe!

Correct 404 errors

The last thing you want when you click on a link is to see a 404-page pop-up, which shows an error. You should point to any broken links or missing pages on your site, which will eventually drive visitors away. The key to promoting engagement on your website is to fix 404 errors. A simple test of your website can help you see if there are any such errors on your website.

There are other areas of SEO SEO that you can explore to improve your ranks, which is key to Increasing Organic Traffic.

4. Keep Internal Links Up-To-Date

Internal links are the key to the smooth running of your website and which help in increasing Organic Traffic. You can guide your visitors from one page to the next, directing them to relevant information that will help them make a decision. Your website authority is spread across your website.

Therefore, whenever you insert a new page into your website, you should update your internal links. For example, if you mention a specific service on your home page, you need to add an internal link to a specific landing page for that service.

Don’t forget, Google also looks for internal links that are important. The anchor text you use to add links determines the context, and search engines will check the context to determine the position of the page authority. Therefore, you cannot take internal links easily.

A big problem arises when you add a new page to your website. Obviously, a new page won’t have many links, sometimes not at all. So, without delay, you should start adding links. In fact, internal links are considered an important part of the best SEO techniques.

And you can’t ignore one of the most important benefits of active linking between pages on your website: you can increase the time visitors spend on each page. Providing a set of links throughout your website, you can direct visitors to different pages, where you help them find what you are looking for.

High flight speed is the opposite of what you need to increase live traffic. Internal linking helps you **** two birds with one stone, i.e. you can increase SEO points and at the same time, save visitor interest.

5. Enter keywords in page titles

Last, but not least, the titles of your pages need attention. After all, the page name is what people see when they seek a keyword related to your corner. Therefore, explaining the title of an SEO page and including keywords in it is important. Again, you should make sure that the title of each page on your site includes keywords.

At the same time, you should avoid spam. As you know, Google does not think it is spam with a good SEO strategy. In fact, inserting keywords into articles can damage your levels instead of helping them.

However, an effective way to add keywords to page headings is to add more than one word to each topic. Google will check your title and content if the keywords are related to what that page is about.

You can play around with structure and formatting. For example, if you post about ‘green t-shirts’, here are some examples of bad topics:

  • Green T-shirts: 5 reasons why you should buy a green T-shirt
  • T-shirt Colors: Why Blue T-Shirts Are the Right Choice

As you can see, the first article seems spam, as the “Green T-Shirts” initially have no context. Alternatively, you can decide on the “T-Shirt Color Trends: If You Need To Go For Green T-shirts”.

You should enter as many keywords as you want, but the title should appear naturally and read well.

The conclusion

So, when you have it, 5 tips you can try to Increasing Organic Traffic by 2021. A good place to start would be to research your SEO website because that will deal with many problems at once.


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