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Top 5 Ways to Use a Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

Are you a techie who’s always looking for new ways to innovate? Does the thought of buying top-of-the-line machinery get you excited? Well, you should know that there’s a piece of technology that’s currently taking the world by storm.

3D laser scanning is predicted to be worth well over one billion dollars by 2026. With this industry growing at such a rapid rate, why should you get left behind?

If you’re searching for up-to-date information on this exciting invention, look no further. This guide will tell you about 5 ways you can take advantage of a handheld 3D laser scanner.

1. Education

Anyone who’s ever taught knows that education can be a visual profession. Luckily, 3D printing is at the forefront of this movement.

Schools now more than ever are seeing the benefits of 3D scanning for education purposes. These include sculpting and visual art and are made possible only with digital handheld scanner technology.

2. Recording Crime Scenes

If you work in forensics, you know that getting the most accurate picture possible is key. That’s why you need the best handheld scanner possible to give you clear-cut representations of the crime scene.

The best part is that 3D printing has made crime scene documentation not just accurate, but faster. In a profession where you need to gather evidence efficiently, this is invaluable.

3. Architecture Planning

Architecture is an area where visualization is crucial. As luck would have it, 3d printing is here to help.

Architects everywhere are purchasing handheld 3d scanners to precisely model potential building plans. This makes the tedium of architecture a thing of the past!

If you’re an architect looking for the best handheld scanner available, then don’t worry. It may be a good idea to check out the FreeScan UE 7 3D Laser Scanner.

4. 3D Body Imaging

A digital handheld scanner isn’t for just scanning objects, they also excel at scanning people too.

This is useful in many different fields that normally use other methods of sketching accurate representations of people. These include, for example, artists, animators, physical therapists, and more!

If you’re looking to make the transfer from 2D to 3D human modeling, look no further. You simply won’t be able to skip out on a handheld 3D scanner.

5. Prosthetics

Prosthetics are more than pieces of plastic, they are a gateway to a new way of living for many. This is why the medical industry is quickly adopting 3D printing for prosthetic design.

Prosthetic limbs designed by 3D printers are precise to the exact number. This means they’ll fit the patient comfortably and give them the mobility they need.

A Handheld 3D Laser Scanner Is Your Ticket to the Future

Whether you’re a teacher or a medical professional, there are plenty of reasons to adopt a handheld 3D laser scanner. So why hold off any longer?

If this article filled you in on some valuable knowledge, you’ll be excited to learn we have a lot more. Don’t hesitate to explore our website further to find articles like this one!

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