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Top 5 Weird Noises Made By Air Conditioner

Summer has almost started and soon we will be spending plenty of time indoors. Given the extreme temperatures in Pakistan, it is good to stay in the air-conditioned rooms. If your air conditioner does not work fine or make weird noises, call the best home services provider available immediately.

Not all noises air conditioners make are easily audible. Sometimes we need complete silence to hear them. Pay close attention to the environment.

Often we do not care about little noise, not realizing that those are early stages. Gradually the noise builds up and we become immune to it. One day eventually, the air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the night. We freak out and yell, ‘I have a meeting tomorrow, and I need a good sleep. Please tell me about the best handyman services near me.’

What is a Healthy Air Conditioner?

The silence is the indicator of the Air Conditioner’s good health. When it is working fine, you should not be hearing any noise at all. Most air conditioners have a long life span. For years, they can run problem-free if properly maintained.

Top Five Weird Noises

The home services provider of the air-conditioning industry daily receives hundreds of air-conditioner noise complaints. Some customers go to great lengths to imitate the weird noise their air-conditioner is making. Many of these impressions are absurd and comical. The listeners can not resist the laughter. The clunks and clatter explained by customers are that funny.
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Apart from the fun element, it creates serious troubles too. The biggest problem is that customers cannot explain the issue. Consequently, the listener is also unable to comprehend it.

To simplify the situation, here is the list of the top five weird sounds that air conditioners usually make. Reading this post will make you feel like, ‘Now I can easily convey my message to handyman services near me.’

1. The High-Pitched Squeal

This sound resembles the one produced by the fan belts of faulty automobiles. An ear-piercing and the high-pitched squeal is usually an indication of some serious problem with the bearings. It could also be the slipping belts that produce this sound.

2. Clanking, Ka-chunk or Loud Rattling during Start-up

These are also one of the common noises. Many factors may contribute to this inconvenience. Never ignore this sound. Call the nearby home services provider as soon as possible.

Sometimes loose mounts are the culprits. But often, it is the compressor that creates the problem. In both cases, the situation is not negligible and needs to be addressed quickly.

3. The Clicking Sound or Tick-tick

This rhythmic tick tick sound or to be precise, ‘clicking’ sound is a very common complaint. This is often the outcome of any kind of obstruction. Something could be hitting the fan blade.

You might be thinking, ‘How come something can hit the fan blade that is in an enclosed area?’

A variety of reasons can be found. The most overt one is high winds during monsoons or thunderstorms. They can hurl the branches and debris into your unit.

Once the representative of handyman services near me said that defective relay switches also lead to the annoying clicking sound.

4.  A Loud Hum or Buzzing

Have you heard a buzz or noticed the loud humming sound originating from your air conditioning unit or any other electrical device?

You will want to turn it off right at the moment. You will immediately call the home services provider if you hear crackling or detect the burning smell.

But before calling for the services, do not forget to turn off the AC Unit at the circuit breaker. Electrical problems are really serious.

5.  The Haunting Wind Whistling Sound

This kind of commotion gives goosebumps to many consumers, every day. It feels like wind whistling or a faint sound from a distant train coming from your vents. Many people get terrified, as they have heard the same voices in horror movies.

But there is nothing to worry about as this is not a zombie calling you. It rather is a pretty evident clue that there is a loss of pressure or an opening somewhere in your ductwork.

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you can explain your problem to the representative of the home services provider. All the sounds described above are the serious indications of air-conditioners needing service.

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